No title

Contribution by: Mary Carter

A mirror in a dark room that still somehow manages to reflect the sunrise

Each star, each nova lands upon your irises

Although deep and eased, the eesome life sprouts

A discovery, perhaps retrouvaille meeting one as yourself

 It was familiar, such silence stood by my side

A looming shadow misunderstood for its eyes

Its hovering luminosity just awaiting to sprout

And blooming you would, just moments from callout

You had come to content to be solivagant journeyed

But no, oh no would I allow such thing

For you’re the irenic piece the golden seamed platter required

And click you would, as all had dreamt

Lean yet hurculaic, what a fitting extent

Murmuring yet bold, just to get out your intent

Dark shades, drawing gaze, and yet all come to praise

The soft tone displayed for all the bees to the honeycombed dismay

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