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Trending Halloween Costumes of 2022

By: Hannah Caddell

Halloween is approaching quickly, and for those who love to watch what costumes are trendy, this year is looking up to be very exciting. Halloween costumes allow people of all ages to tap into their creative sides to come up with clever or unique costumes. Many of these costumes are inspired by the pop culture of the year past, including current events, popular movies or shows, or running jokes. 

Halloween costumes are most often influenced by popular media that was released that year. An example of this is the millions of Elsa’s the years following the Frozen release. Many Halloween-ers love to plan group or couple costumes that are coordinated to a specific movie or TV show. This year is a big year for the Minions movie offering an easy costume for a big group made of materials that can be found at home; with a little bit of face paint, a yellow shirt, and overalls, a friend group of any size can have an easily recognizable costume. Another popular costume could be the Stranger Things gang, with characters varying from the original group of Mike, Eleven, or Will to Robin or Eddie. If you’re looking for a scary costume, a choice like Vecna or a Demidog would be a hit. High schoolers could easily achieve the Euphoria look with a cheerleader outfit and glitter makeup, or even replicate the iconic outfits of characters like Rue, Maddie, or Cassie. Any show or movie that has an ensemble cast like New Girl or Avengers or Napoleon Dynamite would be a safe bet. 

For couples, the highly anticipated Barbie movie is likely to be a popular costume for a Barbie and Ken pairing. Our go-to couple costumes are characters like Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma for our Bridgerton lovers or Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls. Our iconic couplings would have a comeback with recreations of Han Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars or Westly and Buttercup from The Princess Bride this fall. Halloween is great for partnering up and displaying your favorite couple’s outfits. 

For our individuals looking for the perfect solo costume, characters like Elvis, Elle Woods, or even Michael Cera would be a definite success. Looking at the very successful release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, a surge of Spider-People is likely in our future. Many of the Marvel characters like Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, and Agatha Harkness will be popular. Even the classics, Iron Man, Captain America, or the Hulk, are safe bets always to have a sure costume. A favorite for years past and years to come are Princess or Fairy recreations with characters like Rapunzel and Tinkerbell for anyone of any age. 

Halloween is a very exciting time for fashion, creativity, and humor to come together for one night and showcase unique creations. Take advantage of the season and go all out this year with your best idea for the spookiest night of the year.

Published 10/15/2022 – October Edition

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