Culinary Connection

The implementation of new restaurants has Dripping locals delighted for what’s to come

By: Brooke Bousley

The small town of Dripping Springs, Texas, is experiencing a culinary revolution by adding five new restaurants to Belterra Village. HTeaO, Popeyes, P Terry’s, Mighty Fine, and Panda Express have become the talk of the town, especially among DSHS students. The recent influx of restaurants indicates the population boom in Austin, Texas, which has led to more people moving to the area.

The increase in population has been bittersweet for the locals, who appreciate the simplicity and comfort of living within a small town. 

“I wish our small town would stay a small town,” senior Kaylie Tipton said. 

Amidst the excitement, it’s clear that Panda Express is the most anticipated addition to the Dripping Springs food scene. 

“I’m still counting down the days until Panda Express is open,” sophomore Andie Kissinger said. 

As the population in Austin continues to grow, it’s only natural that nearby towns like Dripping Springs will experience the same boom. While the locals might feel a twinge of nostalgia for the old days, the influx of new residents and businesses is also an opportunity to create new memories.As Dripping Springs continues to grow through a wave of culinary creativity, the increase in new dining options is also an opportunity for the locals to connect with new residents and forge new bonds. With Austin showing no signs of slowing down with its imminent growth and distinct energy, there’s no telling what changes are in store for Dripping Springs.

Published 04/19/2023

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