The Paw Print Newspaper

The Paw Print is a student run newspaper based in Dripping Springs, TX. The Paw Print runs eight pages every month about school events, sports, student life, popular entertainment, and new, student made, art. Extra content not in the newspaper is published online.

Where to Get a Paper?

Every month the newspaper class puts out a paper available with the Dripping Springs Century News or for free at any of the stands located around the school. Stands are located by the library, B.210, and the front office.

About the Class:

The newspaper class is free form. Teacher Jessica Stamp acts as an adviser of a job in order to give students the real feel for a newspaper room. Deadlines are strict and to be met every month. Students are allowed to work on what they please as long as their content (1 piece per editor, 2 pieces per writers) is turned in before or on the deadline. At the beginning of the year students go out into the community to sell ad space in the yearbook and newspaper in order to raise funding for the printing of the two works.

Join the Class:

Students have to apply for the newspaper class during the second semester of the school year. After filling out the application, students will be subject to an interview administered by current newspaper students, in order to deem them fit for the class. Students are largely encouraged to have taken Intro to Journalism.

Newspaper and Yearbook staff members at Columbia University and New York, New York attending the CSPA Journalism camp.