Tiger Cry Yearbook

The 2020 yearbook went on sale at the beginning of the school year for just $75 and increased to its regular price of $85 after Oct. 31. The deadline to purchase a yearbook was extended after April 3, 2020 due to COVID-19. No extras are ordered due to the cost. Orders are no longer accepted at Balfour.com. The 2020 Tiger Cry will be mailed to the address listed on the order. Due to strict closures in the Dallas area where the Balfour plant is located, delays resulted in the book being mailed around mid July.

If your yearbook does notĀ arrive by the end of July OR if your packageĀ is incomplete (missing accessories, the Meraki, etc.) OR if any other errors occur such as misprints, damage, etc., PLEASE contact us at the Tiger Cry and NOT Balfour. We will handle order corrections, etc. once they are mailed.


2020 Yearbook Orders List

Autograph Supplement Request


  1. Coverage – The yearbook covers student life, athletics, clubs, academics, and people from the summer prior to the school year through the Friday before Spring Break in March. There is an included supplement of typically 20 pages that can be inserted into the yearbook that is provided at distribution in May. This supplement covers events, sports, etc. that finish after the March deadline such as prom and softball. The staff chooses who, what, when, where, and how to cover events and people. They do so with the goal of featuring EVERY student and a diversity of topics, activities, clubs, and sports. Processes are in place to foster this expectation. The staff also chooses colors, fonts, design, photos, stories, etc. with the yearbook production meant to be a learning process, an academic course, and business experience for the students. The yearbook does not have to be in school colors.
  2. Pricing – The yearbook increases in price throughout the year to encourage purchasing before the deadline. The early promotional price starts in August at $75 and raises to its standard price of $85 Oct. 31. If at distribution there are leftover overruns (few yearbooks sent by Balfour in case of damages/defects), then the staff will sell them on a first come first serve basis for $100. Order before the final April deadline to guarantee receiving a copy.
  3. Accessories – Optional purchases are also available at Balfour.com such as covers, autograph supplements, pens, and the e-zine supplement in addition to personalization of names and/or activity icons on the cover. There is an early deadline for these customized orders.
  4. Literary Magazine – The Meraki literary magazine is included with your yearbook purchase. This hard bound book contains creative works from students, including short stories, poetry, and drawings. More information can be found HERE. The literary magazine can also be purchased separately at Balfour.com for $15.
  5. School Portraits – PhotoTexas Photography will come to campus multiple times to take student portraits at no cost. It is up to the student to make sure and take his/her picture either on one of these days or make an appointment at the PhotoTexas studio. If the student does not take a picture, he/she will not appear in the student body portraits section. Picture days were 9/24, 9/25 with retakes 11/5 for non-seniors. The seniors must make an appointment to take their picture at school on 12/4 – 12/6 by signing up in the counseling office or going to the Photo Texas sign up here. These dates include retakes. The final chance to get a portrait on campus is 12/6. All school portraits must be taken before winter break in order to be in the yearbook. PhotoTexas will choose the photo to appear in the yearbook for consistency if not selected online by the students. Click HERE to order pictures or contact PhotoTexas customer support at 1-800-883-6463 or to schedule an in-studio appointment at 512-617-7780. The picture day code for non-seniors is 1920-0187.
  6. Sports & Club Group Pictures – The coaches of each team arrange to have their group’s photo taken and submitted to the yearbook. Clubs and organizations associated with the school will take group photos with PhotoTexas on Jan. 15. Sponsors and officers can sign up for a time HERE. There will be no retakes if a student is absent or misses his/her team or club’s picture day.
  7. Senior Ads/Shoutouts – Parents, friends, and students themselves can purchase space in the back of the yearbook to congratulate seniors on accomplishments. Information will be sent to all senior parents through email about this process and most will also be contacted by phone to answer questions and coordinate production. See pricing and purchase at Balfour.com where you also purchase the yearbook. Then, send pictures, the message OR a completed ad through Balfour.com. Contact dshsstudentmedia@dsisdconnect.com with additional questions. The senior shoutouts are standardized with similar fonts, themes, and colors to the current year’s book, but the staff welcomes completed ads provided by the customer. Please see the letter for specifications and requirements of content HERE. The deadline to order a senior ad is September 18. After placing your order, Balfour will send a link to upload materials. All pictures and messages must be turned in by October 16 to ensure production.
  8. Business Ads – Businesses, clubs, and organizations can support the journalism program and promote themselves by purchasing ad space in either the yearbook or the school newspaper. An order form can be found HERE. Businesses also receive a discount on the yearbook itself when also purchasing an ad. See HERE for pricing. Support from the community is vital to the publications’ sustainability since the department funds itself. Click HERE for even more information on ads.
  9. Senior Quotes & Superlatives – The yearbook staff chooses the content to appear in the yearbook based on the theme, time, and space. Therefore, elements such as senior quotes and superlatives are not guaranteed. Elements such as these often have issues that prevent their inclusion e.g. accuracy, truthfulness, and tact. The staff relies on the seniors to participate their senior year and do so with discretion. The staff has sole editing privileges and decision making when it comes to these processes.
  10. Mistakes – There WILL be mistakes in the yearbook. This is a student-run publication with the primary purpose to educate those participating in its production. The staff tries its best with many processes in place to try and prevent errors. For example, the portraits section is printed and displayed on the library window so that the student body can check for name misspellings and whether they are in the correct grade. Please encourage your student to listen to the announcements and check hallway boards for information about these processes.
  11. Contact – Feel free to email Ms. Stamp, the yearbook adviser, with any questions or concerns at jessica.stamp@dsisdtx.us.