Doors and Sardines, Doors and Sardines!

The Dripping Springs High School’s theatre department kicked off their season with the comical farce Noises Off, written by Michael Frayn. This is the most eccentric play I have seen the DSHS theatre department tackle by far, but they could not have done a better job of capturing the hilarity of the reality of what happens behind-the-scenes in theatre. Noises Off brilliantly represents the life … Continue reading Doors and Sardines, Doors and Sardines!

Predator Walks Free-Thoughts on Brock Turner

In the world we live in, girls need to be taught how to hold their keys in between their knuckles, where to park, and how to enjoy a party without falling victim to a possible attack. However, these tactics were left in the dust when Stanford athlete, Brock Turner, raped a young woman beside a dumpster back in January of 2015. Disregarding overwhelming evidence, the … Continue reading Predator Walks Free-Thoughts on Brock Turner

Twenty One Fans

“Wish we could turn back time/ To the good ‘ole days/ When our mamas sang/ Us to sleep but now we’re/ Stressed Out,” sings a budding band in their hit song, “Stressed Out”. Twenty One Pilots, a band quickly climbing the totem pole of popular culture, is surrounding the minds of teenagers with lyrics and passion. “My friends kept telling me to check them out, … Continue reading Twenty One Fans

Meet the Teacher Night

Last Monday, hundreds of parents went back to high school for a night at the DSHS Meet the Teacher event on September 12. Meet the Teacher is an annual event at Dripping Springs High School that allows parents to go through their child’s schedule and interact with all their teachers in person. Jacqueline Glenn, a mother and educator herself, says that events like this are … Continue reading Meet the Teacher Night

Thunder in the Hills and on the Field

Thunder is a noise that holds great power and begs for respect from all who are near, so it only makes sense that the Tiger Drumline hosts the Thunder in the Hills Drumline contest annually. Bands from around Texas are given the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of a renowned panel of judges from across the country. In its 8th year, Thunder in the Hills will … Continue reading Thunder in the Hills and on the Field

The Spotlight on DSHS Theatre

  The DSHS theatre department has high hopes this year, beginning with their first production, Noises Off. Theater director Rachel Koske is looking forward to this classic comedy that the team has wanted to do for a long time.   “Noises Off will be the department’s big, hilarious jumpstart to this year’s lineup of productions, which include the musical My Fair Lady, The Laramie Project, … Continue reading The Spotlight on DSHS Theatre

People of DSHS: Weatherly Sawyer

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Weatherly Sawyer, it’s that she is an incredibly talented artist. Even those who do not know her personally see her breathtaking pieces of work in the halls of our high school on a daily basis. These pieces of art have been a part of Sawyer’s life since she was a child. Throughout her whole life any spare time … Continue reading People of DSHS: Weatherly Sawyer

Micah Slaton goes for the gold

Time slowed as DSHS senior, Micah Slaton, focused on keeping his muscles moving through the water during the intense feud. His hard work and determination would soon pay off. With heart still pounding and adrenaline running, Slaton looked to the board that reported the win, which had eluded his grasp the year before. He had just won gold for the UIL State 100m butterfly. “I … Continue reading Micah Slaton goes for the gold

DSHS couples make St. Valentine proud

Valentine’s Day is a day of presents and romance for some, and a day of bitter longing and massive amounts of chocolate for others. Some people love the holiday and the celebration of love while others see it is as a pointless holiday solely created so that flower and card companies can make a large profit off of hopeless romantics. All of these things are … Continue reading DSHS couples make St. Valentine proud