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The “Flight of Spring” takes off

The DSHS Tiger Band performs during UIL State Finals

This year, our Dripping Springs High School Marching Band is preparing once again for a great show inspired by the migration of the Monarch butterfly, entitled “The Flight of Spring”.

“The migration of the Monarch Butterfly is a yearly journey taken from the northern areas of USA and southern Canada to a fairly concentrated area of Mexico,” explains Derek Woods, one of the band’s directors. “In our portrayal of the Monarch Butterfly’s journey, the field is divided into the north and the south zone, with props depicting Fall that change to Spring. Along the way, the butterflies are attacked by predatory birds, but make it to the south successfully and enjoy the southern climate till the spring arrives and the journey back north begins again.”

For this show, the music is based on “The Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky and Symphony #9 Adagio by Antonin Dvorak.

“There are a lot of rapid changes but then there is a slow melodical part,” shares section leader Kamrie Holms. “This year has a lot more classical, strict music with hard changes. I like this year a lot better, the music is cooler to me.”

This year’s show seems very well prepared with intricacies beyond what words can tell.

“Every year we try to create a show that will be intriguing and entertaining to the audience along with being educationally sound to the student,” said Woods. “I think that this year’s show has the potential to meet those goals and beyond.”

Thus far everybody shares the same feeling, the band is doing well. The school couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments of our Tiger Band and we are excited for the steps forward the band will take in the coming months.

“The students are working together to make improvements every day in the quality of sound and marching style” assured Woods.

“The band is looking very good,” added Holms, “We are really positive this year.”

The group this year has a lot of potential, but according to the senior Trey Boehm, the head drum major, “[compared to past years band] has a little bit less talent, but the band is looking very strong this year.”

The same weekend as the homecoming dance, the band will have its first contest at the Round Rock ISD stadium at the Band of America (BOA) Austin Regional.

“We don’t really know how we are going to do because there is a bunch of very good bands there,” confessed Boehm. “We’re really hoping to make state again like we have before”.

The competition includes bands from Leander, Vandegrift, Vista Ridge, Cedar Park, Bowie, Round Rock, and more.

“We focus on making sure that we’re performing to the very best of our ability for that moment and let the competitive outcome be determined by the judges” said Woods, “This philosophy helps make the ‘state’ years and the ‘non-state’ year consistent.”

“I having hopeful feelings,” said Holms, “but I don’t want to expect to make it to state, just push to get a result we deserve and not expect the result we want.”

Written by Prune Savelli

Staff Writer

Fall Movie Preview

This October, prepare yourself for a lot of emotion. Between joy and sadness, fear and rebellion, or amazement and sorrow, you will get your fill in the coming months!

After her great interpretation of an Alzheimer woman in Still Alice, Julianne Moore returns in Freehold (October 2nd) as a New Jersey officer suffering from cancer. She fights the county’s board of freeholders to pass her pension benefits to her partner Stacee (Ellen Page).

Inspired by actual events, Freehold approaches the gay rights in a bold love story.

Inspired by the true story of the Kray twins, Legend (October 2nd) will redraw their lives as gangsters during the 1960’s in London. Tom Hardy, recently seen in Mad Max, is playing the lead roles. Yep, roles. Plural.

Soon after Interstellar, in which Matthew McConaughey was absolutely stellar* (*self five), we can soon see Matt Damon as the lead in The Martian (October 2nd). Damon is an astronaut stuck on Mars after his crew left to return to Earth after a bad storm, thinking Damon died in the chaos. Now he must find a way to survive, while waiting for Earth to come back for him.

The legendary Peter Pan arrives once again on the big screen, on October 9th. The director, Joe Wright (Atonement: Pride and Prejudice), shows us the origin of Peter Pan and his first journey to Neverland. There, he will meet Hook, Tiger Lily, and the other historic characters from the Pan universe. Wright mixed up the story with the legendary pirate Blackbeard, to be played by Hugh Jackman.

In Danny Boyle’s new movie, Steve Jobs (October 9th), we are presented with the last Apple genius, to be played by Michael Fassbender. The story will go through the launches of three of Apple’s trademark products, and will follow Jobs’ character and his life during this time period.

After the great TV series True Detective, in which Matthew McConaughey delivered a performance almost as brilliant as that in Interstellar, the director Cary Fukunaga has taken a very different direction in his new project. A brutal and heart breaking story about a young orphan trained to join a group of savage soldiers since birth, Beast Of No Nation will be coming out in theaters and VOD on Netflix on the October 16th.

Once again Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks collaborate for our great pleasure in a blockbuster written by the Coen brothers. Bridge of Spies (October 16th) presents a lawyer hired by the CIA to defend a Soviet spy in trade for a captured American U-2 pilot (Gary Powers). What more can I say? This is going to be good.

After being a soldier, a drug addict, and an FBI age, Bradley Cooper is now a Chef in a restaurant in Paris. Burnt (october 23rd) shows the journey of a character with one goal in mind, to land a job at a mainstream restaurant, and it will make your mouth water.

Written by Prune Savelli

Staff Writer

Get ready for ACL 2015

ACL_logo-600x340Every year Austin holds a music festival to expose the general public to new music genres. Over 130 artists and performers participate in this two-weekend event, with almost 300,000 people attending! Austin City Limits Fest takes place at Zilker Park, Austin, Texas on October 2-4 and 9-11, for those who plan to go.

This year’s lineup feature popular artists like Drake, The Weeknd, Foo Fighters and local bands like the School of Rock. Since 2002 the event has become annual, attracting visitors from around the country and the world. If you’re not in the mood for the music, there are food and drinks vendors, an art market, a kids area for families, and other activities for attendees. They also late night shows, featuring Sheppard, Royal Blood, A$AP Rocky, and many more artists.

Personally, I have never been to an ACL Festival nor heard of it (until now). It seems like a good opportunity to explore music and have some serious fun for a weekend. The festival itself seems extremely upbeat, crazy, and fun for not only the fans, but the artists themselves. ACL is like a giant school talent show.

With its individual performances, it features eight stages with a broad variety of genres. ACL has something to offer to everyone who enjoys live music. Whether you are a fan of hip-hop, rap, country, alternative, rock, classical, or whatever that genre you’re thinking of is, ACL is the place for you to be this October.

ACL grows more and more popular by the year, attracting thousands of new visitors per year. It is also an opportunity for artists to get their music out to us, the fans. It’s a win-win situation. With all of the one day passes sold out, we can expect a lot from this year’s festival.

Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

Fall TV Preview

Jaxson Thornton
Jaxson Thornton: Opinion and Entertainment Editor

Some say we live in the Golden Age of TV. They say that there has never been a time of greater cinematographic achievement, both on the big screen and the home screen. To put in frankly, they’re right!

This Fall we will all be happily glued to our screens once again as the collection of mind blowing new programs and anticipation for the newest seasons of our favorite shows rises. From sitcoms, to thrillers, right back around to variety shows, the Fall TV season is packed with a great lineup of shows.

Let’s start with returning hits: This Fall will see the season premiers of “The Walking Dead” (Season 6, Oct. 11), “Arrow” (Season 4, Oct. 7), “The Flash” (Season 2, Oct. 6), “The League” (Season 7, Sep. 9), “South Park” (Season 19, Sep. 16), “The Big Bang Theory” (Season 9, Sep. 21), “Gotham” (Season 2, Sep. 21), and many more including “The Last Man on Earth”, “Homeland”, “Supernatural”, and last but certainly not least, “Doctor Who”.

While there are many of fantastic shows returning for their next seasons that I would LOVE to talk about for hours, I would like to use this article to speak about the slate of new shows being tossed at us over the next month.

Notable new shows include: “The Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris”, a variety show that we really don’t know a whole lot about! It premieres September 15th, and other than the few teasers we’ve seen that include tons of crazy scenes and pranks and so forth, we’re in the dark!

“The Muppets” returns with a new primetime series on ABC September 22nd. From an unbiased, completely grounded opinion… I am COMPLETELY stoked. This show grasps at the remaining straws of primetime television integrity in a world of dumb crime shows between pointless game shows.

And finally, the grand finally of Fall television that will hopefully be the birth of a new nightly show era, Trevor Noah takes over “The Daily Show” on September 28th. Trevor Noah, the South African host-to-be, has some metaphorically large shoes to fill (Jon Stewart isn’t a big guy…), but Jon Stewart is confident that his chosen proteges will only improve the show’s legacy. Quite frankly, so am I. I have no doubt that Trevor Noah will hit his stride in no time and steal me back from the grasps of Jimmy Fallon’s nightly kingdom.

So there you have it, a Fall filled with a promising new line up and very strong returning schedule. No doubt we will all have some new favorites going into the Spring. Now, who wants to talk about what’s coming in theaters?

Written By Jaxson Thornton
Opinion Editor

New to DSHS: Homecoming Dance

Seniors Chloe Holmes and Alexa Moreland head the Homecoming Dance
Seniors Chloe Holmes and Alexa Moreland head the Homecoming Dance

Thanks to the Hi-Steppers and their director Tracy Neef, the traditional Homecoming Dance returns to Dripping Springs High School this year! From 8 PM to 12 AM on September 26th, get ready to dance your heart out in the DSHS cafeteria.

“We haven’t had a homecoming dance for about six years,” said Neef. “But the Hi-Steppers felt really strongly about bringing it back for school spirit and to have something that the whole student body can be a part of.”

The Hi-Steppers want our school to have the same experience of a homecoming dance that other high schools have.

“A lot of other schools have a homecoming dance” added Senior Alyssa Gilbert, a member of the Hi-Steppers. “And we are probably the only ones that don’t have one, so we feel that we should probably bring the tradition back.”

After a poll on facebook, which faced five themes up against each other, the “blackout” theme proved victorious by one vote.

“Most of the dance will be in the dark, but we have black lights to accentuate the neon colors,” Neef added. “So everything will glow, we will have glow sticks, sort of a club scene rave. We will have blinking rings and jewelry and stuff like that.”

There will be props, confetti, silly strings, a slow motion booth and a great DJ has already been booked.

“Why not come?” asked Gilbert. “It’ll be fun!”

The party isn’t limited to the cafeteria, though. Student bands will be playing in the amphitheater as well.

“So we have different feel outside than there is inside,” Neef said. “It should give everybody a variety of things to do”.

Be sure to wear a color that reacts with the black lights! But remember to stay appropriate.

“It doesn’t have to be quite as conservative as the school dress code, but they would like everybody to be covered,” Neef explains.

Alyssa Gilbert gives one last piece of advice.

“Just, don’t care! Just have fun. Enjoy it!” she said.

Written by Prune Savelli
Staff writer

Cast and crew prepare for upcoming Romeo and Juliet play

Romeo and JulietOn October 29th through November 1st, the Dripping Springs High School Theater department will be performing the famous biennial play: Romeo and Juliet. As their first play of the season, it is sure to impress, with the amount of effort that the staff and actors are putting in.

“Right now we’re doing a lot of table work and reading before we actually get up and start doing the show,” Rachael Koske, head of the theater department, said.

Before starting practice, the cast must study Shakespeare’s language to be able to communicate with one another.

“It takes a little bit longer in the rehearsal process when you’re working with Shakespeare, especially with younger actors who haven’t had as much time with it because the language is more dense,” Koske admits. “It is English. We know that, but it is a little bit more dense because it has so much figurative language, metaphors, and imagery in it.”

The lead roles have been given to Joey Kelley, playing Romeo, and Monica Oliva, playing Juliet.

“I’ve never done Shakespeare before so it’s a lot of new things that are happening,” Oliva said. “But it’s really fun and I’m excited to see what happens and what I’ll learn from it.”

Meanwhile, Kelley uses his past experience and interest in Shakespeare to his advantage. “I’ve done two other Shakespearean shows before,” he said. “Honestly, I feel like those were preparation for this one.”

Everyone plans to work seriously to have the best show possible with a vast variety of contributors, new and old.

“We have great staff in place and great students in place whom are working under them as student designers and student coordinators, and stage managers” Koske said.

Oliva and Kelley accept the overbearing responsibility with courage and determination.

“Once you find out what you’ve gotten yourself into, there’s no turning back. It’s hard, yes, but it’s do-able and it’s been done,” Oliva said.

Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer