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An atrocious issue

As I sit here having a table full of crap thrown at me, I think of how this vacation went wrong. How I probably shouldn’t have called the chef an ugly prank. But it happens, right? And it was most likely unappreciated when I dropped my neighbor’s cat off the balcony, but the thing was just staring at me too much. Or how we trip down the stairs, only to cause a chain reaction of people with luggage tumbling down. It was like lifesize dominoes, only better. It was phenomenal! Now I’m sitting, tied to a chair, being yelled at by a man with a Swedish accent, who is spitting like his only life goal is to be Niagara Falls. Still I’m continuously having stuff thrown at me. It’s an atrocious issue.

Written by Kayla Kibodeaux

Contributing Writer

The weight of fruition

A leaf, a knife, a bottle, and a sprig dance of boots and blood. The azure man rings a coral bell of sea white shell, producing flowing peals of pollen sun drops. The white wind whirls milk honey of sparrow and wren’s feather. Solemn casket adorned ornate, joyous dull yellow blotches, tarnished by diamonds red. An apple prods the cherry’s nest, and all falls on string. Only cigarettes are known to the bank of God. Blue oceans of mud expand, an abyss burnt with shades of black and gray, white swallowed under Leviathan’s scale. A starship sails through leafy green, moss-cauliflower canopies of gold rod. Wood carved, journey endless. “Chase diamonds,” says the square. Weigh your fruits upon whiskey bullets. “Tip and let spill the greedy cup of man.” His arm reaches.

Written by Evan Plennert

Contributing Writer

Hi-Steppers dance through the year

Photo by Prune Savelli

The dim lights of the gymnasium blared against the formation of the school’s dance team. The crowd was intent on watching every move they made while the cheers of encouragement and excitement removed any nerves and anxiety within the performers.

“It’s nerve wracking being up there,” Junior Lela Mamrosh said. “But when you see everyone rooting for you, it’s easy to forget that you were ever nervous to begin with.” And with that courage, they are able to dance as a well-functioned team. Each eight count flows one after the other in a manner that has been practiced both in and out of class more times than one could count.

With the exchange of subtle glances, the hi-steppers of Dripping Springs High School are able to put on performances at pep-rallies which are aimed at bringing out the Tiger Spirit in each student and community member.

The hi-steppers are instructed by dance teacher Tracy Neef and assistant director Desiree Marshall. The team consists of girls of all grades and is led by Senior Captain Marilyn Quevedo. All of the team members share not only a passion for dancing, but a bond of sisterhood that is felt throughout the team.

“Being on hi-steppers has definitely helped me to meet a lot of people,” Junior Ellie Kuykendall said. “I made a lot of friends my freshman year, when I didn’t know anybody, and I’ve been able to meet several freshman who I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten the chance to become friends with. We’re like our own little family.”

Along with the relationships, the girls say the team is truly encouraging and supportive. Many of the dancers have a background in dance that dates back to their childhoods. This proves the notion that practice can only make an individual better.

“Practice makes perfect, that’s a given,” Mamrosh said. “We all practice outside of class for endless hours, but we also practice in class which is accompanied with a near daily after school practice. “

This dedication and hard work, which Coach Neef instills in all the girls, has paid off for the hi-steppers this year while they have focused on bettering all their performances. Neef assigns all the music and guides the dancers through their routines which enables the team to perform only what they can be very proud of.

“I’ve definitely improved a considerable amount since my first performance,” Kuykendall said. “I’ve learned more techniques and how to dance with a team, opposed to just individually.”

Both Mamrosh and Kuykendall accredit their development and new skills to Coach Neef and all the constructive criticism of their leaders, like Captain Quevedo. In addition to being able to perform for an audience, high steppers receive many other benefits that come with being on the team.

“It gets you to stay active,” Mamrosh said. “I find that it also stops you from making bad health choices. When you’re doing something all the time, like dancing, you want to make sure you’re able to do everything to your full abilities and you can’t do that if you’re constantly sick and exhausted.”

The hi-steppers relay that out of everything they could have done, they chose to be on the dance team because it was something they feel joy doing. The girls hope to continue hyping up the school body about their performances and they can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them.


Kerry James

Staff Writer

Dripping Springs High School fall sports update

DSHS Tennis Team

The fall sports teams (including football, volleyball, cross country, tennis, and golf) at Dripping Springs High School have had an amazing start to all of their seasons in the 2015-­2016 school year.
Both the abilities of the coaching staff and a student’s has allowed the Tigers to thrive in this difficult district.

The Lady Tiger volleyball team has had an impeccable start to this new season.
However this explosive start was expected by both coaches and players.
“I expected us to do pretty well,” said senior veteran Ashley Waggle.
These high expectations for the Tiger team have made each player give even more than they had for previous seasons. Although the the volleyball team is just nearing the halfway point for their season, they will not let this dissuade them from their ultimate goal of getting to, and winning, state.

“It shows that we’re really close and really competitive,” Waggle said.
While winning the state championships was once considered a far off dream at the beginning of the season, it is no longer looked at as such.
And with such an outstanding record, the Dripping Springs Volleyball organization definitely has the confidence behind them that is needed to win this ever­important championship.

The Dripping Springs Tiger Tennis team has fought hard for each and every win in this new season.
The team collectively broke out of their slumber with the previous win against the Cedar Park Timberwolves. Winning the match with a final score of 10­4.

“I think we’re one of the favorites in our district,” said head coach Cary Jackson.
This little ‘advantage’ has undoubtedly played a crucial role in the shaping of the team’s overall mentality. After losing a couple matches in a row, the team was hungry for a win against their next opponents, the Timberwolves.
“[this win] kind of re­-energized us,” Jackson said.
Every team dreams of playing to the best of their abilities every time they step onto the court. And the Tigers Tennis organization is no different.
With a difficult schedule presenting itself to the team, it is of the utmost importance to keep a positive mentality.
Something that the Tigers can finally do after this turning point in their season.

The ever competitive Dripping Springs Cross Country team has competed in four meets in this crucial 2015­2016.
With most of Varsity being seniors this year, the team, as a whole, feels like there is a lot that needs to be proven to the rest of the district.

“As definite competition. A threat to their chances of winning district,” senior Trevor Heinz said. This has been undoubtedly proven with Varsity girls and boys both having impeccable races in this first half of the season. These records ultimately just reinforce the team’s final goal for this 2015­2016 season.

“To have a district title. Then to make it to state,” said Heinz.
This ambitious goal is not a dream anymore, instead it is a very real possibility that each Varsity

team member strives for. This possibility is just reinforced even more when one looks at the impressive amount of wins the team has collectively won.

The debut of the Dripping Springs Golf team is one that has been anticipated by both players and students.
With the official start of the season (for Junior Varsity boys) being on September 28, there is still a huge amount of preparation that needs to be completed by students.

“Some kids haven’t been on the team before. They need to know that it will be longer and more difficult,” said head coach Jason Wahlers.
These opinions from coach Wahlers will definitely be under consideration this next week as the JV boys team looks forward to their first match of the 2015­2016. Although it may be the team’s first official match, both the boys and girls teams have been practicing non­stop for this exciting new season.

“Hopefully practice is scheduled frequently enough. Although there is nothing quite like competition,” Wahlers said.
Even though the golf organization has a late start to their season, starting almost a full 6 weeks into the school year, the entire Dripping Springs community wishes that the whole organization has a tremendous start to the season.

Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer

Be safe on social media

Earlier this year, the Hays County Sheriff’s office started investigating a child pornography case which eventually led to the arrest of a recent Dripping Springs High School graduate who now stands accused of 18 counts of child pornography.

While to many this is shocking, the new uprise of technology and social media platforms has created new opportunities for these kind of incidents.

Young teenagers often forget that it is indeed illegal to have naked pictures of other underage people on their phones, and the consequences can be pretty severe. Teens can, and have, been arrested. There have been numerous incidents of young girls’ and boys’ lives being ruined because someone with a regrettable agenda had access to nude pictures.

Don’t send things to people you don’t trust online, and be smart about what you post.

Rylee Matousek

Rylee Matousek

Online Editor

Dripping Springs downs Marble Falls 38-10

football week 5The Dripping Springs Tigers Varsity Football team (3-2; 1-1) defeated the Marble Falls Mustangs (1-3-1; 0-2) 38-1 at its homecoming game on Friday, September 25.

The Tigers were in desperate need for a win after losing their district opener game against Cedar Park the previous week.

Tigers` corner coach Trent Vittrup was proud of the way the team performed on Friday night.

“It was a good win,” he said. “And we needed it badly.”

Vittrup felt that certain players stood out at last week’s game and really helped carry the team to their first district win of the season.

The Tigers will not be competing on Friday, October 2 due to it being a bye week.

“Getting back to the basics and getting healthy are the main concerns this week,” Vittrup said.

Vittrup seemed optimistic about the team and created a sense of suspense regarding the remainder of the season.

“I feel like we are going to surprise some people,” he said.