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Thunder in the Hills and on the Field

dumlineThunder is a noise that holds great power and begs for respect from all who are near, so it only makes sense that the Tiger Drumline hosts the Thunder in the Hills Drumline contest annually.

Bands from around Texas are given the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of a renowned panel of judges from across the country. In its 8th year, Thunder in the Hills will host judges Tim Jackson, Caleb Roth, Brad Meyer, and Ray Ulibarri. All are encouraged to come.

“If you’ve never attended a drumline contest, it’s a lot of fun and really cool to see,” percussion instructor Jason Dye said.

“Seeing all the innovative and creative things that students can do from just percussion instruments is the interesting part,” Band Director Keith Lancaster said.

Bands that compete at Thunder in the Hills use a wide range of instruments, from basic percussion instruments such as the timpani to African instruments and even electronic keyboards.

“Preparing for it is absolutely not my favorite part,” Dye said, “and it’s been nothing but a headache.”

Although the preparations for such a fun event may be difficult, the journey seems to be worth the wait.

“That’s going to be a fun part, getting some advice for us to make our group better. That ought to be a lot of fun,” Dye said.

In addition to providing helpful tips on improving Tiger Band’s Drumline and showcasing statewide bands, Thunder in the Hills is a great fundraiser.

“It’s also a good public relations tool to connect with other schools and bands in the area,” Band Director Derek Woods said.

In both the business and competitive world, public relations is crucial. Thunder in the Hills will be held at the Tiger Stadium on Saturday, September 17 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

As Lancaster said, “If you want to see some great drumming and see a really cool and competitive event, come on out.”



Written by Emily Curran

Staff Writer

Tiger track takes home bronze

Trevor Heinz and Zack Kovar run for the finish.

Seniors Trevor Heinz and Colton Hawkins, Junior Zack Kovar, and sophomore Bryce Kalsu came in third against thousands of other competing runners in the 4 X 800 at Texas Relays on Saturday.

Though not the case in many states, the 4 X 800 isn’t a required track and field activity in Texas, so it’s still something the students want to work on.

“There is definitely room to improve,” Heinz said. “We went in blind and I know for a fact that we can break eight minutes now that we have a race under our belt.”
Heinz said he enjoyed the team aspect of the 4 X 800 and relying on his teammates, which is different from many events according to head coach Marissa Parks.

“It had a really different dynamic than all running together in a race against each other,” Parks said. “Trying to figure out how to race it strategically as a relay is different so they still have room for improvement.”

Parks said they did an amazing job.

“Trevor had the best time and had the best kick,” Parks said. “What’s amazing is track athletes don’t get the opportunity to run in front of tens of thousands of people.”

Heinz knew that the team would be close to breaking eight minutes.

“Zack gave me the in around 7th place, I tried to pass as many people as I could,” Heinz said. “I luckily had a little energy left in the tank to overtake the guy in third place and finish in our 8:01.”

Parks said it was impressive for the Tigers to take that chance and be able to race in front of all those people at the Texas Relays.

“It’s unusual to have four boys who run that fast in two minutes,” Parks said. “It was exciting to take that chance and be able to race in front of all those people.”

According to Parks, it’s a moment she’ll remember for a long time.

“It’s neat to see good kids who work so hard get to enjoy that,” Parks said. “Getting to see these kids perform and succeed was one of the highlights in my coaching career.”

Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor

DSHS varsity takes home the win in their first district game against Marble Falls

IMG_0103.JPGThe Dripping Springs varsity baseball team won their first district game of the season on March 21, 2016, against the Marble Falls Mustangs with a final score of 3-2.

While it took the team a while to find their tempo, senior Dalton Warren never had any doubts that the team could not defeat the Mustangs.

“We really found our stride during the seventh inning and that was mainly due to the excitement and the enthusiasm we were all feeling,” said Warren.

This was the much-needed momentum, provided from both the team and the fans, that ultimately turned this game around.

Although the first few innings of the game were quite slow, the Tigers quickly picked up the pace. And since this was the team’s third district game they knew they had to bring the pressure.

“This game was really important because we needed to find our rhythm and start getting the wins,” Warren said.

This hyper-focused and determined mentality was the extra boost of confidence that the Tigers needed before going into this game. Mainly because they had lost the previous two district games against the Cedar Park Timberwolves.

“It was good to see our team really pumped up because we haven’t been playing well,” Jackson said.

Since there was a huge emphasis on the importance of this game, it allowed the young team to find a good speed that they were comfortable playing at. Which was something that the team was lacking up until the last few innings of the game.

“It wasn’t really pressure I was feeling when coach put me in,” said second baseman Jett Jackson. “I was more excited for the win.”

Jackson, who scored the winning run of the entire game, was an asset to the team in its time of need.

Despite the fact that the Tigers won this very significant game, there are still many things that can be improved upon. But this new feeling of team camaraderie will definitely play a huge role in the games to come.

“We can work on every part of the game,” Warren said.

Improvements like these, paired with this sense of unity, will only help the team meet its ultimate goals. With the second half of the district season well underway, these improvements will become more imperative than ever.

And with the 7-10 Dripping Springs Tigers next game against the 13-6 Vista Ridge Rangers, these team enhancements will be clearer than ever.

This highly anticipated away game between Dripping Springs and Vista Ridge will be played on Monday, April 4, and both coaches and players are very excited about it.

“I think these previous wins will be a really good spark for us,” said Jackson.

Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer

Varsity tennis competes in district 5A

KR_0036e Tennis_501 2.jpgThe Dripping Springs Tigers varsity tennis team competed in the District 5A tournament on April 5-6.

This ever important tournament may have stressed the players, but head coach Cary Jackson’s faith in the team never wavered.

“Our results were as expected,” said Jackson. “We compete in a very tough district so i think we played as well as we could.”

Even though this team, as a whole, is very young and still finding their place in the district, this is a monumental step in the right direction for the team as a whole.

Motivation has been a bit of a problem throughout most of this season, but the team has found a new way to make the players excited to play to the best of their abilities.

“Everyone cheers for each other during the matches,” said senior Kirsten Caldwell. “And it really motivates them to play to the best of their abilities.”

And with such a powerful team dynamic present, it is easy to see why the Tigers did so well in this major match.

But like all teams, there is so much that can be improved upon before regionals and even for seasons to come.

“We can continue to practice,” said Jackson. “Not only with matches and drills but also match preparation for tournaments.”

These improvements can only help the inexperienced team reach their ultimate goals. Which would be to compete in the State 5A Tournament, both for this season and for many seasons to come.

But these new advancements in each teammates game has made them love it that much more.

And this could not be more true than for veteran Caldwell.

“Even if you are the underdog,” Caldwell said. “If you are mentally tougher than your opponent you can pull through and beat them.”

Similarly, Coach Jackson is very optimistic when looking at towards the future and what he believes his team can do.
“The future for this team is very bright,” said Jackson. “Dripping Springs is growing so much and people are transferring in with prior experience so I am very excited for what it to come.”

And for Dripping Springs, this is what makes all the difference.


Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer


Golf is good golf is great

Last summer, going into my junior year, I became really interested in golf and decided to pursue it after hearing my friend Kelsey Kane talk about it. I was also influenced by my aunt who was a state champ back in high school, and my grandfathers who made the sport their favorite hobby.  I decided: why not pursue a sport that I can play for the rest of my life and have fun while doing it? After working with my aunt over the summer at the driving range, I decided to try out for the golf team. I figured I had nothing to lose and was excited for the opportunity. I have to admit, trying out was harder than I ever imagined. Miraculously, I made the JV Girls team. After try outs, I discovered a support system of awesome girls who were all working toward a common goal: to be the next Jordan Spieth. A female version, of course.After practicing a lot, I slowly started to get better and better. Coach Wahlers took the time to work with me and helped me improve, hole by hole. With every hour spent on the course, I  discovered something new about my golf game: from the fact that number 7 was my best iron, to blah blah blah.I’ve been working to improve not only in the physical game but the positive game as well. Not going to lie–that first tournament was rough. I came home sunburnt and a score in the triple-digits. I was devastated and felt like all the work I had done was for nothing. But, that’s the nature of the game: you have great days and you have bad days. I’m not the female version of Jordan Spieth yet, but I’m getting there.


Written by Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor

Micah Slaton goes for the gold

Photo by Spencer Gnauck, Staff Photographer                                                                                                     Micah Slaton swimming the butterfly the regional meet on the weekend of Feb. 5-6, 2016.

Time slowed as DSHS senior, Micah Slaton, focused on keeping his muscles moving through the water during the intense feud. His hard work and determination would soon pay off. With heart still pounding and adrenaline running, Slaton looked to the board that reported the win, which had eluded his grasp the year before. He had just won gold for the UIL State 100m butterfly.
“I was very happy because I choked that event last year,” Slaton said. “It was great to show up this time at finals and have a successful swim.”
Along with snatching the gold, Slaton had also set a new school record and just barely missed setting a new state record by four tenths of a second. He also won silver for the 100m backstroke event.
“It was amazing just to come back this year and have another shot,” Slaton said. “To actually get gold and silver this time made the experience so much sweeter.”
For head DSHS swimming coach, Andrea McCarthy, couldn’t be more proud of her swimmers.
“We had great teams this year, both girls and guys, and they improved tremendously throughout the season,” McCarthy said.
As well as Micah Slaton, DSHS also had freshman Abigail Wilkinson represent the swimming lady Tigers at State.
“Abigail Wilkinson qualified for the 500m freestyle,” said McCarthy. “Both swimmers did extremely well at representing our entire team at State this year.”
Wilkinson, who placed 15th in the 500m freestyle, was extremely grateful to represent the swimming lady Tigers at State this year and to be going along with a seasoned veteran of the team.
“It was a little nerve racking but also really exciting to be able to go to State as a freshman,” said Wilkinson. “It was very comforting to go with a senior who has done it before because I had no idea what to expect.”
Micah is very proud of his teammate and is glad he could be a part in helping mentor the young swimmer.
“This was obviously her first time going to State and I wanted to help make sure she wasn’t getting too nervous,” said Slaton. “I wanted to make sure she had fun with it so that she will be comfortable for when she comes back in the years come.”
Slaton, who has chosen to swim at Missouri, said he’s looking forward to college and is glad to have been a part of the program.
“I’m really excited for the future and the possibility of Olympic trials,” said Slaton. “As I leave the DSHS swimming program, I’m comforted by the fact that I’m leaving the program in a better place than I found it.”

J.T Dahill
Staff Writer



Softball putting in hard work and determination

The DSHS softball team this year has eight returning players and four new freshman players joining the team this year. With scrimmages and tournaments on the rise you could say softball is starting to get busy and get back into their everyday routine.

“I would like to see improvement in the mental aspect of the game,” head coach Wade Womack said,  “Our goal is to take one pitch at a time.”

With goals set, Womack would really like to see the mental aspect of the game improve.

“I would like for us to work together as a team, communicate, and have fun,” Womack said.

Womack would really like to see the teamwork together as a team and mostly just have fun playing on the field together. Communication for the game is key to success, and the girls this year have been trying their best to communicate with one another better.

“We had a great off-season,” Womack said. “The girls get along with each other and they are driven to excel.”

Motivation and drive have been the key to success this year for the Lady Tiger softball team. The main goal this year is to make it playoffs.

“Our main goal is to drive 28 miles to Red McCombs Field…,” Womack said.

With that big goal set in mind, it is also said that a lot of the girls this year have stepped up and are playing as one team.

“Last year we did not have a very good leadership and we were playing for our own personal gain,” junior Kiele Miller said. “This year the juniors have really stepped up to lead the team and everyone is playing as one.”

Most importantly some of the team members see softball as a way to be together and have fun on and off the field.

“It’s great to be together with young women who encourage each other to do their best,” junior Sydney Campbell said. “It’s about having fun.”

Stay tuned for hearing about this weekend’s tournament!


Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor

Varsity wrestling go to regionals

The Dripping Springs varsity wrestling team will be taking six young men to regionals on Feb, 12th. Feb, 13th. This will determine who will go to state or not.

Senior Luke Hodsden has been wrestling and competing since he was five years old so it was no surprise when he won first place last year at state for his weight class.

“This will be my fourth and final trip to regionals,” senior, Luke Hodsden said. “For me regionals is a practice round for states, which is on Feb, 19th and 20th.”

Hodsden has put in a lot of practice to achieve his accomplishments.

“I lift every morning and I for high school practices a week and four private training practices at 3F a week (3F is club wrestling),” he said. “Everyday I’m am doing something to get better and I train very hard with just enough rest to avoid overtraining.”

Hodsden has a lot of goals set for himself this year as well.

“Last year my goal was to beat everyone and go undefeated,” he said. “This year my goal has been to pin everyone and dominate every match.”

Nobody has has been able to take Hodsden down or reverse him this year.

“I want to be an All-American by the time I graduate,” he said.

Head coach Joe Kirksey would like to see all six of the guys finish in the top four this weekend and go to state. Unfortunately, if you don’t place in regionals your wrestling season is over for this year. There has also been a lot of improvements this year on the wrestling team as well.

“Probably the most improved is Will Corona,” Kirksey said. “This year he has a winning record and has twenty wins”

Will Corona will also be going to regionals as well.

“Practice is every day, we practice Monday through Thursday,” said Kirksey. “They’re two hour practices and can get pretty tough.”

Everybody that is still on the team and is able to endure the practices says a lot about that person.

“I’ve had fun with the guys this year, they’re definitely an interesting church to watch,” Kirksey said. “They’re been great.”

The biggest take away for Coach Kirksey this year is the team’s dual meet record.

“We were 10-9 last year and this year we were 18-6,” Kirksey said. “We’re a better dual meet team.”

Stay tuned for the results of regionals and who will be going to state!


Written by Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor


Varsity basketball boys defeat Leander Lions, 53-50

The Dripping Springs varsity boys basketball team took home the win on Friday, Jan. 22, against the Leander Lions with a final score of 53-50.

“We had the lead for pretty much the entire second half,” head coach Craig Swannack said. “Leander was the first place team in our district until we knocked them down to second”

With a well deserved win, the guys executed the game plan completely and the Tigers did a great job of taking down the Leander Lions.

“The ultimate highlight is that this was a true team game,” Coach Swannack said. “We had players who scored a lot of points, and we had players who didn’t score their normal amount of points, but the fact is that all the players dug in and contributed in someway to our success.”

With an abundance of competition and confidence in the air, some of the players really reached new heights of success.

“Blake Roberson really anchored our defense and the way that he played was absolutely phenomenal,” Coach Swannack said. “He was our biggest highlight.”

Senior Blake Roberson just moved here this year and seems to be taking to the transition extremely well.

“I like basketball here at Dripping Springs,” Roberson said. “It’s a really good and hardworking team.”

There is no doubt that the end of the season is going to be full of nail bitting games.

“We’re excited to get to the last few games of the season,” Swannack said. “We’re in our second round of districts and we’re halfway through district play.”

With a vast improvement over the course of the season Coach Swannack is really optimistic about how the ending of the season will play out.

“We are really excited to see what we can do the second round and we’ve gotten so much better,” Swannack said. “We take things one game at a time and worry about what is right in front of us.”

Keep up with this live in the moment team at their next game against the Cedar Park Timberwolves on Jan. 26th.


Written by Jillian Shepperd

Sports Editor