Donations for Debt: Solutions to the Ongoing Student Financial Problem

A common cry from the younger people of this country is that they are swimming in student debt, unable to pay it off. Why? Because college is so expensive these days that it seems impossible to pay for it unless you were born into money. Families scramble to scrape every penny they can and for the unlucky students whose family will not help with the cost, are forced to work constantly for even the slightest repreve.

There have been many solutions presented, some more reasonable than others. The idea of free college is intriguing, but if higher education was made accessible for everyone, how would we recruit students into the military right out of high school without the promise of paying for college? How would we keep generations of poorer people in low income, but essential jobs, without the unavailability of a college education. 

Rather than making college free, I present an alternative solution that would benefit not only the students swimming in debt, but also incoming students who want to avoid that debt all together.

You may not be aware, but the human body is an incredibly valuable resource. Many chemicals that are hard to find anywhere else can be harvested from human tissue. And, as I’m sure you are aware, with the current technology we are able to transplant organs from donors into the bodies of people whose organs are not functioning properly. Now typically a donor is someone who had died, but there are several organs that are the exceptions to the rule.

Some scientists estimate that if you were able to harvest every organ and chemical in a human body you would be able to make about $45 million dollars, but, to do so you would have to take some vital organs. However, a single kidney is estimated to go for about $260,000 and a liver can be worth about $560,000. Even a single eye can be about $1,500. Considering that the average student debt is about $33,000, it would provide an alternative to working for the rest of your life to pay it off. If you are in possession of a uterus, you could even make $10,000 per cycle for donating your eggs. And this is just some of the things that can be donated while still alive.

In an added advantage, donating certain organs such as the liver, would inhibit college students’ ability to consume alcohol. If a student had only one kidney after donation, they must take care of that one kidney by eating well and exercising regularly. Classes would not be any more difficult with only one eye, especially classes that do not require precision measurements such as english and business. If limb transplants one day become possible, students would still be able to function well with only one arm or leg.

This method of paying for college or for paying off student loans, offers many benefits to problems that go beyond just college payments. The amount of people waiting for an organ transplant grows each day and is a matter of life and death. College students are young and healthy and a great source of human organs, and would be compensated well for their contributions.

Why complain and worry about the crushing weight of student debt when there is a glaringly obvious solution staring us right in the face. Not only would it save the lives of those desperately in need of a new organ, but would take weight off the students who feel that there is no way to go to college.

By Shelby Johnson, contributing writer

Featured photo by Will Liebe

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