Cybertruck Overrun: New Tesla Gigafactory Threatens Zilker Park 

Bulldozers and construction equipment have remained at work for months. Crew workers spend their endless days working to build the new Tesla factory, with only the end result as their drive to move forward. As the building continues, we face just one big problem: Zilker park. The once relaxing weekend spot filled with a myriad of people laying on picnic blankets talking with friends as … Continue reading Cybertruck Overrun: New Tesla Gigafactory Threatens Zilker Park 

The Rich Man’s Struggle

Many of the students at Dripping Springs High School were born well off, but what many people don’t understand is the burden of being rich.  “Being rich is a lot harder than what people are led to believe.” Junior Sara Pinto said. “My mom won’t buy me the new iPhone, but she will spend thousands of dollars on Gucci bags. I feel ignored and undervalued, … Continue reading The Rich Man’s Struggle

New Blue Bell Flavors Coming This Summer

Licorice- Everyone’s favorite candy is now an ice cream flavor. Bits and pieces of real black licorice can be found inside as an extra treat! Sadness- Eating ice cream is what some people do when they are feeling down. Well now you can actually eat your feelings. Pizza- A delicious tomato flavored ice cream base swirled with grease. Also bits of pepperoni and cheese can … Continue reading New Blue Bell Flavors Coming This Summer

Public School is Not a Waste of Time

To many teenagers, going to school is a waste of time. Why should students have to wake up at the crack of dawn to sit down for 8 hours 5 days a week?  But students do learn many life skills at school. Some include sleeping (children need their beauty sleep to thrive in adulthood), texting (children should learn how to communicate properly), sitting (good posture … Continue reading Public School is Not a Waste of Time

The Debated Origins of Valentine’s Day

photo by Kayla Childress There are many theories about how and why Valentine’s Day became a holiday. Many people today believe that Valentine’s Day was created by greeting card companies. However, Valentine’s Day was a holiday long before greeting card companies even existed. In fact, the first “Valentine’s” day was celebrated in 496, but before this, it was originally called Lupercalia. Lupercalia was a festival … Continue reading The Debated Origins of Valentine’s Day

New Strain of COVID-19 Implications

Families and their loved ones sit closely to the t.v. watching as the ball from Times Square begins to drop. The countdown begins starting from 10, and eventually the clock strikes 12 o’clock. Cheers are heard throughout the neighborhood as fireworks go off. Loud, booming come from the streets and the thoughts of a new year form in people’s minds, hoping for a better year. … Continue reading New Strain of COVID-19 Implications

Valentines Day Q&A

Annually, on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones. All in the name of love. The day has come to be celebrated by couples, and significant others, but it doesn’t have to be. Celebrate it with your parents, or your friends, no matter who it’s with because the day is all about love.  … Continue reading Valentines Day Q&A