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DSHS couples make St. Valentine proud

Valentine’s Day is a day of presents and romance for some, and a day of bitter longing and massive amounts of chocolate for others. Some people love the holiday and the celebration of love while others see it is as a pointless holiday solely created so that flower and card companies can make a large profit off of hopeless romantics. All of these things are done in honor of Saint Valentine, but not many people actually know the legend behind the Saint.

As the legend goes, Valentine was a priest in third-century Rome during the rule of Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor wanted to have a large and intimidating army, but not many of the Roman men wanted to be in his army. Emperor Claudius II thought the reason his army was so small was because all the young men were falling in love, getting married, and having children. So, in attempt to have a more powerful army, he outlawed the marriage of young men. Saint Valentine, who believed in love and thought this was unjust, decided to rebel and continued to marry young couples in secret, but sadly was eventually caught and sentenced to death.

In the spirit of Saint Valentine, we spend one day every year celebrating our love for one another. We build up the courage to finally tell that special someone how we feel about them. We spend weeks planning the perfect date and trying to figure out what kind of gift would best show our significant other how much we truly appreciate them. There are two couples here at Dripping Springs High School whom Saint Valentine would have been especially proud of: Geoffrey Tyler and Kayla Ashman, and Bobby Credeur and Sarah Dodd. These two couples are some of the longest lasting couples in the DSHS senior class.

Sarah Dodd and Bobby Credeur started dating during their 8th grade year in middle school. They were each other’s first Valentine’s and since then, their relationship has only gotten stronger and the two of them are practically inseparable.

“My favorite Valentine’s memory since eighth grade was that one year he painted this heart thing on a canvas for me,” Dodd said. “It was super cute and thoughtful. It made me really happy.”

Ashman and Tyler have not been dating for quite as long as Dodd and Credeur, but they are still just as in love.

“We’ve been dating for a long time,” Ashman said. “It was three years in September, so we’ve been dating for 3 and a halfish years and it’s amazing. One of my favorite things we’ve done was when we celebrated our two year anniversary and went skydiving. That was a lot of fun. It was scary but fun and super intense. I was the one who bought it for the both of us and once we got there I was regretting it and panicking and freaking out. But we both did it and it was so much fun.”

The past few years Tyler has had a lacrosse tournament every Valentine’s Day, so Ashman always goes and supports him in his games and they usually celebrate the next weekend with a nice dinner. Credeur and Dodd decided to keep it simple this year and are celebrating Valentine’s Day by having dinner at Olive Garden.

“My ideal Valentine’s Day date would be taking my girlfriend to a nice fancy dinner and then going to like a play afterwards,” Tyler said.  “I think that would be really romantic. I’ve never done that, but I think it would be really cool.”

Tyler and Ashman are both going to Ole’ Miss next year. Tyler will be on the lacrosse team at the university and they are both very excited. Both couples see many more Valentine’s Days in their futures and can not wait to embark on the journey ahead of them.

Written by Madison Green

Feature Editor