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The “Flight of Spring” takes off

The DSHS Tiger Band performs during UIL State Finals

This year, our Dripping Springs High School Marching Band is preparing once again for a great show inspired by the migration of the Monarch butterfly, entitled “The Flight of Spring”.

“The migration of the Monarch Butterfly is a yearly journey taken from the northern areas of USA and southern Canada to a fairly concentrated area of Mexico,” explains Derek Woods, one of the band’s directors. “In our portrayal of the Monarch Butterfly’s journey, the field is divided into the north and the south zone, with props depicting Fall that change to Spring. Along the way, the butterflies are attacked by predatory birds, but make it to the south successfully and enjoy the southern climate till the spring arrives and the journey back north begins again.”

For this show, the music is based on “The Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky and Symphony #9 Adagio by Antonin Dvorak.

“There are a lot of rapid changes but then there is a slow melodical part,” shares section leader Kamrie Holms. “This year has a lot more classical, strict music with hard changes. I like this year a lot better, the music is cooler to me.”

This year’s show seems very well prepared with intricacies beyond what words can tell.

“Every year we try to create a show that will be intriguing and entertaining to the audience along with being educationally sound to the student,” said Woods. “I think that this year’s show has the potential to meet those goals and beyond.”

Thus far everybody shares the same feeling, the band is doing well. The school couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments of our Tiger Band and we are excited for the steps forward the band will take in the coming months.

“The students are working together to make improvements every day in the quality of sound and marching style” assured Woods.

“The band is looking very good,” added Holms, “We are really positive this year.”

The group this year has a lot of potential, but according to the senior Trey Boehm, the head drum major, “[compared to past years band] has a little bit less talent, but the band is looking very strong this year.”

The same weekend as the homecoming dance, the band will have its first contest at the Round Rock ISD stadium at the Band of America (BOA) Austin Regional.

“We don’t really know how we are going to do because there is a bunch of very good bands there,” confessed Boehm. “We’re really hoping to make state again like we have before”.

The competition includes bands from Leander, Vandegrift, Vista Ridge, Cedar Park, Bowie, Round Rock, and more.

“We focus on making sure that we’re performing to the very best of our ability for that moment and let the competitive outcome be determined by the judges” said Woods, “This philosophy helps make the ‘state’ years and the ‘non-state’ year consistent.”

“I having hopeful feelings,” said Holms, “but I don’t want to expect to make it to state, just push to get a result we deserve and not expect the result we want.”

Written by Prune Savelli

Staff Writer