By: Alex Spievak

Have you ever wondered how the Tiger band actually works? What happens ‘behind the scenes??’ Our Tiger Band students have your answers.

Special thanks to Anabelle, Bri, Omar, Alex and Jaden P.

How does DSHS Tiger Band work?

The DSHS band has several components to it. Each component is important and they all rely on each other. Each component does around the same amount of work. Each component will also eventually participate in something major; such as a sport game.

What are the components in Tiger Band?

Orchestra, Symphony, Marching & DrumLine and Color Guard. Each one of these are pretty unique. (and of course awesome)

What does Tiger Band & Color Guard typically do for Prep?

Tiger Band:  Sumer band camp, Before & after school hours; Mon. – Fri.

Color Guard: Summer camp, about 4 rehearsals; Mon.- Fri. 

After sports games, about what time does the Band & Color Guard kids get back home?

12-1 am, 10-11 pm, 8:30 pm, 1:45 am

Is Color Guard part of the Tiger Band?

Yes. Color Guard typically follows the Band, so if Tiger Band has a Football game to attend, for example, Color Guard will follow them. Color Guard will perform when the Band performs. 

Why is Dripping High so strict or forceful with their students about Tiger Band?

Tiger Band & Tiger sport(s) are taken very seriously in Dripping Springs High School. They’re very competitive, sporty and dead serious in general. They want everything perfect. You may not see all of this, but Dripping High is kinda strict & serious about their games they get to be in. 

In general, is Tiger Band/ Color Guard worth the elective? And is it fun?

If you enjoy playing an Instrument or doing Color guard, yes it’s worth it. The bad thing about these two electives is that they take up alot of your personal time. You would need to attend a bunch of after-school activities, summer camps, rehearsals, and possibly a lot more. If you’re fine doing all of this, and you really enjoy playing an instrument/color guard, you’re most likely going to enjoy Tiger Band or Color Guard at Dripping Springs High School.

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