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How Spanish Class Celebrates Day of the Dead

What does Dia de los Muertos mean to you and your class?

Yvette- It means a lot to us since we’re learning about it. It’s a really meaningful date for hispanic culture.

How did you and your class celebrate this special day?

Yvette- We watched the movie Coco and ate some candy and snacks. The movie really represents the whole meaning of  Day of The Dead, it’s really beautiful.

What are some of the traditions people do during Day of The Dead?

Yvette- I actually learned about this in geography. So you can set up some ofrendas for your loved ones and decorate them with sugar skulls, marigolds and just do some of the activities that they enjoyed.

Will you be celebrating this again?

Yvette- Absolutely! I love the idea of it and just having some time to remember those loved ones is really meaningful and enjoyable.

Bands Playing In Texas

Origami Angel: Origami Angel is a two person band from Washington D.C. consisting of Ryland Heagy (Vocalist/Guitarist) and Pat Doherty (Drummer). The band’s music is a mix between pop punk and fifth wave emo, along with some different sounds that you will find throughout their music. The band will be playing at South Side Music Hall in Dallas on November 30th, and at Come and Take it Live in Austin on December 1st along with another band.

Mom Jeans.: Mom Jeans is a 4 person band from Berkeley, CA. The band plays a mixture of indie music, 4th wave emo, and emo pop some people would say. The band is known for their lyrics that you find cringy, yet you find yourself singing along while also thinking “Hey, I’ve thought that before”. Mom Jeans is on tour with the previous band, Origami Angel, so they will be playing on the same days, same places. South Side Music Hall in Dallas on November 30th, and at Come and Take it Live in Austin on December 1st

Current Joys: Current Joys is a single person music project made by Nicholas Rattigan from Reno, Nevada. His music is usually very indie stuff, with his usual melancholy instrumentals and lyrics that either make you feel a little better, or leave you feeling empty. They will be playing at Mohawk Austin in Austin on January 23rd and White Oak Music Hall in Houston on January 24th, both in 2022 And that’s really it for bands to look out for. While there may be more bands playing in these couple months, these are our top picks for you to go see! Have fun and enjoy the music!

Tell Me Something Good: November Issue

Irene (Varsity Cheer):

Irene is an 8 year old girl at Walnut Springs Elementary. She has Williams syndrome which is a rare genetic condition that has cognitive disabilities, cardiovascular issues, learning disabilities, hearing and visual issues and a very outgoing personality. She was nominated to be a CC4C kid. CC4C is a nonprofit organization that supports children with rare undiagnosed conditions. Irene’s sponsor is the DSHS varsity cheer squad. You can find Irene cheering with the team at every home game!

Band Accomplishment (TMEA Conference):

The DSHS band was recently selected to perform at the TMEA conference which is a HUGE honor!

Student Honored by College Board:

Twenty of our students have been honored as College Board National Recognition Program Scholars, this was available to high school seniors who scored in the top 2.5% of the PSAT/NMSQT tests. The students who have been recognised are: Gabrielle Avena, Aidan Bailey, Makayla Banton, Dylan Bao, Jasmine Bisett, Helena Bjeletich, Natalie Chavez, Avery Davis, Jake Fields, Caroline Gamble, Jackson Kaiser, Kaylee Longo, Thomas Olvera, Tyler Papp, Jack Perry, Jadon Putman, Gabriel Rey, Isabella Sites, Clara Smartt, and Talon Thayer.

By Tia Davison, Entertainment Editor

Featured photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash

The Paw Print – October 1 Issue

Pick up the October issue of the Paw Print student newspaper on stands outside the attendance office, by the library, and outside J229. The newspaper is also inserted into the Dripping Century News locally.

You can also receive the newspaper in the mail through a subscription of $25 a year, which includes all seven issues. Purchase a subscription at the DSISD website in the web store.

Click the link here to view and electronic version on or view on your mobile device on the Issuu app.

POLL: First Week of School Experience

The 2020-2021 school year has started with a historic first week. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, school has been moved to a remote format for the first four weeks of school. With this new format, comes new experience and challenges. DSHS Student Media wants to know how your first week of school was. Fill out the poll HERE.

Post and poll by Cady Russell, Online Editor-in-Chief and Sport Editor

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

A Letter From the Sports Editor, Rigley Willis

Well, here we are, the last paper of the 2020 year, and it’s a special one for sure. COVID-19 has caused the 2020 school year to suddenly end without any means of a heads-up. And while, yes, we are still attending school virtually within the safety of our own homes, it feels as if everything has been turned off, rather than paused. The sports world has been highly impacted during this pandemic breakout, we’ve seen tons of professional athletes contract the virus and, at this point, every single sporting event, league, and practice has been canceled indefinitely. For all sports fans, this has left a massive, unfillable, hole in our hearts. We’ve resorted to rewatches, the Ocho, and the new Michael Jordan documentary, which is pretty amazing actually. But, no matter, we still don’t have our up-to-date, daily sports, and it pains me. We’re missing out on things such as March Madness, the NFL Draft, the NBA season, the NBA Playoffs, and the start of the MLB season. This time is supposed to be one of the best in all of the professional sports, but, I’ll say it once more, it’s not, we get the short end of the stick. There, let it out. What we as sports fans really need to pay attention to now that we have a break from the continuous action of professional sports, are the people around the world right now, fighting this pandemic who deserve the MVP. 

Essential workers from doctors to stockers risk their health every single day as they try to make self-isolation a much easier thing for those at home. 

Politicians, who are working with people around the globe, to find a cure and a solution to the issue at hand.

Owners of businesses, who are paying for their worker’s salaries.

Scientists, who have been working in labs filled with the virus, that are aiming to find a vaccine within the month.

I know I am missing some people, but to any and all aiding this country during one of our darkest times, thank you, with every contributing hand, we are one step closer to putting this virus behind us.

By Rigley Willis, Sports Editor

Featured photo by Melissa Richardson