A day in the life of Autotech

By: Leo Mathis-McKee

On Tuesday I spent some time with the class of Autotech. Their classroom is a mechanic shop with what appeared to be all senior students.

In this class you learn how to work with cars, fix cars, and the anatomy of the car.

Jason Massey was teaching them how to fix a car engine on the board with a drawing. When I came into the shop, they had just finished writing down notes and were starting to get up and work. I asked a student what they were doing, “Installing a lovato kit into the car” he said. “Eventually we will be able to drive the cars, but for now we are taking car parts apart.” After the teacher assigned them their tasks he started washing the cars.

Every student had their own little task to do. For example, one task was to replace one of the wheels on a white truck that was elevated. I walked around for a bit and observed the students repairing and cleaning cars. I asked one of the students “What are you learning about in Autotech class?” “We are learning about the ins and outs of engines and how to fix them and I love it!” “One of the most important things you can learn in this auto-tech class is how to fix an engine.”

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