POETRY: Clouds Poem

The clouds dance and float across the blue, Ever shifting shape, reflecting passer-bys. An amalgamation of shapes on a barren flat, To who owns the infinite blue?  The clouds of grey shroud the star’s glint, Wisps break and fragmentize from the mass. The strokes of color paint the sky’s personality, A timeless trip of the planet’s life. By Clay Patterson, Contributor Patterson writes, “I’ve always … Continue reading POETRY: Clouds Poem


“Test #1743. Subject Name: Samantha Horice. Age of 23. Convicted for the murder of long time friend Terrence Smith and her husband Eric Horice.” Samantha winced at this. She couldn’t kill Eric. She loved him so much and was heart broken when he commited suicide. It was just unfortunate that he jumped out the window when she shot Terrence. Very bad timing inher opinion. The … Continue reading SHORT STORY: The Hallex

Student Film Group Makes it to UIL Film Semifinals

Almond Milk Paradise Production, a video production group here at DSHS, has made the state semifinals in UIL Film. This is how far the group made it last year. At this stage, 32 films are remaining, with only six making the finals. On the 18th of February, the team will find out if they made the state finals, with the champions announced later. They are … Continue reading Student Film Group Makes it to UIL Film Semifinals

POETRY: Pressure Poem

All the pressure, The expectations. Our driving forces, Too caught up to stop.  We’re all stuck in a whirlpool, Struggling to swim out. Rest means failure, Timelines don’t allocate time.  Priorities scramble to the top, Pushing their way out of the crowd. The rest trampled or left, The ones who make us appreciate life.  Best live life happy, Balance hardship with joy. Too much is … Continue reading POETRY: Pressure Poem