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  • Culinary Connection

    The implementation of new restaurants has Dripping locals delighted for what’s to come By: Brooke Bousley The small town of Dripping Springs, Texas, is experiencing a culinary revolution by adding five new restaurants to Belterra Village. HTeaO, Popeyes, P Terry’s, Mighty Fine, and Panda Express have become the talk of the town, especially among DSHS…

  • Unraveling Hope in the Midst of Loss

    A review of Kathleen Glasgow’s latest novel You’d Be Home Now By: Sierra Trbovich CW// Talk of substance abuse. I haven’t written a book review in a very long time. I couldn’t tell you for what reason, but after I finished You’d Be Home Now by Kathleen Glasgow, something compelled me to convince everyone to…

  • Freshmen Feature: Insight into Their Experience

    Hear what the Freshmen’s’ first impressions are, Fish and the Sharks By: Kaylee Ritchie Jittery and anxious, you attempt to navigate your way through these strange new hallways desperately scanning the crowd for any familiar faces. You begin to feel the loneliness budding inside of you as you walk into your first class, a sea…

  • Spotify Wrapped: The Latest Features and Releases

    Spotify has recently introduced an interactive in-app experience that allows you to […]

  • Money… Or Else!

    In a country with as high of a level in education and living standards as the United States, the first thought most people should have toward education is that everyone should have one. Our very culture is built around the preparation of going into the workforce or building a major career, and college is instrumental…

  • A TED Talk Experience

    Sophomore, Eben Sebastian, was selected to speak for TED Talk in his speech, “Is Taste a Blessing or a Curse?,” he explains the experience and outcomes of his once in a lifetime experience.

  • School Districts May Shorten School Week 

    Throughout the past year, the education administration and other faculty members have struggled to keep up with the demands of teaching. Many teachers have suffered from burnout due to the pressure associated with teaching demands during the pandemic. Currently, there is also a labor shortage in the educational field, which has reduced teaching staff and…

  • An Underdog Story

    The district has officially moved up to 6A, which places the school at the largest classification in the state. We are now entering a newer and more challenging league of competition. 

  • Professionalism Versus Patriarchy 

    Where is the line drawn, and how did the athletic program cross it? At the beginning of this year, female athletic trainers had a new dress code. They would have to wear short black skirts while the guys continued wearing their blue jeans. 

  • Nothing is Actually Trending

    During the past few years, fashion has become a more significant aspect of pop culture. Fashion has always been known as a commonly used expression of art, but many have gotten creative with how they style themselves during recent times. Fast fashion has experienced a major uprising in popularity, with businesses like Shein making nearly…