New Blue Bell Flavors Coming This Summer

Licorice- Everyone’s favorite candy is now an ice cream flavor. Bits and pieces of real black licorice can be found inside as an extra treat!

Sadness- Eating ice cream is what some people do when they are feeling down. Well now you can actually eat your feelings.

Pizza- A delicious tomato flavored ice cream base swirled with grease. Also bits of pepperoni and cheese can be found to really enhance the flavor.

Slush- Ice cream in a whole different way. Now you can get your ice cream in a liquid form in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Water- Now you can get that refreshing taste of water in ice cream form! It allows you to eat ice cream and stay hydrated without the worry of calories.

By Abby Hernandez, staff writer

Featured photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

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