Adam and Eve

A contribution from Declan Daniel

A rib was pulled from his side,

Soon she was molded to be his Lover:

Tiny whispers calling beautiful bride,

Now with his hand so soft and bare,

He tends to land, 

‘these grounds of heart.’

Nothing mattered… 

But somehow she did

Somehow, she…

Took control of his beating heart,

How could he be so foolish?

Adam knew, 

Love didn’t end wars,

It started them.

But he couldn’t stand it,

Her green eyes.

Oh, how he missed

The solace of her 

Green and citrine eyes…

Her eyes reminded him of the North star. 

Like he could get lost in them, 

if they didn’t point the way back home

Under the bright city lights,

her eyes were the only stars 

that refused to be outshined

She’d give him a smile,

That knocked down common sense 

to his knees,

Want, whispering like silk 

through his mind,

She, so beautiful

He couldn’t describe beauty to someone,

Because you could make anything sound beautiful,

but reality would then drift away with subjectivity,


Her beauty was common truth

A commandment that stands as valid as any of the ten

It was evident.

He’d fallen for her.

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