Valentines Day Q&A

Annually, on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones. All in the name of love. The day has come to be celebrated by couples, and significant others, but it doesn’t have to be. Celebrate it with your parents, or your friends, no matter who it’s with because the day is all about love.  … Continue reading Valentines Day Q&A

What’s Up With Frank Ocean?

Recently, Frank Ocean completely wiped his Instagram account. This is weird because he had pictures dating back to 2015 on there. Typically, when an artist does this, it signifies a new era coming, usually followed by a new album or single. But what does this mean for Frank Ocean? His most recent release was two singles, Cayendo and Dear April, on March 25. However, his … Continue reading What’s Up With Frank Ocean?

Tell Me Something Good: December Edition

Paw Print Alumni: Liana Solis Liana Solis wrote for the Paw Print and graduated from DSHS in 2012. Solis’s experience in the journalism field that she gained at DSHS helped get her a head start and grow her resume. She went on to get her Communications degree from Texas Tech. While there she was a featured writer and editor for the El Toreador newspaper for … Continue reading Tell Me Something Good: December Edition

Rising Artist: Jean Dawson

Jean Dawson is an alternative artist from San Diego that has a very unique sound. He can’t really be boxed into any certain genre, as he tends to experiment with different styles on each song. Dawson released his freshman album Bad Sports in 2019, which featured songs such as Napster and 90’s Green Screen. Since then, he has released five singles and his sophomore album, … Continue reading Rising Artist: Jean Dawson

DEMO is Here: Into The Group Livestreaming Sports

Want to watch the game but don’t want to leave your house? The Dripping Entertainment Media Organization (DEMO) has got your back!  DEMO is a live streaming service that provides a safe way for parents and students to enjoy our school’s sports from anywhere.  “The goal of DEMO is to provide live entertainment to the parents and spectators of the Dripping Springs community,” Safety and … Continue reading DEMO is Here: Into The Group Livestreaming Sports