Lady Lax

Girls Lacrosse has begun its fall season and they are hard at work preparing for their first tournament, Texas Best. Coaches and players are in full swing ready with only a few practices left before the big tournament taking place at the University of Texas. Girls lacrosse requires speed and agility along with fidelity and skill; these girls have all developed a passion for this sport and spend many hours working hard for their team.  Every practice Head Coach Chris Giliberto tells the girls to “be intentional”, in an attempt to get everyone into the right mindset to develop/learn. Starting the first practice, the girls began to get to know one another through highlights of individual players. Every practice one girl is chosen to speak and introduce herself telling everyone what they’re thankful for and why they play. This exercise helps the girls to get to know one another and grow as a team. The team dynamic is known to be very supportive with invested coaches and players. The Coaches include Coach Giliberto, Coach Ty, Coach Richardson, and Coach Tyo. Every coach, player, and parent make this team so wonderful and help it to grow every year. The girls recently participated in a fundraiser for the team where they sold poinsettias. These plants benefited the team and the Down Home Ranch that grows the plants. The girls exceeded their goal by 33%, and raised money for the team increasing opportunities for the team. Along with working hard and developing their skills, these girls have grown with each other and developed many strong friendships. Even through pre-season the girls are invested and excited to play. The girls are all very excited for the upcoming tournaments and season, ready for the memories, ready for the fun, and ready to play the sport they love. 

Player Q/A: Lucy Tyo, senior, team captain 

  1. How has lacrosse helped you grow mentally and physically? 

“Lacrosse has impacted my life since the first day I picked up a lacrosse stick. At the time, I was playing high level competitive volleyball for a club. I decided to quit volleyball and move to lacrosse. Now playing for around 6 years, I have realized that this is my sport and I made the right decision to quit volleyball. Mentally it is hard getting up after a long day at school and work and trying to stay up and focus on lacrosse and not life off the field. It took me a while to realize that it’s ok not to be on my phone knowing all the drama or hanging out with my friends. It was so hard knowing I was missing out on the fun stuff they were doing but I was doing something that could help me in years to come. On the flip side, Lacrosse has also physically changed me. We all think we can’t run fast and we don’t have the speed to be fast, but while we have to do crazy weird conditioning, that is what is going to help us stay healthy and able to move better on and off the field. Being out on the field 3-4 times a week for one and a half hours we will gain strength.”

  1. How have you developed with your team?

“MY TEAM! MY TEAM IS MY LIFE. They have helped me be who I am today. As an 8th grader walking up to the high school lacrosse team, I was so scared that they wouldn’t help me and that I would be left on my own. My thoughts being if I dropped a ball they would all laugh and make fun of me and tell me I’m not good. My first step on the field and they were all excited to have a “little sister”. The seniors talked to me and everyone below them did too. Ever since they took me in like that, I’ve always wanted to make sure I make my own teammates feel that way. Being a senior now, I see what they felt, welcoming 8th graders into their arms and making sure they are included and not left alone to want to quit or give up. This year the team is crazy. We show up to practice with huge smiles on our faces waiting to call the coach a “Boomer” and hearing the silly songs we play on the speaker while we get a good strong practice in. We all push each other to be the best possible player we all can be while we’re out there making memories that will last forever.”

3. How does lacrosse challenge you? 

“Lacrosse challenges me in many ways. Not everyday are you going to get a good shot or even make a shot. Sometimes after a long day, We can all get frustrated easily if we don’t run a drill correctly and we start to zone out and not care anymore. This year, I told myself to always end the day in a positive way. Sure it sucks when we miss something in practice and it brings us down but always end your day off well. Ask yourself what did you do well in practice today? What could you have done before practice to make you not miss this? Lacrosse and I have a love hate relationship but if you put the work in, you will get great things out of it. Now being three days out from signing my NCAA letter of intent, I would say it pays off. I am going to go play lacrosse at a D2 school in Missouri and I have learned that if you put in the work, you will see great things happen and I know this year, this season with this team is going to be one of the best, if not THE best one ever.”

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