Nothing is Actually Trending

A lack of trends within fashion is seen as the pace in which trends are being cycled through increases. 

By: Brooke Bousley

During the past few years, fashion has become a more significant aspect of pop culture. Fashion has always been known as a commonly used expression of art, but many have gotten creative with how they style themselves during recent times. Fast fashion has experienced a major uprising in popularity, with businesses like Shein making nearly 16 million dollars in the year 2021 alone. Despite the problematic history behind fast fashion businesses, they have been known to set the trends, which have further resulted in microtrends. 

By definition, microtrends are smaller/niche shifts in consumer behavior that are changing the business landscape in the short-term. Microtrends have become such a normalized aspect of modern fashion that internet influencer, Laini Ozark has come forth and said, “nothing is trending, because everything is trending”. Microtrends have not only resulted in an indicative emphasis on individuality, but also innovation. Many individuals from younger generations have garnered an interest in thrifting and sustainability within self-expression, which has proven beneficial for small creators. However, small creators have also faced hardships with the results of fast fashion. For example, the most well-known fast fashion business, Shein, had been caught stealing at least 20 designs from an up-and-coming crochet and handmade clothing designer, Bailey Prado. Unfortunately, this is not the first time popular fast fashion businesses have been discovered in a case of theft. 

While there are negative and positive aspects of fast fashion and microtrends, both have been some of the most commonly occurring assets of youthful fashion culture.  Generation Z has been known to make bold statements with not only their attire, but also with cosmetics, hairstyles, accessorization, and more. The youthful generations have also been known for putting their own spin on pre-existing, or current aspects of style. With the resurgence of cultism from previous time periods, the youth has been seen putting their own spin on previously viewed couture. 

Despite the uprise in creativity and innovation within fashion, a recurrence of similar styles and facets can be seen. Within Dripping Springs High School, students seem to enjoy analogous styles. DSHS students appear to have a preference for comfortable basics. Many students are often seen sporting clothing items such as sweatpants, baggy jeans, graphic tees, patterned fishnets, and an assortment of jewelry. A good majority of students at DSHS are also seen conforming to differing micro trends throughout the year. 

As a society we cycle through trends so rapidly that there’s simply no room for a singular groundbreaking trend. While this can lead to many negative outcomes, there are also many positives. Overall, everyone should simply dress however their heart desires; fashion is subjective.

Published 11/28/2022 – Website Exclusive

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