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  • The ‘Double Whammy’ that is holding our Economy by the Throat

    The ‘Double Whammy’ that is holding our Economy by the Throat

    By: Zach Betzing, Leo Mathis-McKee As the U.S. economy has started to open up through the past few months, businesses all around the country have been opening, and customers are back in the brick and mortar stores. This spike in demand throughout businesses worldwide has put a lot of stress on manufacturers and shipping companies, […]

  • Latin Club Carpes Competition 

      Mariah Chappell, Jason Schultz, and Hannah Huzzey compete at the Latin Catamen at Westlake High School this past weekend. The Latin Catamen is a knowledge-based game where the kids use electronic buzzers to demonstrate their fast recall of facts on Latin civilization, culture, people and language.

  • We Ain’t Clownin’ Around

    With Halloween right around the corner, conflict is brewing in America concerning… clowns. Yeah. Clowns. That’s the level we’re at. Following the stabbing of a Pennsylvania teen by a clown, there has been a surge of these “clown sightings” as the media refers them. What do these clowns do? Where are they found? Why are […]