Lady Lax

Girls Lacrosse has begun its fall season and they are hard at work preparing for their first tournament, Texas Best. Coaches and players are in full swing ready with only a few practices left before the big tournament taking place at the University of Texas. Girls lacrosse requires speed and agility along with fidelity and skill; these girls have all developed a passion for this sport and spend many hours working hard for their team.  Every practice Head Coach Chris Giliberto tells the girls to “be intentional”, in an attempt to get everyone into the right mindset to develop/learn. Starting the first practice, the girls began to get to know one another through highlights of individual players. Every practice one girl is chosen to speak and introduce herself telling everyone what they’re thankful for and why they play. This exercise helps the girls to get to know one another and grow as a team. The team dynamic is known to be very supportive with invested coaches and players. The Coaches include Coach Giliberto, Coach Ty, Coach Richardson, and Coach Tyo. Every coach, player, and parent make this team so wonderful and help it to grow every year. The girls recently participated in a fundraiser for the team where they sold poinsettias. These plants benefited the team and the Down Home Ranch that grows the plants. The girls exceeded their goal by 33%, and raised money for the team increasing opportunities for the team. Along with working hard and developing their skills, these girls have grown with each other and developed many strong friendships. Even through pre-season the girls are invested and excited to play. The girls are all very excited for the upcoming tournaments and season, ready for the memories, ready for the fun, and ready to play the sport they love. 

Player Q/A: Lucy Tyo, senior, team captain 

  1. How has lacrosse helped you grow mentally and physically? 

“Lacrosse has impacted my life since the first day I picked up a lacrosse stick. At the time, I was playing high level competitive volleyball for a club. I decided to quit volleyball and move to lacrosse. Now playing for around 6 years, I have realized that this is my sport and I made the right decision to quit volleyball. Mentally it is hard getting up after a long day at school and work and trying to stay up and focus on lacrosse and not life off the field. It took me a while to realize that it’s ok not to be on my phone knowing all the drama or hanging out with my friends. It was so hard knowing I was missing out on the fun stuff they were doing but I was doing something that could help me in years to come. On the flip side, Lacrosse has also physically changed me. We all think we can’t run fast and we don’t have the speed to be fast, but while we have to do crazy weird conditioning, that is what is going to help us stay healthy and able to move better on and off the field. Being out on the field 3-4 times a week for one and a half hours we will gain strength.”

  1. How have you developed with your team?

“MY TEAM! MY TEAM IS MY LIFE. They have helped me be who I am today. As an 8th grader walking up to the high school lacrosse team, I was so scared that they wouldn’t help me and that I would be left on my own. My thoughts being if I dropped a ball they would all laugh and make fun of me and tell me I’m not good. My first step on the field and they were all excited to have a “little sister”. The seniors talked to me and everyone below them did too. Ever since they took me in like that, I’ve always wanted to make sure I make my own teammates feel that way. Being a senior now, I see what they felt, welcoming 8th graders into their arms and making sure they are included and not left alone to want to quit or give up. This year the team is crazy. We show up to practice with huge smiles on our faces waiting to call the coach a “Boomer” and hearing the silly songs we play on the speaker while we get a good strong practice in. We all push each other to be the best possible player we all can be while we’re out there making memories that will last forever.”

3. How does lacrosse challenge you? 

“Lacrosse challenges me in many ways. Not everyday are you going to get a good shot or even make a shot. Sometimes after a long day, We can all get frustrated easily if we don’t run a drill correctly and we start to zone out and not care anymore. This year, I told myself to always end the day in a positive way. Sure it sucks when we miss something in practice and it brings us down but always end your day off well. Ask yourself what did you do well in practice today? What could you have done before practice to make you not miss this? Lacrosse and I have a love hate relationship but if you put the work in, you will get great things out of it. Now being three days out from signing my NCAA letter of intent, I would say it pays off. I am going to go play lacrosse at a D2 school in Missouri and I have learned that if you put in the work, you will see great things happen and I know this year, this season with this team is going to be one of the best, if not THE best one ever.”

Angelina Juarez Gives Wrestling A Chance

Angelina Juarez might typically be known as kind and hardworking, but you might be surprised to know that just over a month ago, she joined the wrestling team. Why? To see if she would like it. Turns out, she did.  Juarez works on Wednesday’s and weekends, so at times she feels rushed. 

These days you can see her carrying practice clothes, mouthguard and shoes to her 4th and 8th period practice sessions. Although the team’s official practice happens during the school day, sometimes they don’t end until 4:45pm.“ When we actually Wrestle then we would wear our singlets.”

What is it like juggling Wrestling in life; does it make you busier, productive, or is it fun in general?

“It’s a different feeling because it’s my first time being on a team, and having teammates, but it’s cool.”

Does your coach give you advice or tips to make you better for wrestling?

“The coaches always say a quote of encouragement after practice , and they help you a lot when you don’t understand a move. And coach always says to never give up and as long as you don’t, then you can win.”

Juarez’s team will have their first Wrestling match next week at our school, on Saturday 13.

Bands Playing In Texas

Origami Angel: Origami Angel is a two person band from Washington D.C. consisting of Ryland Heagy (Vocalist/Guitarist) and Pat Doherty (Drummer). The band’s music is a mix between pop punk and fifth wave emo, along with some different sounds that you will find throughout their music. The band will be playing at South Side Music Hall in Dallas on November 30th, and at Come and Take it Live in Austin on December 1st along with another band.

Mom Jeans.: Mom Jeans is a 4 person band from Berkeley, CA. The band plays a mixture of indie music, 4th wave emo, and emo pop some people would say. The band is known for their lyrics that you find cringy, yet you find yourself singing along while also thinking “Hey, I’ve thought that before”. Mom Jeans is on tour with the previous band, Origami Angel, so they will be playing on the same days, same places. South Side Music Hall in Dallas on November 30th, and at Come and Take it Live in Austin on December 1st

Current Joys: Current Joys is a single person music project made by Nicholas Rattigan from Reno, Nevada. His music is usually very indie stuff, with his usual melancholy instrumentals and lyrics that either make you feel a little better, or leave you feeling empty. They will be playing at Mohawk Austin in Austin on January 23rd and White Oak Music Hall in Houston on January 24th, both in 2022 And that’s really it for bands to look out for. While there may be more bands playing in these couple months, these are our top picks for you to go see! Have fun and enjoy the music!

Graphic Design Sights and Sounds

When I first walked into Bailee Perrine’s class, desktops and tablets were on and students were discussing and reviewing various photo projects on the graphic editing app known as Adobe Illustrator. Perrine tasked her students to create various animals using different tools in the Adobe Illustrator program. “In this term, they built a monkey, a whale, and next they’ll build a pig. The last assignment is creating their own illustration from scratch. They’re learning and mastering the tools in Adobe Illustrator.”  “I’ve always wanted to get into graphic design and develop design skills, like making graphics.” That was the reason most of the kids were in the class, as they could express their creativity in Graphic Design. Students stayed concentrated on their assignment and most kids had music playing in their headphones. The room stayed so quiet you could hear a pin drop, as there was little to no conversation in the classroom. Perrine walked around the class and checked on the students, making sure they weren’t confused, and helped them if needed. Students thanked her for her help as they felt at ease having conquered the assignment. By the end of class, nearly all of Perrine’s students were done with their assignment and were satisfied with their work. The room was filled with smiles as people walked out the door.

Crain sisters, basketball interviews

By: Beatrice Furlow

Taylor Crain, Freshman, Freshman Girls Basketball Team

  1. Is basketball your favorite sport? If so, why? If not, what is your favorite sport and why?

Yes, Basketball is my favorite sport because Basketball teaches you how to be a good team player, and I love the fast pace of the game.  

  1. What is it like playing with your sister on the same team?

Playing with my sister can be good and bad (mostly good). Sometimes we argue with each other, but overall its nice to have some there to push me to my limits, and lift me up when I get down on myself. 

  1. Are you ever worried about getting injured? Why or why not?

Not really, everyone runs the risk of injuring themselves the second they step on the court. Usually I dont think about getting injured, theres a chance, but there are more important things to think about than getting injured (In my opinion).

  1. Is there a person or group of people you wish could watch you play at every game? Why?

Everyone would want their family to watch them play, so my family! 

  1. How do you prepare for a game? (do you listen to music, eat specific food, relax, etc.)

Before a game I usually listen to music, drink a lot of water, stretch, and eat a high carb pre-game meal.

  1. Why do you play basketball? (is it fun, friends, a good workout, leadership opportunities, etc.)

Honestly, I love basketball, my mom and dad played basketball, so I grew up with it. Basketball attracts such wonderful people, and I love playing with them, exercising, and having fun!

  1. What is your favorite sports movie and why?

A league of their own, I watched it so many times when I was younger. I love the league of their own because its very inspirational!

  1. How have the teams you’ve played for in the past helped you to become a better player/teammate?

The teams I’ve played before help me improve in my weaknesses, every mistake is an opportunity to get better!

  1. How do you balance sports with school and your other responsibilities?

At first it was challenging for me to balance sports and school, but after a while I have managed my time better, getting my homework done and studying for tests. 

  1. How do you memorize new plays/techniques? 

Practice, practice is the best way to memorize and learn plays!

Morgan Crain, Freshman, Freshman Girls Basketball Team

  1. Is basketball your favorite sport? If so, why? If not, what is your favorite sport and why?

Yes, basketball is my favorite sport because I love the fast-action of the game, and how nice all my teammates are!

  1. What is it like playing with your sister on the same team?

I love having my twin on the same team with me because we can support each other no matter what mistakes we make, even though we get in fights sometimes. 🙂

  1. Are you ever worried about getting injured? Why or why not?

I am not worried about getting injured in practice, but in games I am not that careful. I am sometimes nervous about pulling a muscle when I don’t stretch a lot, but overall I am not that worried about serious injuries 

  1. Is there a person or group of people you wish could watch you play at every game? Why?

I always hope my both parents and step-parents come to my games, but I don’t like it if a whole crowd comes to my games, my grandma invites her whole neighborhood. 

  1. How do you prepare for a game? (do you listen to music, eat specific food, relax, etc.)

Usually on a game day I drink protein smoothies and bring a lot of healthy snacks, also I sometimes listen to music to calm down my nerves. 

  1. Why do you play basketball? (is it fun, friends, a good workout, leadership opportunities, etc.)

I started basketball when my mom put me in a league when I was 7, me and Taylor were the youngest girls there and only made one basket that whole season. But I tried out in 7th grade because my mom got a scholarship for basketball, and I wanted to try and follow in her footsteps. I made the b team in 7th grade, and then the a team in 8th. 

  1. What is your favorite sports movie and why?

My favorite sports movie is A League of Their Own, because I love how the women in the movie overcome every stereotype and become the best softball team in the league, encouraging women everywhere to follow their dreams. 

  1. How have the teams you’ve played for in the past helped you to become a better player/teammate?

Yes, being on the b team in 7th grade helped me because we were crushed every game, but we learned from our mistakes every single time and even if we were terrible, I still learned so much from that season. Being on the a team and being a point guard, facing a lot of intimidating girls really helped me become better at facing my opponents with confidence. Also on the a team, everything is very serious and there is no goofing off which was the exact opposite in b team practices. 

  1. How do you balance sports with school and your other responsibilities?

Doing sports and school requires you to be organized and very on top of your work. I fill all of my tutorials and tiger time with studying or doing homework for a class. 

  1. How do you memorize new plays/techniques? 

In middle school I would create songs about the plays, who I pass to, or who shoots. I would probably sound like a crazy person singing “the wing, it screens down, the point, would dribble for a layup.” But now I just do repetition and quiz myself to remember where we go on defense.

Can We Reach The End?

By: Alec Stuart

The district’s COVID-19 response has taken a downward trend.

As COVID-19 vaccinations have rolled out across the country over the past year, the District has had a largely decent response to COVID-19, with mandatory masks in school, strong encouragement of vaccinations, and similar stuff. This, and so many other examples, have been the driving force behind the recovery from the pandemic this country has experienced. With the advent of the Delta strain and other variants, however, the response has begun to falter in a time when a cautious approach is more necessary than ever.

At the same time the Class of 2021 graduated, the district decided to make masks optional for anybody going to school. As of today, they have held this decision still, largely due to the Governor’s ban on mask mandates in schools. Regardless of legal issues, this is a risky move that increases the chances of another COVID-19 outbreak and the hindrance of much progress that has been made.

“Last year they did a great job virtually,” said senior Audrey Balsdon, “I think with the new Superintendent, things took a turn for the worse; I think they bent to the anti maskers without any worry of implications.”

As of Sep. 10, there have been 64 cases at the high school alone, with 195 district-wide. These are the consequences of making decisions based on pressure and not actual data. When I went to the board meeting the night before school began, most the attendees repeatedly berated and booed at the board with anti mask and vaccination sentiment, so much so that local law enforcement had to remove someone from the stage. Like I said, this kind of pressure has scared the board and Superintendent into making decisions without much thinking through. Not only this, but the district worries, given its size, that doesn’t have the resources to enforce health guidelines without legal action from the state government. However, this is not the whole picture.

“It’s thought provoking, I do consider our legal system to be apt for change, and it’s not strict”, Balsdon said, “challenges can be made to what we find unconstitutional and irrational; it’s legally possible.”

The district needs to realize two things: first, that the anti maskers at the board meetings are a vocal minority, and second, that the legal system, while tough to work through, is meant to be flexible. They cannot give up on enforcing health precautions at this time. With the Delta variant spreading rapidly throughout the US, we cannot risk losing all of the progress we have made in the past year.


By: Alex Spievak

Have you ever wondered how the Tiger band actually works? What happens ‘behind the scenes??’ Our Tiger Band students have your answers.

Special thanks to Anabelle, Bri, Omar, Alex and Jaden P.

How does DSHS Tiger Band work?

The DSHS band has several components to it. Each component is important and they all rely on each other. Each component does around the same amount of work. Each component will also eventually participate in something major; such as a sport game.

What are the components in Tiger Band?

Orchestra, Symphony, Marching & DrumLine and Color Guard. Each one of these are pretty unique. (and of course awesome)

What does Tiger Band & Color Guard typically do for Prep?

Tiger Band:  Sumer band camp, Before & after school hours; Mon. – Fri.

Color Guard: Summer camp, about 4 rehearsals; Mon.- Fri. 

After sports games, about what time does the Band & Color Guard kids get back home?

12-1 am, 10-11 pm, 8:30 pm, 1:45 am

Is Color Guard part of the Tiger Band?

Yes. Color Guard typically follows the Band, so if Tiger Band has a Football game to attend, for example, Color Guard will follow them. Color Guard will perform when the Band performs. 

Why is Dripping High so strict or forceful with their students about Tiger Band?

Tiger Band & Tiger sport(s) are taken very seriously in Dripping Springs High School. They’re very competitive, sporty and dead serious in general. They want everything perfect. You may not see all of this, but Dripping High is kinda strict & serious about their games they get to be in. 

In general, is Tiger Band/ Color Guard worth the elective? And is it fun?

If you enjoy playing an Instrument or doing Color guard, yes it’s worth it. The bad thing about these two electives is that they take up alot of your personal time. You would need to attend a bunch of after-school activities, summer camps, rehearsals, and possibly a lot more. If you’re fine doing all of this, and you really enjoy playing an instrument/color guard, you’re most likely going to enjoy Tiger Band or Color Guard at Dripping Springs High School.

A day in the life of Autotech

By: Leo Mathis-McKee

On Tuesday I spent some time with the class of Autotech. Their classroom is a mechanic shop with what appeared to be all senior students.

In this class you learn how to work with cars, fix cars, and the anatomy of the car.

Jason Massey was teaching them how to fix a car engine on the board with a drawing. When I came into the shop, they had just finished writing down notes and were starting to get up and work. I asked a student what they were doing, “Installing a lovato kit into the car” he said. “Eventually we will be able to drive the cars, but for now we are taking car parts apart.” After the teacher assigned them their tasks he started washing the cars.

Every student had their own little task to do. For example, one task was to replace one of the wheels on a white truck that was elevated. I walked around for a bit and observed the students repairing and cleaning cars. I asked one of the students “What are you learning about in Autotech class?” “We are learning about the ins and outs of engines and how to fix them and I love it!” “One of the most important things you can learn in this auto-tech class is how to fix an engine.”

ACT/PSAT/SAT Readiness

By: Hannah Gilchrist

That time of year is rolling back around again and students have started to prepare for the PSAT, SAT, and ACTs. DSHS students share advice based on their experiences with the tests.

Danica Best, Freshman

“At first I was really stressed out about the test, even though it had no impact on my grade. I remember doing Khan Academy just trying to remember all the things I had [previously] learned or was supposed to learn. Also, the fact that COVID hit meant that I didn’t learn everything, so I felt even more unprepared. A week before the test I finally stopped stressing out about it and it felt so much better. I’m glad I did, because I felt more relaxed and mentally prepared going into it. I just had to trust myself. What I would do differently is find a balance between studying and relaxing.”

Teresa Brod, Junior 

“Taking the test [PSAT] can be stressful, but it’s very good preparation for the actual SAT. 

I definitely recommend taking it, as it’s a good way to prepare for any other admissions tests. The practice tests help me feel less stressed, more comfortable and familiar with the format.”

Soraya Khezrefaridi, Senior

“I’ve been taking the PSAT since I was in seventh grade and I think the exposure to the test really helped me out in the long run. I did take an SAT prep class over the summer and it actually benefited me a lot-, by 200 points.” 

“Taking the test is exhausting; I know this sounds like something your mom would say, but get lots of rest the night before, eat a good meal that morning, and make sure to stay hydrated.” 

“My preparation did help me in the end, I don’t have a stellar score, but I do have one that I was hoping for. If I could do something differently, I probably would’ve not gone out the night before my test. I also think another prep class wouldn’t have hurt, either.”

Alan Anderson, Senior“I took the SAT and ACT but chose to focus on the SAT and prepare for my next couple attempts. To prepare, I used the SAT study guide by College Board. Taking the test was not very stressful to me, only the time waiting to take it. The preparation definitely

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