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Seely Haas on school bus safety

IMG_4001Over the past few years, the debate organization at DSHS has been home to several of the best student debaters in Texas.

Junior Seeley Haas is one of the few who has excelled past the expectation by pursuing a state title.

“I’ve done debate since freshman year, and I like it a lot,” Haas said.

This year, Haas debated in the TAPT regional competition. The organization focuses on bus safety, this year’s theme being “#stoponred.”

“You have to write a speech for the competition and memorize it, so I’ve been preparing for this since last semester,” Haas said.

Haas advanced at the regional level last year and placed 3rd overall at the state contest.

“From here on out, I just keep practicing and keep working,” Haas said. “My speech is my main priority right now.”

Haas has held her own in the past few debate contests, competing against kids from all around central Texas.

“She’s competed against students from Del Valle, Round Rock, Lake Travis, Hays, and several other schools,” debate teacher Christy Trussel said.

Although Haas’ achievement is a great feat, the meaning of her speech is extremely important.

“The topic of this year’s speech competition is ‘Stopping on Red,’” Trussel said. “Which addresses the issue of people passing school busses when a flashing red stop sign on the bus signifies the unloading or loading of students.”

Haas took time to explain the dangers of passing school busses while students are exiting or entering the bus, which she addressed in her speech.

“Her speech dealt with the impacts of that. Not only are student’s lives in danger but if we were to lose a child on a school bus, that would have a great impact on the community,” Trussel said.

Haas is in good shape for the upcoming state tournament in April.

“Seeley is a great public speaker. She’s very poised,” said Trussel. “When she speaks, that charisma comes across and people are really confident in what she’s saying.”

Written by Rylee Matousak

Online Editor

Tiffany takes third


Deep within the heart of Dripping Springs school spirit is Tiffany Tiger. Over the past three years, Tiffany has done a phenomenal job at promoting lots of Tiger pride, as well as making history for our school and mascots at various competitions all over Texas.

Tiffany competes at mascot competitions all over Texas, and recently was awarded third place at the Texas State Championships in the mascot division for her outstanding performance.

“Mascot competitions are always extremely exciting,” Tiffany said.

The annual state competition, hosted by UCA, requires mascots from all over to perform skits, dances, and promote spirit.

“I recently got third at the Texas State Competition,” Tiffany said. “It’s the biggest mascot competition in Texas.”

Tiffany the Tiger, who took the place of Tito the Tiger, has been making a name for herself ever since she placed at the state contest freshman year.

“I’ve done my best trying to fill Tito’s shoes and I think I’ve done a pretty great job at it,” Tiffany said, “I’m very well known throughout Dripping Springs.”

Tiffany has even caught the attention of people outside our town.

“I’ve been recognized by schools, college recruiters, UCA staff, as well as our Texas representative,” Tiffany said.

Although Tiffany receives a lot of recognition for her success at competitions, she admits that it isn’t just about winning.

“At competitions, I get to rekindle some old friendships with other mascots. It’s just an overall fun environment,” said Tiffany.

Tiffany has not only won over the hearts of people at our school, but even the huge crowds at contests seem to adore Tiffany.

“Every time I go to a competition, a lot of the crowd already knows who I am, and that makes me ecstatic,” Tiffany said.

Written by Rylee Matousak

Online Editor

Love strikes gold in debate


After two days of tense debate, DSHS senior Ryan Love won 1st at the 5A State Championship in Congressional Debate on January 13th.

DSHS teacher and debate instructor, Christy Trussell, is very proud of how far her student has come.

“When I first met Ryan, he was a sophomore that was obsessed with triangles and the ‘Illuminati,’” Trussell said. “I like to think we have molded him and shaped him into a much more rational, critical thinker.”

When Love was a novice debater his sophomore year, Trussell began to notice Love’s extraordinary work ethic and dedication.

“Even as a sophomore, he would go home and work on weekends when we didn’t have tournaments and he didn’t need to be working on speech and debate,” Trussell said. “The amount of effort that he put into the class made him stick out.”

Once Love’s potential became apparent, Trussell then began the process of building and shaping the platform Love would begin his debating career on.

“We started to take him to tournaments with the varsity debate team even though he was a novice at the time,” Trussell said. “At the beginning of this year, we focused on beating his own previous records and improving off of them. His hard work and dedication is evidence of how he achieved becoming the State Champion, not just because I witnessed it, but because other students and judges saw that evidence as well.”

Love is grateful to have had such great teachers and mentors throughout his career, especially Trussell.

“She will get in that ring and fight for you,” said Love.

Love says that upon hearing the announcement that he was the State Champion, a sense of enlightenment came upon him because all his efforts were rewarded.

“I was ecstatic and felt that my hard work over the years had paid off,” Love said.

Love is extremely proud looking back on the path he has traveled to get to where he is now.

“Over the three years I’ve been debating, the experiences and memories I have made are amazing,” Love said.

Written by J.T. Dahill

Staff Writer

My state championship experience


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 4.26.46 PM
Photo by Spencer Gnauck

For me, winning state was all I could think about for a long time. It still hasn’t hit me yet that we reached our goal and everything we worked for was worth it. To see all the support we got from Dripping Springs made us want to win it not only for ourselves, but for our community.

I’ve learned so much from being on this team and have a new appreciation for volleyball.  There’s no better feeling than re-watching the last point and knowing that that moment will never be taken away from you. I remember not having any idea what to do with myself after that last ball dropped. I was extremely relieved and instantly full of joy. I’m going to have to have some really great moments in my life to ever top this one.

We’re now working hard and are excited about the future of tiger volleyball. We’re looking forward to continuing the legacy that this year’s team started. I’m so blessed to be apart of this program and all the experiences that come with it!

Graceyn Tippens
Contributing Writer
DSHS Volleyball 2015 State Champion

Tiger Band makes state

Dripping Springs High School cheers on the Tiger Band as they leave for state.

The Dripping Springs Tiger Band headed off to the UIL State Marching Band competition at the Alamodome in San Antonio on November 3rd. Out of the 253 other 5A High Schools in Texas, only ten performed in the state finals, Dripping Springs finished 6th.

Band Director Keith Lancaster said he couldn’t be more proud of the effort put in by the band members.

“We didn’t even make it to State last time, so to make it there this year was a big accomplishment,” Lancaster said. “To make it to finals was an even bigger accomplishment and to come out 6th was very exciting.”

Lancaster says that it’s an awesome experience to see the band members becoming a family.

“Getting to see the students grow closer together and getting to spend time with them is an amazing experience,” Lancaster said.

For Junior band member Grey McBride, it is humbling just to be in the band that made it to State.

“I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish,” McBride said. “The level of professionalism and responsibility we put into the show was really great, considering how much we had been through together.”

For non-band students, like Junior Shane Miller, the band their representation of DSHS is a point of pride.

“I love how well the band is doing this year,” Miller said. “It’s cool to see how much support our school provides for all school related organizations and activities.”

Written by J.T. Dahill

Staff Writer

Lady Tiger volleyball defeats Canyon High

IMG_1748The Dripping Springs Lady Tiger Volleyball team pulled out an impressive win Friday,September 4th, against the Canyon High Cougars. After previously playing against the Cougars three times, the Tigers were expected to play to their best abilities. And after easily winning the game, there is no doubt that the Dripping Springs volleyball team gave it their all.

“We knew what they were capable of,” said senior Ashley Waggle.

This little advantage helped the Lady Tigers know what had to be done in order to win the first home game since the start of the 2015-­2016 school year.

“Everyone just came in wanting a win, so we all did our part,” Waggle said.

This team collaboration allowed the Tigers to deliver a crushing defeat to the Cougars, this win will only help reinforce teamwork that is needed to succeed.

“Working together makes us more focused,” said both Morgan Greer and Waggle.

This laser focus will allow the Tigers volleyball program to thrive under the immense pressure that will coincide with the impending season.

“We don’t [want to] overlook anything,” Greer and Waggle said.

This win over Canyon High School that was fought hardly for no doubt ­may improve the Lady Tigers chances against other teams throughout the season, but there are always things that can be improved upon.

“Everything can be improved upon,” said junior Karen Crews.

The impending improvement of a team is always accepted with open arms, and the Dripping players certainly did not accept this gift any differently. Although there are always small kinks that can beworked out, the Dripping Springs student body certainly did not notice anything that needed to be improved upon.

“Our community is really awesome,” said Waggle.

No team is left out of this little family, whether it be football, tennis, or any other sport offered through the Dripping Springs sports organizations. This home feel definitely gives the home team an advantage, and it was no different for our Lady Tigers.

“It’s just awesome because you don’t get it from any other school,” Waggle said.

Dripping Springs has so much pride in the entire volleyball organization that it would hard not to notice the sometimes overwhelming cheers emanating from the student section.

“We could really feel the love and support,” Crews said.

The love and support coming from the student section no doubt gave the team that extra bit of confidence that was needed to defeat the Canyon High Cougars. This easy win will no doubt boost the confidence of not only the players, but also of the Dripping Springs student body that  has high hopes for the Lady Tigers to once again return to state.

“We were really focused [on the win],” said Waggle when speaking for the rest of the Dripping Springs Tigers volleyball organization.

Something that is always talked about at sporting events is the home field/court advantage and how this probably has the biggest effect on the opposing team. Well, the Lady Tigers can easily confirm this myth after winning the first (and final) three matches of the game against the Cougars.

“Having the support from the student body just made this win that much more special,” said Crews.

Morgan GusellaIMG_1751

Sports Staff Writer