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Angelina Juarez Gives Wrestling A Chance

Angelina Juarez might typically be known as kind and hardworking, but you might be surprised to know that just over a month ago, she joined the wrestling team. Why? To see if she would like it. Turns out, she did.  Juarez works on Wednesday’s and weekends, so at times she feels rushed. 

These days you can see her carrying practice clothes, mouthguard and shoes to her 4th and 8th period practice sessions. Although the team’s official practice happens during the school day, sometimes they don’t end until 4:45pm.“ When we actually Wrestle then we would wear our singlets.”

What is it like juggling Wrestling in life; does it make you busier, productive, or is it fun in general?

“It’s a different feeling because it’s my first time being on a team, and having teammates, but it’s cool.”

Does your coach give you advice or tips to make you better for wrestling?

“The coaches always say a quote of encouragement after practice , and they help you a lot when you don’t understand a move. And coach always says to never give up and as long as you don’t, then you can win.”

Juarez’s team will have their first Wrestling match next week at our school, on Saturday 13.

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