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How Spanish Class Celebrates Day of the Dead

What does Dia de los Muertos mean to you and your class?

Yvette- It means a lot to us since we’re learning about it. It’s a really meaningful date for hispanic culture.

How did you and your class celebrate this special day?

Yvette- We watched the movie Coco and ate some candy and snacks. The movie really represents the whole meaning of  Day of The Dead, it’s really beautiful.

What are some of the traditions people do during Day of The Dead?

Yvette- I actually learned about this in geography. So you can set up some ofrendas for your loved ones and decorate them with sugar skulls, marigolds and just do some of the activities that they enjoyed.

Will you be celebrating this again?

Yvette- Absolutely! I love the idea of it and just having some time to remember those loved ones is really meaningful and enjoyable.

“In Five Years” Book Review

Review by: Katelyn Wells

“Where do you see yourself in five years”? Is a question that I found asking myself after I read this story. This is an emotional story, and is meant to move you, but I wouldn’t categorize it as a “romance novel” if that is what you’re looking for. For a short overview, this is a story about a young entrepreneur lawyer who has everything specifically planned out for the next five years, and she plans to stick to them. Things obviously don’t go as planned, and her friendships, engagement, and home-life suddenly get flipped upside down. I highly recommend the book “In Five Years”.

Dazzlers and High Steppers

Our two dance teams at school are the High steppers and Dazzlers. But what is the difference between the two? High steppers are a higher level Varsity dance team where the Dazzlers are the JV version of the team. High steppers perform at the Varsity Sports game and the Dazzlers do the JV and Freshman ones. With a more extensive try-out process, the High steppers also compete in higher level competitions. But in order to be a high stepper, you have to be a Dazzler first meaning no Freshman are allowed on High steppers. Then after a year of dazzlers, they can audition for High steppers. And then the Coach will decide if she thinks that they are skilled enough to be on High steppers. High steppers is also more of a time commitment. They have more practices after school along with practice during the class period. Dazzlers will have less of a commitment and practice less. They also dance many different forms such as Hip-hop, Contemporary, and Jazz!

Bands Playing In Texas

Origami Angel: Origami Angel is a two person band from Washington D.C. consisting of Ryland Heagy (Vocalist/Guitarist) and Pat Doherty (Drummer). The band’s music is a mix between pop punk and fifth wave emo, along with some different sounds that you will find throughout their music. The band will be playing at South Side Music Hall in Dallas on November 30th, and at Come and Take it Live in Austin on December 1st along with another band.

Mom Jeans.: Mom Jeans is a 4 person band from Berkeley, CA. The band plays a mixture of indie music, 4th wave emo, and emo pop some people would say. The band is known for their lyrics that you find cringy, yet you find yourself singing along while also thinking “Hey, I’ve thought that before”. Mom Jeans is on tour with the previous band, Origami Angel, so they will be playing on the same days, same places. South Side Music Hall in Dallas on November 30th, and at Come and Take it Live in Austin on December 1st

Current Joys: Current Joys is a single person music project made by Nicholas Rattigan from Reno, Nevada. His music is usually very indie stuff, with his usual melancholy instrumentals and lyrics that either make you feel a little better, or leave you feeling empty. They will be playing at Mohawk Austin in Austin on January 23rd and White Oak Music Hall in Houston on January 24th, both in 2022 And that’s really it for bands to look out for. While there may be more bands playing in these couple months, these are our top picks for you to go see! Have fun and enjoy the music!