SHORT STORY: In Which Nothing Happens

I was in the 5th grade when he called me a whore. What else could we have been playing but Minecraft, back then in its prime, a world of simple blocks and concrete shapes building an escape for some bored children on a hot spring day. He was my older sister’s friend, a striking 6-foot-something, face graced with handsome cheekbones and an angular nose; smile … Continue reading SHORT STORY: In Which Nothing Happens

Poetry: Cogito Ergo Sum

The fugitive looked out at rain-slapped windows from his mile high roost. The polished buildings bathed in  chromatic advertising. Blaring sirens crept up the concrete towers, and his synthetic ears identified the danger. Dark red pooled at his stomach. Only lived six years, but he still saw more than the humans ever could. He knew that he wasn’t so different, so did Descartes. He bled … Continue reading Poetry: Cogito Ergo Sum

Short Story: Balloons

Sirens blared across the city of Cleveland as the rainbow cloud of death swept throughout the land. Two men had already died. Dozens more were injured in various car crashes and other accidents. Even a couple horses became fatally injured in the chaos. All of this pain and suffering from a seemingly harmless charity event. The year was 1986. The month was September. The day … Continue reading Short Story: Balloons

Short Story: The Cold War of Fifth Grade

That time again came; It is the season premiere of Downton Abbey, but that meant nothing to me. What got me jumping up and down was that while my Mom was downstairs drinking wine with her friend Jenifer, I would be upstairs with Jenifer’s daughter Delia. In my tiny bathroom we would stick our feet in a nasty blow up foot bath, and paint our … Continue reading Short Story: The Cold War of Fifth Grade