No Title

Contribution by: Mary Carter

No words, no colors

Could paint what you mean to me

Although so heightened above

Theres more than plenty to love

You are all one could ask from anybody

You’re beyond eesome to all

A golden trouvaille to none appaul

Feel all of euphoric 

To forget

To adore

To allow dark light with meteoric 

No smile, no heartbeat

Matches how yours excite me

Even when your eyes frown

Or your pitter patter is downed

Your presence is always welcomed next to me

You make the agelast cackle

And the micawber waves rapple 

Your expression kalon

To hold

To cherish

To make even the bold feel teenier than a fawn

Viridity, innocence, advantage you will not take

I adore your hand in mine every step of the way

I hope my words come across as they mean

For you are everything to me ❤

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