SHORT STORY: A Glint in the Moonlight

Three men were dead. That’s as much as the cops knew. That and the trembling little girl with the blonde pigtails and the too big backpack that must have weighed twice her weight at the crime scene was their only witness. Officer Alexander Tyler was chosen to question her. As a large and muscular man, it was hard for an outsider to understand why he … Continue reading SHORT STORY: A Glint in the Moonlight

POETRY: Silence Poem

Silence hides in the age of noise Covering behind man-made intrusions The value of silence either ignored or forgotten Without a little silence we are all confused  Yet as the outside world bustles there remains one silence A voice in your head that speaks with no sound That guides you through your turmoils of days It speaks louder than anything and always stays  Yet some … Continue reading POETRY: Silence Poem

POETRY: Clouds Poem

The clouds dance and float across the blue, Ever shifting shape, reflecting passer-bys. An amalgamation of shapes on a barren flat, To who owns the infinite blue?  The clouds of grey shroud the star’s glint, Wisps break and fragmentize from the mass. The strokes of color paint the sky’s personality, A timeless trip of the planet’s life. By Clay Patterson, Contributor Patterson writes, “I’ve always … Continue reading POETRY: Clouds Poem