The Rich Man’s Struggle

Many of the students at Dripping Springs High School were born well off, but what many people don’t understand is the burden of being rich. 

“Being rich is a lot harder than what people are led to believe.” Junior Sara Pinto said. “My mom won’t buy me the new iPhone, but she will spend thousands of dollars on Gucci bags. I feel ignored and undervalued, like I am a person too.” 

The famous and well known saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness” is true at DSHS. 

“Sure my parents own 3 houses, one on Lake Travis, one in Dripping, and the other in Costa Rica. But that does not mean that I am happy. It is such a hassle to have to tell my maid what to pack to go on trips, and the private jet can tend to be a bit cramped on the way there.” Sara said. 

The parents of many students here find that their children should be grateful for their money, and for their status in society. 

“My insta feed is amazing, for I pretty much get everything that I want. Clothes and food, pretty much whatever. However, I have to keep up with how I act online (I have a big platform, I used Daddy’s credit card to buy more followers) because apparently people see me as a spoiled brat.” Sara said. “Just because I have money does not mean I am spoiled, I have to work for everything I get.” 

Sara does not have a job, but she does have to test out new makeup and post about it online.

By Brooklyn Hagblom, staff writer

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