BONUS: Tiger Wave Farewell

Join Robbie Lopez, Alex Lunn, and Adeline Furlow for a look back on their time podcasting and broadcasting.

Prom From a Foreign Perspective

By Evelyn Peterson, Staff Writer Before Prom: Alice Massara is a foreign exchange student from Italy. She has never been to a prom because prom is an American tradition. Alice Massara tells me what she expects from prom and after the fact she told me the events of her night and whether or not her…

Tiger Wave Podcast 5-15-19

Join the broadcast team for one last podcast on news, sports, pop culture and what’s trending on YouTube.

Yearbook Distribution Next Week

The yearbooks are coming soon. Students will be able to pick up their yearbook before school and during lunches next week with a student ID or license at the front of the school in the hallway outside the nurse’s office. A staff member will announce the opening of distribution officially over the PA in the…

BONUS: Prom-Cast 2019

Students from all walks discuss prom expectations, the cost, the clothes, the history, the culture and the implications for students.

Underclassmen Already Feel Pressure to Live Up to Prom Expectations

Prom, a high school tradition that has been going on for generations and a highly idealized social event for upperclassmen. With the increasing appearance and allure of prom at Dripping Springs High School, there is impact on the underclassmen, specifically their opinions on prom.   The media today is highly influential on teenagers, whether it…