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What’s Going Down This Summer in Austin

Tuesdays in the flowers- Trough 5/11/21 at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

The Wildflower center in Austin is staying open late every Tuesday this spring! The socially distant evenings will offer lots of space for picnics and feature live music from local musicians, local art, and some of Austin’s famous food trucks! For more information, go to

Get your Climb on-

If you are into some limestone, take a trip to the Barton Creek Greenbelt Gus Fruh, which offers a famed Urban Assault limestone rock wall that’s a favorite of climbers and a swimming hole. Reimers Ranch Park offers 300 highly technical sport climbing routes on highly limestone cliff walls, many of the routes have fixed cable draws, bolts, and anchors removes in place so that climbers can access popular routes with protection.

The Rookie Triathlon- On 5/2/21 at Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park

A triathlon tailored to the sports rookies and veterans, the course will be a 300-meter swim, 11.2-mile bike, and a 2 mile run to the finish. The event will also include food and drink to celebrate the finishers. For more information, go to

Enjoy some Camping-

Emma Long Metropolitan Park is located along Lake Austin’s edges; it features some beautiful waterside campsites, swimming, boating spots for picnics, and grilling and hike and bike trails. The Metropolitan park is one of the rare places where campers can set up inside the city limits. The McKinney Falls State Park is a 726-acre park that offers 81 camping sites with electricity and water, many miles of trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds.

The Cine Las Americas International Film Festival- On 6/9/21 to 9/13/21 at Various Locations

This film festival gives a stage to contemporary films and videos made about indigenous groups of the Americas created in North, Central, South America, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Caribbean. For more information, go to

Take a Hike-

The Pedernales Falls State Park offers a landscape of the local texas hill country and breathtaking riverbed and limestone cliffs, hope on the Juniper Ridge Trail, which takes you through a mesquite forest and leads to the park’s main attraction, the Pedernales Falls. If you are looking for some mountain biking, visit the Violet Crown Trail, which offers gnarly in-town mountain biking, with some steep slopes and rocky surfaces. If you are into paved trials, take a look at the Southern Walnut Creek Trail, a part of the city’s Walnut Creek Trail System, designed for bikers and pedestrians.

The ATX Television Festival- On 6/11/21 to 6/20/21 and is a Virtual Event

This television festival celebrates its 10th season by hosting a ten-day virtual event filled with panels, screenings, and interviews with the television industry leaders. This event will allow all lovers of television to celebrate together. For more information, go to

By Tia Davison, Entertainment Editor

Featured photo by Cade Prior on Unsplash

Tell Me Something Good: Scholarship Edition

Cady Russell– Full Academic Scholarship to Daemen College 

Logan Stankard- Academic Scholarship UMHB  + One from cheer

Charles Hunt- Athletic Scholarship to Virginia Military Institute (Lax)

Joe Roberts- Athletic Scholarship to University of Dallas (Lax)

Ian Stinson- Earned a military scholarship

Madyson Torres- Academic scholarship to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Brennan Frickel-Scholarship to University of Houston

Cameron O’Banan- Scholarship to University of Texas

Reece Dunn- Scholarship to the East Texas Baptist University

Ryan Kimball- Scholarship to Hendrix College

CJ Neffendorf – Football Booster Scholarship

Makayla Banton- NHS Scholarship, and Academic for University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Gabriel Ybarra- Merit scholarship to the Jacobs School of Music within Indiana University

Coleman Chapman- Athletic Scholarship to Black Hills State University

Carter King- Academic Scholarship to Dordt University

Hunter Pierpoint- Athletic scholarship to Saginaw Valley State University.

By Tia Davison, Entertainment Editor

Featured photo by Riordan Tiller

How Sims 4’s New Update Ruined My Life

The Sims 4 has recently released their craziest update yet, as sims will now have the ability to join you in your house! I first thought this update was a little scary because I’m not sure if I would want some of my sims to be living with me. Some of them are erratic, hot heads, or even mermaids! The reactions have been very split, some love the idea, some hate it, and some are too shocked to have an opinion.

After a few days, I finally opened The Sims with the new update installed. In hindsight, I probably should have looked more into how you choose a sim to live with you, but it’s too
late now! Honestly, I’m not even sure how my sim got picked, but before I knew it a screen popped up telling me to prepare for her arrival! I was a little shocked, but overall kind
of excited. Then, she was in my house, and I was horrified. This wretched woman I am speaking of is named Antoinette Snyder, and she was probably the worst sim that could have come into my house. Antoinette is a kleptomaniac, hot head, and erratic, so at this point I started to realize what I was in for. The moment she ‘woke up’ she started to scream at me, but eventually she calmed down when I told her who I was. I don’t think Antoinette knew that she would be picked either, as she started to ask me questions about where her cats were and if Fifth Harmony would be coming anytime soon. I unfortunately had to tell her no, and she started crying!

It had been a few days with Antoinette, and all of a sudden I started to see her less. I didn’t know where she was going or what she was doing, but I was so glad she finally started to leave me alone after days of her constantly being around me. I walked out into the kitchen to make us lunch, and I noticed really loud sounds coming from under the house. I ignored it at first, but the sounds became louder and more annoying. I wasn’t even really sure how to look since we don’t have a basement, but I went around to the back of the house to see if I could find anything, and there it was. There was a ladder underground, and the tiniest sign that
said The Antoinette Lair. I was in complete shock because in my game, Antoinette has a lair under her house with Fifth Harmony that she hosts the craziest parties in. I reluctantly
climbed down the ladder, and saw almost an exact replica of the Antoinnete lair in my game. Yellow metal floors, a hot spring, a tiny swing, sleeping pods, a food stand, and the biggest arcade games. How did she even do this?

I looked around the room, and spotted her. She was sitting on the tiny swing, flying up to the ceiling. As soon as she saw me she jumped off and started to ask if I loved it. Of course, I lied because Antoinette is known for getting in physical fights with everyone, even Fifth Harmony. She hugged me and began to show me around, and that’s when I noticed the four other people in the room. Somehow, she got past the game’s restrictions of only one sim per household because the Fifth Harmony sims were standing there, all staring at each other and not moving. As I was catching them up on what all is going on, unbeknownst to me, Antoinette locked the door at the top of the ladder. Now, it’s been four weeks
since Antoinette joined my life, and three weeks since I’ve been trapped in the Antoinette lair. The only food we have is from a grill Antoinette put in here, even though it’s not connected to anything to power it, or a way for the smoke to get out. I don’t know how or when I’m going to get out of this lair, but as soon as I do, I’m suing The Sims 4. Antoinette, if you’re reading this, I love you and anything negative I said about you was a lie.

By Abby Tredway, staff writer

Featured photo by Ben Neale on Unsplash

Harry Styles Shares His Changed Way of Life

Harry Styles is a well known, loved artist within the Dripping Springs community because of his music such as his 2019 album “Fine Line”. He was discovered through his time in the popular boy band One Direction which was and still is quite loved. However, controversy has recently broken out as Styles contradicted one of his hit songs “Treat People with Kindness”. He stated that despite creating a whole song about positivity he himself is actually a pessimist and told people to even treat people as rudely as possible. 

With this news fans from the school had all types of different opinions on the issue. Several people had tried to even overlook this as they are so dedicated to Styles and his life. 

“I love Harry and there is no need to tear him down because of his newest statement. I like to say live, laugh, love, Harry Styles, and if anything it has been an eye opener for me to not be, so nice and to become a worse version of myself,” junior Becky Beckerson said. 

Several other interviews resulted in the same thing as many fans are said to be too blinded by the beauty of Harry Styles. However, some were heartbroken by the news and decided to stop loving Styles. 

“Harry was my life, but I can’t keep up with following someone so evil. He was my light, but I now know that I have to let him go,” sophomore Justice Star said. Fans did realize that life still indeed goes on no matter what Styles says.

With all the fan reactions it also brought up the question that is why Styles wrote the song in the first place. Styles went onto to later explain that he was not the writer in the first place. He actually has an alter ego to put on a face for the public, but now wants to be as authentic and true to himself as possible. He will now go and create music with new ideas reflecting his true personality. 

With the news to his other half he also brought up that he was going to start writing for his next new album that will showcase Barry. The album will include songs about his surprisingly boring childhood, anger towards One Direction band members, and insight into his own mind. Some songs included with the upcoming album are “Treat People with Rudeness”, “Hate can Bring People Together”, and “Dislike You”. These new songs can be found in the album in August 2022. As fans began to find out word of his new album he gained even more supporters than before as some found him even more “relatable”.

“I just can’t believe Harry Styles is going to release yet another amazing album. He is just so talented and deserves the absolute world. I’m so excited to see what his new album will be like, but I’m sure it’ll leave me speechless as always,” senior Pixie Fairy said.

Harry hopes since his new shared news that fans will embrace the new, real him and enjoy his new album as much as fans have enjoyed his others.

By Abby Hernandez, staff writer

Featured photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Exclusive: Ariana Grande Caught Robbing More Popular Brother, Frankie Grande

You heard that right, after years of living in Frankie Grande’s shadow, a source tells us that Ariana was caught robbing her brother Frankie, as she is going through a hard time financially. This source tells us that after her album only got three streams, all of which being from Frankie, she needed some way to find money. She’s lived her whole life in competition with her older brother, and she feels embarrassed that she’s nowhere near as cool or successful as Frankie.

Ariana was found walking outside Frankie’s apartment late at night with a big bag, but as soon as she saw other people she quickly ran to her car. We have reached out to Frankie’s representatives for a comment, but got no response. However, we may have an exclusive interview with Ariana coming soon, as a source said her representative was “going to quit in a few days and wanted to completely kill her career.” It’s unclear whether Ariana will be facing jail time or not, as our only confirmation of this story is from multiple sources that state that they’re close with the family. We will update more as this story develops.

By Abby Tredway, staff writer

Featured photo by Sam Hojati on Unsplash

After Perfecting Every Other Music Genre, Taylor Swift Creates Her Own

Using a unique mixture of soft heavy metal, pungent disco tech, frisky jazz, industrial gospel, and gentle dubstep, Swift creates her genre, “woahlore.”

     The singer-songwriter has been in the music industry for 14 years, and she has an estimated net worth of  $365 Million. Swift has won 32 separate awards making her one of the most awarded AMA female artists.

     “When I first heard the news, I fainted and was placed in ICU due to the seven-day coma I fell into,”  intense superfan Cimothee Thalamet said.

     The artist has dabbled in many different genres such as country, country pop, country rock, contemporary country, bluegrass, pop, folk, folk-pop, electropop, synth-pop, pop-rock, dream pop, dance-pop, soft rock, alternative rock, pop-punk, R&B, indie pop, and Indie Folk. Nevertheless, she still yearns for more. 

     “Tylor was becoming bored with these genre barriers, so that is when the idea of woahlore came to us after a night of drinking lavender oat milk lattes,” Taylors producer Forrest Gump said. 

    Swift has nine studio albums, one re-recorded album, three live albums, and 12 extended plays. There are 42 country songs, 53 pop songs, eight rock songs, and four r&b songs within those releases.  The new genre’s debut will be in the form of seven studio albums, each including one 17 minute song.

     “Taylor is so flawless, but I was getting bored with the lack of new music recently so that these new releases will tie me over for the next few days,” Thalamet said. “I have heard rumors that if you listen to woahlore with AirPods, is it supposed to open your third eye.”

     Fans on every form of social media are going ballistic after Swift revealed her release plans by posting a neon green square on her Instagram.

     “Taylor and I did not leave the studio for eight days straight, no sleeping, no eating, no crying. However, all those hours that I didn’t think I would make it through were worth it,” Gump said. “This new creation will change music forever; I look forward to seeing what other musicians do with woahlore.”

By Tia Davison, Entertainment Editor

Tell Me Something Good: Spring Break Special

Do you want to stay safe but still enjoy your spring break? Here are some fun things to do in Austin that are covid friendly and fun!

Get your hike on at the Barton Creek Greenbelt! The park includes 12 miles of beautiful trail to hike or run on, creek beds, and waterfalls.  The City of Austin opened the trial system again after shutting down early in the summer due to overcrowding. For more information go to the Barton Creek Greenbelt website.

Movie theaters are not the safest option at the moment, but if you need a flick and some popcorn, Doc’s Drive-In movie theater is a great way to enjoy a movie in a covid friendly way. Check out what’s playing, and purchase a ticket at the Doc’s Drive-In Austin website.

Enjoy the nice temps of Austin in March on the 10-mile Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail around Lady Bird Lake. The trial is a great way to experience the city by being located in downtown Austin’s heart. The loop has many length variations and access points, making it easy for everyone to appreciate the Hike-and-Bike Trail. For more information, go to the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail website. 

In need of some incline? Mt. Bonnell is considered to be the highest point in Austin, standing as a 775-foot peak. Hiking to the top might be a challenge, but the incredible view of Austin and Late Travis at the top is worth it. For more information about Mt. Bonnel goes to  “” 

Whether your preferred vehicle of choice is a paddle board, kayak, canoe, or inner tube, there’s plenty of buoyancy to be found on Lady Bird Lake. Bundle on up, pop on your shades and enjoy a few peaceful hours of serenity on the lake. Check local listings for rental outlet availability.

If the outdoors aren’t for you, no fret! Visit Ellsworth Kelly’s iconic Austin, a 2,715-square foot stone building with gorgeous glass-colored rainbow windows, in the Blanton Museum of Art. The University of Texas’ museum is located at 200 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. It has only recently opened again after closing for most of the spring and summer months due to COVID. For more information, go to the Blanton Museum of Art’s website. 

Austin is known for its unbeatable BBQ, one of the best being Franklin’s BBQ. Usually, Franklin’s would have a line down the block, but due to COVID precautions, you can place your orders a few days in advance for a simple curbside pick-up. This makes it easier than ever to enjoy the famous BBQ. To order, go to “”

By Tia Davison, Entertainment Editor

Featured photo by Mitchell Kmetz on Unsplash