Co Editor-in-Chief: Gabriella Plasencia, Year 3

Gabby enjoys obscure art, music, cultural critique, and the novelty of print and independent media. She plan to study Journalism at Texas State University or University of Texas at Austin.

Co Editor-in-Chief: Tia Davison, Year 3

Tia is a lover of cats and the great outdoors. She is going to be an environmental engineer at Colorado School of Mines.



Hannah Caddell – Creative, Year 3

Hannah is an avid reader and loves being outside. She is excited to go to school for Landscape Architecture.

Mallory Neff – Sports, Year 2

Mal plays for Dripping Springs Girls Lacrosse and wouldn’t be anywhere without her team. She is going to study aerospace engineering at University of Colorado at Boulder

Tate Daugherty – Feature, Year 2

Tate writes and produces his own electronic music. He is going to study electronic music production at Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology.

Reagan Otten – Entertainment, Year 2

Reagan wants to be an aerospace engineer at University of Colorado at Boulder.

Harley Hunt – Coverage, Year 2

Harley is a music connoisseur and is excited to get her Masters in Business Administration at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs or University of Texas at Austin. 

Lydia Bradley – Opinion, Year 2

Kailey Nutt – Front Cover, Year 2

Aidyn Forson – News, Year 1

Aidyn loves to read Kindle Unlimited books and crochet. She is planning to major in Speech Pathology at the University of North Texas at Denton.



Alec Stuart – Year 3

Sierra Trbovich – Year 3

Brooke Bousley – Year 2

Alex Spievak – Social Media Representative, Year 1

Vivian Gomez – Social Media Representative, Year 1

Sophia Bradner – Year1

Lilly Garcia – Year 1

Alyssa Mclain – Year 1

Kaylee Ritchie – Year 1

Nathan Short – Year 1

Madison Weinberg – Year 1

Manon Gloaguen – Foreign Exchange Student, Year 1



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ADVISOR: Emma-Rose Stringham

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