• Culinary Connection

    The implementation of new restaurants has Dripping locals delighted for what’s to come By: Brooke Bousley The small town of Dripping Springs, Texas, is experiencing a culinary revolution by adding five new restaurants to Belterra Village. HTeaO, Popeyes, P Terry’s, Mighty Fine, and Panda Express have become the talk of the town, especially among DSHS…


  • A TED Talk Experience

    Sophomore, Eben Sebastian, was selected to speak for TED Talk in his speech, “Is Taste a Blessing or a Curse?,” he explains the experience and outcomes of his once in a lifetime experience.


  • DSISD Security Updates

    Due to recent events, schools are taking extra safety precautions to ensure the safety of their students. DSISD takes the security of its students and staff seriously. A change DSISD made is toward the walking etiquette at football games; spectators are no longer allowed to stand on the stair walkways in the stadium. Furthermore, there’s…


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