Senior Maddie Livingston Places Third in State Track 3200m

Senior Maddie Livingston placed third in the 3200m race at the state track and field meet, held at UT’s Mike A. Meyers Stadium on May 7. The bronze medal is the first state medal won by Livingston, but also the last she will win as a Tiger.

“It means you can’t give up and that’s cheesy, but like, this is my first chance to get a track state medal, my only time running here,” Livingston said. “It stands for all the races that were really rough and the seasons that were rough, but I kept my head up. It just stands for the entire experience.”

Livingston pulled out the medal with a last minute push on the last lap in the eight lap race, managing to beat out the girl ahead of her in the last 100 meters.

“I’m not a person to pass someone in the last lap, I’d say last 50 meters, I haven’t done it all season. I don’t have the foot speed that some of these girls have,” Livingston said. “But I saw her look back, the last 100, and I was like, she’s in third, she’s between you and a medal. It was every single ounce and then I crossed the line.”

Livingston also ran her personal best, beating it by seven seconds, and after high school, Livingston will run at Texas A&M.

“I’ve met a lot of the ones already running and then some of the girls that are coming in, there’s five of us, and there’s just such an amazing team community and there’s something special about distance teams.”

Story and photos by Cady Russell, Online Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor

Feature photo by Cady Russell

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