• Seeley Haas excels in debate

    Over the past few years, the debate organization at DSHS has been home to several of the best student debaters in Texas. Junior Seeley Haas is one of the few who have surpassed the expectation by pursuing a state title. “I’ve done debate since freshman year, and I like it a lot,” Haas said. This year, Haas […]

  • Golf is good golf is great

    Last summer, going into my junior year, I became really interested in golf and decided to pursue it after hearing my friend Kelsey Kane talk about it. I was also influenced by my aunt who was a state champ back in high school, and my grandfathers who made the sport their favorite hobby.  I decided: […]

  • People of DSHS: Weatherly Sawyer

    If there’s one thing everyone knows about Weatherly Sawyer, it’s that she is an incredibly talented artist. Even those who do not know her personally see her breathtaking pieces of work in the halls of our high school on a daily basis. These pieces of art have been a part of Sawyer’s life since she […]

  • A preview: spring break

    Spring Break is synonymous in Hollywood for beach parties and risqué activities, but for many high school and college students, Spring Break is simply a week to rest and relax before the final push to the end of the school year. “My family is going to San Jose, Costa Rica,” said Junior Mikayla Prather. “We’re […]

  • DSHS students practice their civic duty

    Some DSHS students took advantage of Super Tuesday on March 2, 2016 as their first voting experience. Government teacher Toni Marsh encourages students to take the opportunity this year to vote as it is their civic duty. “It is your voice in our government, society, and our politics,” Marsh said. Students at this school are […]

  • DSHS at war

    http://www.toyshub.com.au/toys/nerf-guns-list DSHS Interact Club is currently hosting a giant NERF war fundraiser consisting of approximately 45 teams of six people. The war began on March 4th at 4:15 p.m.. President of the Interact club, Senior Jacob King, explains why the club created this fundraiser. “We’re sponsored by the Dripping Springs Rotary Club, which requires us to do an […]

  • Tuck Memorial softball tournament

    To remember she, who had been lost too early in a tragic car accident ten years ago. To play and enjoy the game that she loved in the time she was brimming with life. To honor the memory of whom she was before she passed. And most recently, to honor her father who was like […]

  • Micah Slaton goes for the gold

    Time slowed as DSHS senior, Micah Slaton, focused on keeping his muscles moving through the water during the intense feud. His hard work and determination would soon pay off. With heart still pounding and adrenaline running, Slaton looked to the board that reported the win, which had eluded his grasp the year before. He had […]

  • Track is back in 2016

    The DSHS track & field team is pumped up and ready for competition as the season is about to start. The coaches and athletes are itching to put their training to the test. “I’m excited for our team this year,” assistant coach Ashley Laughlin said. “We’ve been practicing since the end of January and it […]

  • People of DSHS: Insiya Aziz

    Senior Insiya Aziz didn’t know what to expect when she checked her sophomore class rank for the first time. She certainly wasn’t expecting to see that she was not only in the top ten percent, but stood at a prestigious level of number one in her class. Two years have passed since then and she […]