Senior Send Off: Student Prep for Life After High School

Colors of red, pink, orange, yellow and blue can be seen in the clear sky as hundreds of students sit in chairs and take their place before the last ceremony begins. Family members line the bleachers in the hot sun as they keep their eyes glued on the stage in anticipation. Once it begins loud cheers and claps are heard as names are called one by one. Tears fall down faces as the seniors say their goodbyes to the memories and hello to the future to come.

The 2020-2021 school year is about to come to an end and graduation is just around the corner. It is going to take place on May 28th in the Tiger Stadium. This will serve as the senior class’ last goodbye to high school. Despite COVID the school has put their best foot forward in creating a graduation for the senior class for a final sendoff. 

“[Graduation] is an important stepping stone with looking towards the future, while at the same time, commemorates and celebrates the accomplishments of each senior,” Principal Angela Gamez said. “It also gives seniors and families the chance to reflect back on all the positive experiences, as well as, the trials and tribulations students have overcome to get to graduation day.”

As the planning for graduation takes place seniors also wait in anticipation and mixed emotions begin to come up as it is only a few short weeks away.

“I am super excited about graduation,” senior Carter King said. “The time of graduation is such a bittersweet moment to share with all of your friends and family because to get to reflect on all the past memories together while also getting excited about what the future holds.”

With there being only a few weeks left before the school year ends, students take in that feeling of almost being done with a part of their lives.

“I feel extremely excited to see what the future holds for me and my classmates, but I am sad to be leaving behind my teammates and friends,” senior Faith Daniels said. “I’ve sincerely enjoyed my time at DSHS and have made memories to last a lifetime.” 

While the seniors think about their last few weeks at DSHS, they also plan the next part of their lives whether it be college or something else. 

“After high school I plan to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology and study aerospace engineering,” senior Drew Wilson said. “I would like to pursue a graduate degree and then see where my studies take me. Maybe I’ll work for SpaceX or start my own company, I’ll just have to wait and see. The end goal, however, is to retire and live in a beach house on some tropical island with a hammock and a few palm trees.”

However, as the seniors plan and get ready for the next chapter of their lives, others have to say goodbye such as the teachers who watched them learn and grow as people.

“I always miss my seniors,” math teacher Sara Freeman said. “These days, I can keep up with what they are doing through social media more than I could in the past.  It’s nice to see that they go on to college, graduate, are successful, get married, and have families,…  But it always is a little sad at graduation.  But it’s happy, too, because they’ve reached an important milestone in their lives.”   

As classes come to an end and activities like senior portfolios, last games of the season, collecting a cap and gown, and more take place, the senior students reflect on their years throughout their time at DSHS.

“High school has been insane,” senior Rachel Reeves said. “I feel like there are challenges you face in high school that really teach you a lot about yourself and prepare you well for college. I am extremely blessed to have attended DSHS. I feel like it is such a safe space for anyone to be anyone.”

By Abby Hernandez, staff writer

Featured photo by Anastasia Thomas

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