How Spanish Class Celebrates Day of the Dead

What does Dia de los Muertos mean to you and your class?

Yvette- It means a lot to us since we’re learning about it. It’s a really meaningful date for hispanic culture.

How did you and your class celebrate this special day?

Yvette- We watched the movie Coco and ate some candy and snacks. The movie really represents the whole meaning of  Day of The Dead, it’s really beautiful.

What are some of the traditions people do during Day of The Dead?

Yvette- I actually learned about this in geography. So you can set up some ofrendas for your loved ones and decorate them with sugar skulls, marigolds and just do some of the activities that they enjoyed.

Will you be celebrating this again?

Yvette- Absolutely! I love the idea of it and just having some time to remember those loved ones is really meaningful and enjoyable.

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