Harry Styles Shares His Changed Way of Life

Harry Styles is a well known, loved artist within the Dripping Springs community because of his music such as his 2019 album “Fine Line”. He was discovered through his time in the popular boy band One Direction which was and still is quite loved. However, controversy has recently broken out as Styles contradicted one of his hit songs “Treat People with Kindness”. He stated that despite creating a whole song about positivity he himself is actually a pessimist and told people to even treat people as rudely as possible. 

With this news fans from the school had all types of different opinions on the issue. Several people had tried to even overlook this as they are so dedicated to Styles and his life. 

“I love Harry and there is no need to tear him down because of his newest statement. I like to say live, laugh, love, Harry Styles, and if anything it has been an eye opener for me to not be, so nice and to become a worse version of myself,” junior Becky Beckerson said. 

Several other interviews resulted in the same thing as many fans are said to be too blinded by the beauty of Harry Styles. However, some were heartbroken by the news and decided to stop loving Styles. 

“Harry was my life, but I can’t keep up with following someone so evil. He was my light, but I now know that I have to let him go,” sophomore Justice Star said. Fans did realize that life still indeed goes on no matter what Styles says.

With all the fan reactions it also brought up the question that is why Styles wrote the song in the first place. Styles went onto to later explain that he was not the writer in the first place. He actually has an alter ego to put on a face for the public, but now wants to be as authentic and true to himself as possible. He will now go and create music with new ideas reflecting his true personality. 

With the news to his other half he also brought up that he was going to start writing for his next new album that will showcase Barry. The album will include songs about his surprisingly boring childhood, anger towards One Direction band members, and insight into his own mind. Some songs included with the upcoming album are “Treat People with Rudeness”, “Hate can Bring People Together”, and “Dislike You”. These new songs can be found in the album in August 2022. As fans began to find out word of his new album he gained even more supporters than before as some found him even more “relatable”.

“I just can’t believe Harry Styles is going to release yet another amazing album. He is just so talented and deserves the absolute world. I’m so excited to see what his new album will be like, but I’m sure it’ll leave me speechless as always,” senior Pixie Fairy said.

Harry hopes since his new shared news that fans will embrace the new, real him and enjoy his new album as much as fans have enjoyed his others.

By Abby Hernandez, staff writer

Featured photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

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