Know-it-All, or Do They? The Secret Skill of Arguing

Anyone who works with other customers whether it’s a restaurant franchise or a store, you know that you get customers who believe they know everything despite being completely wrong. When going into work, you’re taught the phrase “the customer is always right” to maintain a friendly relationship with your customers so they don’t get angry with you. And for the most part, this little phrase works when the other person (the customer) cooperates nicely with you, but then there’s the customers who aren’t so sweet about it. What is funny is that you get people who come in who are so insistent that they are definitely wrong, except they’re so wrong it’s painful and what’s funny is that you most likely know what you’re doing due to hours of work and training, yet they don’t work there and know what’s true and not. This little phrase is supposed to be harmless, but so far it’s only provided unnecessary anger and fights. Like, sorry Karen, but I think I know the correct price of your food, I’m sorry it’s not good enough for you. So is the customer ever actually right? 

By Sierra Trbovich, staff writer

Featured photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

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