Graphic Design Sights and Sounds

When I first walked into Bailee Perrine’s class, desktops and tablets were on and students were discussing and reviewing various photo projects on the graphic editing app known as Adobe Illustrator. Perrine tasked her students to create various animals using different tools in the Adobe Illustrator program. “In this term, they built a monkey, a whale, and next they’ll build a pig. The last assignment is creating their own illustration from scratch. They’re learning and mastering the tools in Adobe Illustrator.”  “I’ve always wanted to get into graphic design and develop design skills, like making graphics.” That was the reason most of the kids were in the class, as they could express their creativity in Graphic Design. Students stayed concentrated on their assignment and most kids had music playing in their headphones. The room stayed so quiet you could hear a pin drop, as there was little to no conversation in the classroom. Perrine walked around the class and checked on the students, making sure they weren’t confused, and helped them if needed. Students thanked her for her help as they felt at ease having conquered the assignment. By the end of class, nearly all of Perrine’s students were done with their assignment and were satisfied with their work. The room was filled with smiles as people walked out the door.

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