The Paw Print – May 2019

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A Marvel Movie Timeline to Help You Understand Avengers: Endgame

Below you will find a list of the Marvel movies in chronological order of events. This list will not include the Marvel films that are in partnership with Sony, Fox etc. This list also focuses on the timeline of The Avengers and time stones, as that is where most of the confusion is. So without…

What the Oscars did Right and Wrong

Award season is upon us, with the Golden Globes and The Grammy’s in the rearview mirror, we set our sights on The Oscars. Perhaps the biggest night of the year for actors, directors, editors and everyone in contention for an award. This year, The Oscars was nail biting and thrilling until the very last award….

Bandersnatch Review

The series “Black Mirror” created by Charlie Brooker has captured the attention of Dripping Springs viewers since it’s Netflix premiere in late October of 2016. Before the American release of “Black Mirror” it captivated viewers in The United Kingdom. Brooker’s most recent release, “Bandersnatch” is sweeping the nation, grabbing the attention of people of all…