The Paw Print

Co Editor-in-Chief: Sophia Portillo

Sophia Portillo is a co-editor in chief of the newspaper and a senior. She loves reading memoirs, painting, and writing in her free time as well as advocating in her community. She is a board member on the Dating Violence Mock Trial, interns at a law firm, and participates in the Spanish Honor Society due to her love of the Spanish language. She enjoys being able to give a voice to the students of DSHS and is passionate about trying to reach all students. 

Co Editor-in-Chief: Tia Davison

Tia Davison is a junior year and has been on the Paw Print staff for two years. She runs cross country for DSHS and enjoys climbing mountains, baking, and playing solitaire! 

Section Editors

News Editor: Tia Davison

Tia Davison is a junior year and has been on the Paw Print staff for two years. She runs cross country for DSHS and enjoys climbing mountains, baking, and playing solitaire! 

Opinion Editor: Alec Stuart


Sports Editor: Mallory Neff

Mallory Neff is a second year staff member and junior. She has three little sisters who are all “super amazing and wildly funny.” She also loves being outside, especially when she is out on the field playing lacrosse with her teammates. They are her “second family,” and Neff wouldn’t be doing newspaper without them.

Features Editor: Gabby Plasencia

Gabriella Plasencia, also known as Gabby, is a second year staff member and junior. With a typing speed of 95 WPM(words per minute) up her sleeve, a passion for thinking too much, and many creative outlets such as drawing, painting, and writing of course, she is a regular person waiting for a story to arise.

Creative Editor: Sierra Trbovich

Entertainment Editor: Reagan Otten

Reagan Otten is a first-year staff writer for the Paw Print and a current junior. She loves reading, painting, playing piano, and being outside. She is currently involved in NHS, NAHS, and DECA. 

Staff Writers

Jakob Becker

Brooke Bousley

Brooke Bousley is a first year staffer and writer for the DSHS newspaper. Her hobbies include baking, writing, shopping, listening to music, and designing. Writing has been a favorite hobby and activity of hers since she was a child and she’s so thrilled to express her love for it through the school newspaper. A fun fact about Brooke is that she is a HUGE paramore stan and loves cats. Nice to meet all of you! ❤

Lydia Bradley

Lydia Bradley is a first-year staff writer and a Freshman. She loves cats and has many different hobbies. Her favorite thing to do is try new things. She is currently learning to write with her non-dominant hand and trying to find the perfect meringue recipe.

Hannah Caddell

Hannah is a first year newspaper staffer. She enjoys reading, embroidery, and taking care of her plants. She looks forward to sharing news with the school and helping the paper thrive!

Thomas Daugherty

Harley Hunt

Rebekah Johnson

Rebekah is a junior and first-year staffer with an interest in creative pieces and the fine arts. She is a part of the Meraki team that creates the school’s literary magazine and plans on becoming an author and a teacher.

Kailey Nutt

Kailey Nutt is a first year staff writer. She enjoys reading, writing, and acting. She likes watching films and plays. She is in the Thespians Club and loves snacks like Cheez Its and cheesecake.


Teagan Krewson

Teagan Krewson is a fourth year staff photographer and a senior. She loves to shoot football, portraits, and anything involving school spirit. She is the President of DSHS DECA and is very involved within the Dripping Springs community.

Hailey Jarvis

Hailey Jarvis is a second year photographer and junior at Dripping Springs High School. She works with a professional photographer, Jetter Photography, outside of school for more training experience. She loves to travel and takes pictures of the scenery on her trips. Her favorite types of photography are sports and portraits.

Ella Revill

Ella Revill is a junior and second year photographer for the Newspaper Staff. She enjoys filmmaking, playing instruments, and dance/yoga. She mostly is involved in travel/portrait photography, but is branching out this year to capture student life and sports.

Julia Carter

Julia Carter is a junior and a 2nd year photographer. She is also on the swim team and enjoys thrifting, skateboarding, and works at the Flying Fish. She mostly takes sports/action shots and some portraits.

Ariela Barron

Brooklyn Hagblom

David Jensen

Max Levey

Will Taylor

The Tiger Cry

Editor-in-Chief: Izzy Roske

Izzy Roske is a second year staff member and a junior. Currently, she is obsessed with creating jewelry out of little knick-knacks, and can usually be seen sporting cherry chapstick earrings. On top of making earrings Roske is the historian for HOSA and Adventure Club historian as well.

Assistant Editor: Lauren Caffrey

Lauren Caffrey is a first year staff member and a sophomore. She is an officer on the JV dance team and joined yearbook because of her previous experience with it and her love of writing.

Section Editors

Sports Editor: Kira Heflin

Kyra Heflin is a first year staff member and a sophomore. Her best time solving a Rubik’s Pyramid is 5 seconds, and she likes to do random stuff like play piano, ukulele, organize, photography, and spend way too much time watching Youtube.

Student Life Editor: Riley Rivas

Riley Rivas is a first year member for yearbook staff and a sophomore. She is a company dancer at Head to Toe Dance and loves cooking and baking in her free time.

Academics Editor: Ramsey Hutton

Ramsey Hutton is a third year student media student and a junior. Hutton loves photography and is an avid reader and and stays busy running her non-profit, Books for L.O.V.E. She is also a service day leader and a Baking Club and Young Women’s Club officer.

Photography Editor: Max Levey

Max Levey is a first year member of the yearbook staff who is a junior this year. He enjoys shooting and editing photos as well as listening to music.


Morgan Cooke

Quinn Foley

Ava Gomez

Aubrey Neff


Brooklyn Hagblom


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