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Dripping Springs lady tiger volleyball defeats Vandegrift


The Dripping Springs Volleyball team pulled out an impressive win against the Vandegrift Vipers. Without having previously playing the Vipers this season, the Tigers had to work even harder to accomplish this goal.

“We knew what they were capable of,” said senior Ashley Waggle.

However this win did not come as a shock to anyone, as the Lady Tigers were both predicted and expected to win in this hard match.

“We’re ranked number one but they were ranked number five, so we had to go in with a lot of focus,” Junior Karen Krews said.

Since this organization has been ranked number one in the state for most of this season, there has been a huge target on both the players and coaches back.

“Everyone just comes in wanting a win. So we all do our part,” said Waggle.

While this target may be taxing at times, players will not let this get in the way of the team’s ultimate goal.

“Trying not to lose anymore matches ­ finishing the season with a record of 50­2,” said Krews.

While this may considered to be a lofty goal to some, it is easily in reach for the hard working Lady Tigers. Although the team has been playing phenomenally, there is always something that can be improved upon as the second half of the season progresses.

“Everything can be improved upon,” Krews said.

These improvements are happily taken under consideration by many, if not all, players on this hard­working team. But there are always other things that can ­ and may need to be ­ worked on.

“Our energy level both on and off the court [can be improved],” said Krews.

This problem can be easily split between players and the community of Dripping Springs that attends each and every game. Although each team in the district has had a distinctive goal set for the season, many of the players have their own goals that they would like to achieve.

“I want to work on my efficiency during the serve/ receive,” Krews said.

Many other players also have personal goals that they would like to work on and achieve before the end of their high school volleyball career.

“To be more focused,” Morgan Greer and Waggle said when referring to the team as a whole.

These problem can, and will be fixed, by hard­work paired with the coaching expertise from Dripping Springs High School head coach Michael Kane. But the student body of Dripping Springs will always be there for this organization ­ win or lose.

“Our community is just really awesome,” said Waggle.

This community, as a whole, prides itself on being there to unconditionally support each and every sports organization that is offered.

“You just don’t get it from any other school,” Waggle said.

Written by Morgan Gusela

Sports Writer

No. 1 Cedar Park downs Tigers 55-24

football week 4
photo by: Adair Photography

The Dripping Springs Tigers varsity football team (2-2) suffered a 55-24 loss in their district opener against the state No. 1-ranked Cedar Park Timberwolves (4-0) on Friday, September 18.

The Tigers had hopes of shocking the statewide football community once again and defeating the Timberwolves for a second year in a row.

Dripping Springs Offensive Coordinator, Daniel Foster, felt that the team handled the loss well.

They handled it amazingly just as any great team handles a good loss,” he said.

Regardless of the Tigers’ loss, there were a number of positive aspects from Friday’s game that Foster noticed and he felt the team was well prepared.

He credited Cedar Park with simply having a very good football team.

“They are ranked number one in the state unanimously for several reasons,” he said. “And a lot of those reasons we saw on Friday night.”

According to Foster, the Tigers learned a lot at Friday’s game and will turn their loss into motivation for the remainder of the season.

“Our guys understand that in order to be where we want to be, which is where Cedar Park is, that we are 31 points away,” he said.

Foster believes that the team is fully capable of obtaining the same accomplishments that Cedar Park has achieved.

“As a team, we have to be able to do the things that they did,” he said. “And we must also do them well.”

Foster added that the strategy going into Friday’s homecoming game against Marble Falls is simple.

“We are going to try to win,” he said.

Written by Graysen Gilbraith

Sports Editor

Dripping Springs varsity football team beats the Bastrop Bears 38-14 with a shutout in the second half

football week 3The Dripping Springs varsity football team (2-1) beat the division 6A Bastrop Bears (2-1) 38-14 at Tiger Stadium on Friday, September 11. 

Tiger Defense did not allow the bears to score in the second half of the game, which really helped lead them to their second victory of the season.

Dripping Springs Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Galen Zimmerman feels Friday’s game was the best the team had played all season.

“I think they were awesome,” Zimmerman said. “We executed well, had some big plays and really finished some drives which was good to see.”

Zimmerman feels both sides of the team performed well.

“Defense just keeps getting better and offensively we executed better in the red zones,” he said.

The team was able to persist through challenges set by the opposing team and responded well to Bastrop`s major plays.

“How we handle adversity and how we come back from it is a big part of a winning team’s success,” Zimmerman said. “The success that you see is based off of how you handle those sort of things.”

Multiple players stood out on the field on Friday night.

“Ethan Fernea had a big game,” Zimmerman said. “He plays both sides of the ball and his play right before halftime was huge.”

“Nick Bever made a big special teams play when he scored a touchdown on offense.”

Zimmerman shared that both quarterbacks played well and a handful of players on defense really set a high standard as well.

“I felt like Mikeska and Dance both had good games,” he said.

The whole team was able to contribute to winning the game.

“It was good to see Kyle Houssain play well,” Zimmerman said. “And even some of those guys that are back up got minutes, like Britton Howeth who made an interception.

“It was a good team win.”

The players are in full swing preparation mode for their game this upcoming Friday against Cedar Park; the number one ranked team in the state.

“I think they are excited,” Zimmerman said. “It is a great opportunity to see how we play against the best team in the state.”

The Dripping Springs Tigers shut out the Cedar Park Timberwolves 23-0 last season and they are ready to surprise everyone again this year.

“We feel like we are better this year and so we are excited to find out exactly where we are,” Zimmerman said.

Coach Zimmerman thinks very highly of his coaching staff and players.

“The coaching staff has really done a great job,” he said. “The boys play with a lot of passion and they play well together so it’s nice to see our team chemistry.”

The coaches and team encourage everyone to go out and support the Tigers this week as they take on the Timberwolves at their district opener Friday, September 18th.

“It is really fun to watch our guys play,” Zimmerman said.

Written by Graysen Gibraith
Sports Editor

Varsity tennis defeats Cedar Park

Tennis VarsityThe Dripping Springs tennis team has yet another victory under their belt with this win against Cedar Park on Tuesday, September 4th. After defeating the Timberwolves, with a final score of 10­4, the Tigers have finally come out of their slump.

“It felt good because we’ve been losing, but now we won,” said junior Carly Higgerson.

This match was predicted to be an easy win for the varsity team, but it definitely has raised the spirit and confidence of the entire tennis organization.

“It means we’re good,” Higgerson said.

And they can now live up to the exceptionally high personal standards that they have imposed on themselves. These standards have allowed each Tiger player to give their all every match and live up to the goals that have been set.

“I expected myself to play as good as I can,” said Higgerson.

With such a difficult district ­ one that includes three state recognized teams ­ it is often very challenging to play with such vigor.

“I think we’re one of the favorites in our district. Cedar Park traditionally is good as well,” Coach Jackson said.

In order for the team to pull out this incredible win against Cedar Park they had to play to the best of their abilities and give each match their all.

“I expected us to play well,” said Jackson.

Although the team played to their strengths against the Timberwolves, there are always things that can be improved upon as the season continues.

“We’re such a young team that the more match play we get, the more experience we get,” said Jackson.

These slight modifications are often given to players, not to discourage them but to better prepare them for the more difficult games that will soon present themselves.

“We’re primarily freshman/ sophomore, so they are getting some invaluable match play as the season goes along,” Jackson said.

Improvement is inevitable and often embraced with open arms, and this is no different for our Dripping Springs tennis team. This team has suffered through a losing streak, that was recently broken with this win, and has boosted the team’s morale overall.

“We had lost a few in a row but they were all against state ranked teams­ much like we are,” said Whittlesey.

A bad mentality for a team can ultimately lead to a very upsetting and sometimes disappointing season. But with very important matches quickly coming up for the Tigers, they can not let these early wins deflate the team’s confidence.

“[this win] kind of re energized us,” Jackson said.

As long as the entire tennis organization, coaches included, can keep a positive mindset there is nothing that can not be accomplished. This mindset will be crucial for the Tigers as they take on the harder teams to come.

“We were able to use some of that experience [when] playing those more experienced teams,” said Jackson.

The Dripping Springs Tiger tennis team are back in action Wednesday, September 11th, and have a well thought out strategy when preparing to face the teams to come.

“We kind of have a scheme in mind, the way we practice and the way we play. So we will just continue to work hard and try and focus on getting better and improving,” Jackson said.

Written by Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer

Lady Tiger volleyball defeats Canyon High

IMG_1748The Dripping Springs Lady Tiger Volleyball team pulled out an impressive win Friday,September 4th, against the Canyon High Cougars. After previously playing against the Cougars three times, the Tigers were expected to play to their best abilities. And after easily winning the game, there is no doubt that the Dripping Springs volleyball team gave it their all.

“We knew what they were capable of,” said senior Ashley Waggle.

This little advantage helped the Lady Tigers know what had to be done in order to win the first home game since the start of the 2015-­2016 school year.

“Everyone just came in wanting a win, so we all did our part,” Waggle said.

This team collaboration allowed the Tigers to deliver a crushing defeat to the Cougars, this win will only help reinforce teamwork that is needed to succeed.

“Working together makes us more focused,” said both Morgan Greer and Waggle.

This laser focus will allow the Tigers volleyball program to thrive under the immense pressure that will coincide with the impending season.

“We don’t [want to] overlook anything,” Greer and Waggle said.

This win over Canyon High School that was fought hardly for no doubt ­may improve the Lady Tigers chances against other teams throughout the season, but there are always things that can be improved upon.

“Everything can be improved upon,” said junior Karen Crews.

The impending improvement of a team is always accepted with open arms, and the Dripping players certainly did not accept this gift any differently. Although there are always small kinks that can beworked out, the Dripping Springs student body certainly did not notice anything that needed to be improved upon.

“Our community is really awesome,” said Waggle.

No team is left out of this little family, whether it be football, tennis, or any other sport offered through the Dripping Springs sports organizations. This home feel definitely gives the home team an advantage, and it was no different for our Lady Tigers.

“It’s just awesome because you don’t get it from any other school,” Waggle said.

Dripping Springs has so much pride in the entire volleyball organization that it would hard not to notice the sometimes overwhelming cheers emanating from the student section.

“We could really feel the love and support,” Crews said.

The love and support coming from the student section no doubt gave the team that extra bit of confidence that was needed to defeat the Canyon High Cougars. This easy win will no doubt boost the confidence of not only the players, but also of the Dripping Springs student body that  has high hopes for the Lady Tigers to once again return to state.

“We were really focused [on the win],” said Waggle when speaking for the rest of the Dripping Springs Tigers volleyball organization.

Something that is always talked about at sporting events is the home field/court advantage and how this probably has the biggest effect on the opposing team. Well, the Lady Tigers can easily confirm this myth after winning the first (and final) three matches of the game against the Cougars.

“Having the support from the student body just made this win that much more special,” said Crews.

Morgan GusellaIMG_1751

Sports Staff Writer

Dripping Springs varsity football suffers a three point loss to Austin High


The Dripping Springs Tigers varsity football team (1-1) suffered a close 17-14 loss against the Austin High Maroons (2-0) at Tiger Stadium on Friday, September 4th.

Despite the loss, Tigers defensive coordinator Chris King said the team played well.

I feel like they executed the gameplan that we had put in place,” he said. “And I was really proud of the way they battled for four quarters.”

That plan included taking away the Maroons’ prefered method of attack.

“Austin high is a team that likes to throw the ball a lot,” King said. ”And I feel like we took that away from them.”

King feels there are few things the team could have done differently.

“If there was one thing we could have done better it would be adjusting to playing a heavy run oriented game,” he said.

Despite having to work through some challenges on the field as a team, a few key players were able to overcome these hurdles and assist their team.

“Connally Waight had a big interception and Alex Dance had a huge sac that caused a fumble,” King said. “Both happening at times when it felt like Austin High was starting to get some momentum.”

King seemed to think that next week’s game against Bastrop will pose a new set of challenges.

“Bastrop has a total different offense than Austin High,” King said. “We’ve got to change our mentality and be able to adjust to what they do offensively.
“I think we will do a better job of tackling and that will give us a better chance to win.”

Written by Graysen Gilbraith

Sports Editor

JV, freshman football win first games of the season

IMG_0316The Dripping Springs junior varsity and freshman teams had an explosive start to the new season Thursday, August 27, winning all four opening games against Del Valle.

The Tigers were predicted to do well against the Cardinals by head coach Galen Zimmerman, along with the rest of the coaching staff.

“The first JV game started off a little slow,” said Zimmerman. “But the last three quarters were really good.”

While the game may have started off slow, JV Gold, led by quarterback Trevor Greenman, was determined to win this important game.

“I expected us to play well,” sophomore Greenman said.

Even though the team’s personal goals had been surpassed, the coaching staff agreed that there are always things that can be further improved upon.

“Everything,” said Zimmerman. “I hope we’re not anywhere close to as good as we’re going to be.”

Improvement is a given – as well as a necessity – for these young teams, but freshman Tanner Prewitt didn’t let this fact deflate his confidence.

“It was exciting when the competition was a lot harder,” said Prewitt.

The students within this organization were all able to come together as one under this immense pressure and prove why they deserved to win these starting games.

“Anytime you win as big as they did, it’s a team effort”, Zimmerman said.

Written by Morgan Gusella

Sports Staff Writer

Tigers Football Defeats Del Valle 41-7

Photo by Spencer Gnauk
Photo by Spencer Gnauk

The Dripping Springs Tigers Varsity Football Team came out on top at their season opener versus Del Valle Friday night, finishing the game with a score of 41-7. 

Few expected the Tigers to win, but the players were able to prove otherwise. 
“We came out well and we played hard,” Tigers offensive coordinator Daniel Foster said.
The tigers took charge from the beginning of the game, and remained in command the entire game. 
“Going up fast 21-0 was really a confidence booster for us,” Foster said. “We are a young team and we harped about coming out fast and the kids did exactly what we asked.”
Foster said the team played well on both sides of the ball. 
“The defensive line did an awesome job,” he said. “Defense pretty much had it shut out the whole time. I don’t think they had any positive yards.”
According to Foster, the offensive line, the self-proclaimed “war pigs,” worked well as a unit all night long.
“They had a great game moving that line of scrimmage,” he said. “When a team scores 41 points and only allows seven, there is really not one specific person you can say stood out well.”
Although the team is very excited about winning its season opener, that first win will now only be regarded as water under the bridge. 
“We placed the mindset of being 1 and 0 each week, so right now we are just 0 and 0,” said Foster. “Last week’s game is behind us and this week’s game is in front of us. We can only build on what we did last week.”
This upcoming Friday will be the Tigers first home game, and new traditions can be expected this season on home grounds.
“When the players walk out after they put on their pads, we are doing this thing called ‘tiger walk,'” Foster said. “We want fans, kids, everyone lined up from the entryway of the locker room all the way to the stadium where they walk onto the field to welcome the guys.”
The Dripping Springs Tiger Football Team wants to involve the community more than ever this year and tiger walk will help to grow that ‘community feel’ that they are striving for.
“It is going to be shoulder to shoulder the entire line down,” Foster said. “Support your team, hug your brother, kiss your son, get these kids ready. Get the community behind them and let them know that we are here for them.”
Written by Graysen Gilbraith

Sports Editor