Intro to Journalism

About the Class:

Intro to Journalism (J1) students learn the basics of journalism to prepare them for classes like newspaper and yearbook, in which J1 is a requirement. In the first semester, students will learn about journalism ethics and how to write different types of news stories, like features and editorials, giving them skills to succeed in the newspaper class. In the second semester, students learn about photography and photojournalism, and learn how to use Photoshop and InDesign, which sets them up for the yearbook class.

For Students Who:

  • Are interested in journalism of any kind
  • Want to further their writing, page design, or Photoshop skills
  • Can meet deadlines
  • Want to be in the newspaper or yearbook classes

Class Environment:

The J1 class is like the other journalism classes. The teacher, Jessica Stamp, acts as an adviser to the students, giving them mostly free reign as they work on their articles and projects. Students are free to work as they please as long as their work is done and turned in on the deadline. If students finish projects early, they are allowed to do work for other classes or simply relax.