Category: Entertainment

  • The “Flight of Spring” takes off

    This year, our Dripping Springs High School Marching Band is preparing once again for a great show inspired by the migration of the Monarch butterfly, entitled “The Flight of Spring”. “The migration of the Monarch Butterfly is a yearly journey taken from the northern areas of USA and southern Canada to a fairly concentrated area […]

  • Fall Movie Preview

    This October, prepare yourself for a lot of emotion. Between joy and sadness, fear and rebellion, or amazement and sorrow, you will get your fill in the coming months! After her great interpretation of an Alzheimer woman in Still Alice, Julianne Moore returns in Freehold (October 2nd) as a New Jersey officer suffering from cancer. […]

  • Get ready for ACL 2015

    Every year Austin holds a music festival to expose the general public to new music genres. Over 130 artists and performers participate in this two-weekend event, with almost 300,000 people attending! Austin City Limits Fest takes place at Zilker Park, Austin, Texas on October 2-4 and 9-11, for those who plan to go. This year’s […]

  • Fall TV Preview

    Some say we live in the Golden Age of TV. They say that there has never been a time of greater cinematographic achievement, both on the big screen and the home screen. To put in frankly, they’re right! This Fall we will all be happily glued to our screens once again as the collection of […]

  • New to DSHS: Homecoming Dance

    Thanks to the Hi-Steppers and their director Tracy Neef, the traditional Homecoming Dance returns to Dripping Springs High School this year! From 8 PM to 12 AM on September 26th, get ready to dance your heart out in the DSHS cafeteria. “We haven’t had a homecoming dance for about six years,” said Neef. “But the […]

  • Cast and crew prepare for upcoming Romeo and Juliet play

    On October 29th through November 1st, the Dripping Springs High School Theater department will be performing the famous biennial play: Romeo and Juliet. As their first play of the season, it is sure to impress, with the amount of effort that the staff and actors are putting in. “Right now we’re doing a lot of […]