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Dazzlers and High Steppers

Our two dance teams at school are the High steppers and Dazzlers. But what is the difference between the two? High steppers are a higher level Varsity dance team where the Dazzlers are the JV version of the team. High steppers perform at the Varsity Sports game and the Dazzlers do the JV and Freshman ones. With a more extensive try-out process, the High steppers also compete in higher level competitions. But in order to be a high stepper, you have to be a Dazzler first meaning no Freshman are allowed on High steppers. Then after a year of dazzlers, they can audition for High steppers. And then the Coach will decide if she thinks that they are skilled enough to be on High steppers. High steppers is also more of a time commitment. They have more practices after school along with practice during the class period. Dazzlers will have less of a commitment and practice less. They also dance many different forms such as Hip-hop, Contemporary, and Jazz!

Lady Lax

Girls Lacrosse has begun its fall season and they are hard at work preparing for their first tournament, Texas Best. Coaches and players are in full swing ready with only a few practices left before the big tournament taking place at the University of Texas. Girls lacrosse requires speed and agility along with fidelity and skill; these girls have all developed a passion for this sport and spend many hours working hard for their team.  Every practice Head Coach Chris Giliberto tells the girls to “be intentional”, in an attempt to get everyone into the right mindset to develop/learn. Starting the first practice, the girls began to get to know one another through highlights of individual players. Every practice one girl is chosen to speak and introduce herself telling everyone what they’re thankful for and why they play. This exercise helps the girls to get to know one another and grow as a team. The team dynamic is known to be very supportive with invested coaches and players. The Coaches include Coach Giliberto, Coach Ty, Coach Richardson, and Coach Tyo. Every coach, player, and parent make this team so wonderful and help it to grow every year. The girls recently participated in a fundraiser for the team where they sold poinsettias. These plants benefited the team and the Down Home Ranch that grows the plants. The girls exceeded their goal by 33%, and raised money for the team increasing opportunities for the team. Along with working hard and developing their skills, these girls have grown with each other and developed many strong friendships. Even through pre-season the girls are invested and excited to play. The girls are all very excited for the upcoming tournaments and season, ready for the memories, ready for the fun, and ready to play the sport they love. 

Player Q/A: Lucy Tyo, senior, team captain 

  1. How has lacrosse helped you grow mentally and physically? 

“Lacrosse has impacted my life since the first day I picked up a lacrosse stick. At the time, I was playing high level competitive volleyball for a club. I decided to quit volleyball and move to lacrosse. Now playing for around 6 years, I have realized that this is my sport and I made the right decision to quit volleyball. Mentally it is hard getting up after a long day at school and work and trying to stay up and focus on lacrosse and not life off the field. It took me a while to realize that it’s ok not to be on my phone knowing all the drama or hanging out with my friends. It was so hard knowing I was missing out on the fun stuff they were doing but I was doing something that could help me in years to come. On the flip side, Lacrosse has also physically changed me. We all think we can’t run fast and we don’t have the speed to be fast, but while we have to do crazy weird conditioning, that is what is going to help us stay healthy and able to move better on and off the field. Being out on the field 3-4 times a week for one and a half hours we will gain strength.”

  1. How have you developed with your team?

“MY TEAM! MY TEAM IS MY LIFE. They have helped me be who I am today. As an 8th grader walking up to the high school lacrosse team, I was so scared that they wouldn’t help me and that I would be left on my own. My thoughts being if I dropped a ball they would all laugh and make fun of me and tell me I’m not good. My first step on the field and they were all excited to have a “little sister”. The seniors talked to me and everyone below them did too. Ever since they took me in like that, I’ve always wanted to make sure I make my own teammates feel that way. Being a senior now, I see what they felt, welcoming 8th graders into their arms and making sure they are included and not left alone to want to quit or give up. This year the team is crazy. We show up to practice with huge smiles on our faces waiting to call the coach a “Boomer” and hearing the silly songs we play on the speaker while we get a good strong practice in. We all push each other to be the best possible player we all can be while we’re out there making memories that will last forever.”

3. How does lacrosse challenge you? 

“Lacrosse challenges me in many ways. Not everyday are you going to get a good shot or even make a shot. Sometimes after a long day, We can all get frustrated easily if we don’t run a drill correctly and we start to zone out and not care anymore. This year, I told myself to always end the day in a positive way. Sure it sucks when we miss something in practice and it brings us down but always end your day off well. Ask yourself what did you do well in practice today? What could you have done before practice to make you not miss this? Lacrosse and I have a love hate relationship but if you put the work in, you will get great things out of it. Now being three days out from signing my NCAA letter of intent, I would say it pays off. I am going to go play lacrosse at a D2 school in Missouri and I have learned that if you put in the work, you will see great things happen and I know this year, this season with this team is going to be one of the best, if not THE best one ever.”

Angelina Juarez Gives Wrestling A Chance

Angelina Juarez might typically be known as kind and hardworking, but you might be surprised to know that just over a month ago, she joined the wrestling team. Why? To see if she would like it. Turns out, she did.  Juarez works on Wednesday’s and weekends, so at times she feels rushed. 

These days you can see her carrying practice clothes, mouthguard and shoes to her 4th and 8th period practice sessions. Although the team’s official practice happens during the school day, sometimes they don’t end until 4:45pm.“ When we actually Wrestle then we would wear our singlets.”

What is it like juggling Wrestling in life; does it make you busier, productive, or is it fun in general?

“It’s a different feeling because it’s my first time being on a team, and having teammates, but it’s cool.”

Does your coach give you advice or tips to make you better for wrestling?

“The coaches always say a quote of encouragement after practice , and they help you a lot when you don’t understand a move. And coach always says to never give up and as long as you don’t, then you can win.”

Juarez’s team will have their first Wrestling match next week at our school, on Saturday 13.

Crain sisters, basketball interviews

By: Beatrice Furlow

Taylor Crain, Freshman, Freshman Girls Basketball Team

  1. Is basketball your favorite sport? If so, why? If not, what is your favorite sport and why?

Yes, Basketball is my favorite sport because Basketball teaches you how to be a good team player, and I love the fast pace of the game.  

  1. What is it like playing with your sister on the same team?

Playing with my sister can be good and bad (mostly good). Sometimes we argue with each other, but overall its nice to have some there to push me to my limits, and lift me up when I get down on myself. 

  1. Are you ever worried about getting injured? Why or why not?

Not really, everyone runs the risk of injuring themselves the second they step on the court. Usually I dont think about getting injured, theres a chance, but there are more important things to think about than getting injured (In my opinion).

  1. Is there a person or group of people you wish could watch you play at every game? Why?

Everyone would want their family to watch them play, so my family! 

  1. How do you prepare for a game? (do you listen to music, eat specific food, relax, etc.)

Before a game I usually listen to music, drink a lot of water, stretch, and eat a high carb pre-game meal.

  1. Why do you play basketball? (is it fun, friends, a good workout, leadership opportunities, etc.)

Honestly, I love basketball, my mom and dad played basketball, so I grew up with it. Basketball attracts such wonderful people, and I love playing with them, exercising, and having fun!

  1. What is your favorite sports movie and why?

A league of their own, I watched it so many times when I was younger. I love the league of their own because its very inspirational!

  1. How have the teams you’ve played for in the past helped you to become a better player/teammate?

The teams I’ve played before help me improve in my weaknesses, every mistake is an opportunity to get better!

  1. How do you balance sports with school and your other responsibilities?

At first it was challenging for me to balance sports and school, but after a while I have managed my time better, getting my homework done and studying for tests. 

  1. How do you memorize new plays/techniques? 

Practice, practice is the best way to memorize and learn plays!

Morgan Crain, Freshman, Freshman Girls Basketball Team

  1. Is basketball your favorite sport? If so, why? If not, what is your favorite sport and why?

Yes, basketball is my favorite sport because I love the fast-action of the game, and how nice all my teammates are!

  1. What is it like playing with your sister on the same team?

I love having my twin on the same team with me because we can support each other no matter what mistakes we make, even though we get in fights sometimes. 🙂

  1. Are you ever worried about getting injured? Why or why not?

I am not worried about getting injured in practice, but in games I am not that careful. I am sometimes nervous about pulling a muscle when I don’t stretch a lot, but overall I am not that worried about serious injuries 

  1. Is there a person or group of people you wish could watch you play at every game? Why?

I always hope my both parents and step-parents come to my games, but I don’t like it if a whole crowd comes to my games, my grandma invites her whole neighborhood. 

  1. How do you prepare for a game? (do you listen to music, eat specific food, relax, etc.)

Usually on a game day I drink protein smoothies and bring a lot of healthy snacks, also I sometimes listen to music to calm down my nerves. 

  1. Why do you play basketball? (is it fun, friends, a good workout, leadership opportunities, etc.)

I started basketball when my mom put me in a league when I was 7, me and Taylor were the youngest girls there and only made one basket that whole season. But I tried out in 7th grade because my mom got a scholarship for basketball, and I wanted to try and follow in her footsteps. I made the b team in 7th grade, and then the a team in 8th. 

  1. What is your favorite sports movie and why?

My favorite sports movie is A League of Their Own, because I love how the women in the movie overcome every stereotype and become the best softball team in the league, encouraging women everywhere to follow their dreams. 

  1. How have the teams you’ve played for in the past helped you to become a better player/teammate?

Yes, being on the b team in 7th grade helped me because we were crushed every game, but we learned from our mistakes every single time and even if we were terrible, I still learned so much from that season. Being on the a team and being a point guard, facing a lot of intimidating girls really helped me become better at facing my opponents with confidence. Also on the a team, everything is very serious and there is no goofing off which was the exact opposite in b team practices. 

  1. How do you balance sports with school and your other responsibilities?

Doing sports and school requires you to be organized and very on top of your work. I fill all of my tutorials and tiger time with studying or doing homework for a class. 

  1. How do you memorize new plays/techniques? 

In middle school I would create songs about the plays, who I pass to, or who shoots. I would probably sound like a crazy person singing “the wing, it screens down, the point, would dribble for a layup.” But now I just do repetition and quiz myself to remember where we go on defense.

Letter From the Editor

Well, it’s officially the last issue of the Paw Print for the 2020-2021 school year, and the last issue I will ever be on. When I started high school four years ago, I never thought I would become the Sports Editor and Online Editor-in-Chief of the paper. In fact, I had no desire to write for the paper at all, I wanted to do photography. But a trick of the schedule and I ended up in Intro to Journalism, and fell in love with journalism.

My time on the paper has been incredibly special, and I am incredibly thankful for all the memories I’ve made. Even though this year was rough, and very different from what we’d expect, I think everyone can say they’re thankful for just getting a chance to do what we enjoy, and that goes for everyone, not just the paper.

I want to thank Ms. Stamp for putting up with me for four years, and being a constant pillar of support, from letting me microwave my lunch on countless occasions to writing endless letters of recommendation. I would also like to thank Tessa Stigler, Rigley Willis, and Andrew Spiegel, now all in college, for not only teaching me so much, but being my friend. You all changed my life for the better, and I am forever grateful for the chance to have been on staff with you, and see New York City together.

This year I set out with the goal to feature a wide variety of school sports, and to feature sports that never get the recognition they deserve, and I’m proud to say that we achieved that. By this May issue, every sport the school has on schedule will have been featured (including lacrosse!). That is a feat I hope we continue to do in the future, as we have so many incredible athletes and programs that achieve high levels of success and deserve to be featured.

I want to end this letter with a little notion about me that few know of. I am disabled, specifically spatial motor dysgraphia, a writing disability. Quite ironic isn’t it. I do not mention this as an inspirational story about disabled people, but to reinvent your idea of what disability looks like. Elementary school Cady would have never thought one day she would be an editor on an award winning paper, but here I am. 

It has been a wonderful journey to be on this staff, and the memories I have created here will always remain some of my most treasured memories.

Signing off,

Cady Russell, Sports Editor, Online Editor-in-Chief

Senior Maddie Livingston Places Third in State Track 3200m

Senior Maddie Livingston placed third in the 3200m race at the state track and field meet, held at UT’s Mike A. Meyers Stadium on May 7. The bronze medal is the first state medal won by Livingston, but also the last she will win as a Tiger.

“It means you can’t give up and that’s cheesy, but like, this is my first chance to get a track state medal, my only time running here,” Livingston said. “It stands for all the races that were really rough and the seasons that were rough, but I kept my head up. It just stands for the entire experience.”

Livingston pulled out the medal with a last minute push on the last lap in the eight lap race, managing to beat out the girl ahead of her in the last 100 meters.

“I’m not a person to pass someone in the last lap, I’d say last 50 meters, I haven’t done it all season. I don’t have the foot speed that some of these girls have,” Livingston said. “But I saw her look back, the last 100, and I was like, she’s in third, she’s between you and a medal. It was every single ounce and then I crossed the line.”

Livingston also ran her personal best, beating it by seven seconds, and after high school, Livingston will run at Texas A&M.

“I’ve met a lot of the ones already running and then some of the girls that are coming in, there’s five of us, and there’s just such an amazing team community and there’s something special about distance teams.”

Story and photos by Cady Russell, Online Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor

Feature photo by Cady Russell

Varsity Baseball Begins Playoff Bout Tonight

The varsity baseball team (23-9-1) finished second in the district behind New Braunfels Canyon and will face Georgetown (16-7-1) in the first round of UIL playoffs. The series kicks off at home, tonight at 7:30 p.m. before the Tigers travel north for the second game on Friday in Georgetown. If a third game is necessary, Dripping Springs will host game three on Saturday.

The team has high expectations for the post season after last year’s season was cancelled entirely. The Tigers hope to rely on their collective strength as a squad that has played together for years.

“We’ve all played baseball since we were nine and been on the same teams and known each other,” senior Dylan Wolfe said. “We all kind of have our own personality, but we all just kind of meshed together really well. I mean, like, we’ve known each other forever.”

With a new perspective and appreciation for this opportunity, the Tigers look to set the tone for a drive to the state tournament tonight against Georgetown.

“I would love to just to kind of blow it out with a great ending season,” Wolfe said. “I’m hoping we can be successful going to playoffs, but most of all, just, I kind of enjoy each moment and want to be able to look back and feel really proud of everything we’ve done.”

photo by Erich Burmeister

Girls Soccer Wins State: Season Reflection

Our girls varsity soccer team won their first ever state title on April 16, against Wakeland. They had an incredible season with many of their games being a complete shutout. Taking a look back onto the girls season it shows how far teamwork, hard work, determination, and having fun can get you.

“From the beginning of the season seeing all the talent in the program, I knew we had the capability to compete for state.” Varsity senior Sofia Picucci said, “We have such a strong and dedicated team. It’s really fun getting to be a part of such an amazing program and share this experience together.”

The seniors on the team have either worked up to varsity or have been on varsity since their freshman year. Amidst the crazy pandemic they managed to push through and even make history with their first state title in girls soccer.

  “I don’t even know how to feel right now we’ve worked two years for this and it’s I’m just so proud of our team and so thankful for all the underclassmen, they’ve put everything into winning this for our seniors.” Senior Charliegh Phipps said.

All the players put their heart, soul, and sweat into their season, but of course none of this would be possible without the guidance of their coaches. 

“I would like to thank the coaches for all the support and time they have given to the team.” Picucci said,” Coach P was a new coach my freshman year and I think she has done an amazing job building this program. She has created a family atmosphere for the team that is always super supportive. Coach Harlow has also had a big part in this program. She has been my coach since 7th grade. She and Coach P make the perfect team and have made my high school soccer experience so worthwhile and amazing. I also want to thank Coach Amrine for always pushing me further than I think I can go and being such a strong part of getting us ready for state.”

By Evelyn Peterson, Co Editor-in-Chief

Feature photo by Cady Russell

Four Runners Qualify for State Track Meet at UT May 7

Senior Maddie Livingston finished second in the 3200m at the regional meet, while senior Caleb Lopez won the regional title in the 1600m and senior Coleman Chapman won the regional title in the 300m hurdles. Junior Kate Ginther’s 800m time was the fastest third place finish of the competing regions, which qualified her for state as a wildcard place.

Regional Meet Results:

story below previously published March 1

Senior runner Maddie Livingston takes her spikes to the track one more time before bringing her talents to Texas A&M. After finishing 14th at state in the fall with cross country, she looks to further dominate in the 2 mile on the track when she goes to UT May 7 to press for a state medal.

“I love how an action so simple can be so captivating,” Livingston said. “Competing is one of my favorite things, but this sport is so much more than the time or place at the finish line.”

Livingston has shown exceptional talent during her four-year running career at DSHS. She appeared in the 2019 Austin Statesman article, “Faces Off the Field,” when she was a junior. In 2020, she was highlighted in the, “Best of preps: American-Statesman’s 2020 All-Central Texas cross-country team” article as a senior. 

I started running in my elementary school’s after-school running club and once a week track practice with a club coach,” Livingston said. “It was not much, but from a young age, running was natural and comforting.” 

The young runner began her running career steadily, slowly increasing her intensity and building endurance. Livingston and her teammates train six days a week, including a couple of high-intensity workouts on the track, mileage runs for maintenance, two lifts plus core and band work, a long run over the weekend, and lots of rolling and stretching.

“Our training is demanding, but I would not trade it for anything,” Livingston said. “The team relies on each other to push forward, and I think that is what makes us such a family.”

Coach Tuzzi is the head coach of the track and cross-country team, along with assistant coaches Coach Acker and Coach Morris. The staff is dedicated and passionate about the sport. The team and coaches work together to build an unbreakable family atmosphere. 

“Besides the countless life lessons and skills I have developed during my years in this sport, running has introduced me to lifelong friends that have stuck with me through it all,” Livingston said.

The team as a whole has accomplished a lot, with Livingston leading them through. The girls’ team placed fourth in the state, with a team score of 103; Livingston placed top 20 with a time of 18:20.32. The team also made high marks at the Region IV, 5A championships held in Corpus Christi in early November, with Livingston placing third. 

“Running for Dripping Springs has no doubt been the best part of high school, so I cannot wait to see what my next four (or so) years running for A&M will hold,” Livingston said.

Texas A&M is ranked third in the NCAA Division 1 Women’s Track and Field National Rating Index, placing it among the top division 1 schools in the nation. 

“The finish line represents the people you spend countless miles with, the adversary you’ve overcome, and the goal you are one step closer to achieving,” Livingston said.

By Tia Davison, Entertainment Editor

Featured photo by Savannah Karas