Exclusive: Ariana Grande Caught Robbing More Popular Brother, Frankie Grande

You heard that right, after years of living in Frankie Grande’s shadow, a source tells us that Ariana was caught robbing her brother Frankie, as she is going through a hard time financially. This source tells us that after her album only got three streams, all of which being from Frankie, she needed some way to find money. She’s lived her whole life in competition with her older brother, and she feels embarrassed that she’s nowhere near as cool or successful as Frankie.

Ariana was found walking outside Frankie’s apartment late at night with a big bag, but as soon as she saw other people she quickly ran to her car. We have reached out to Frankie’s representatives for a comment, but got no response. However, we may have an exclusive interview with Ariana coming soon, as a source said her representative was “going to quit in a few days and wanted to completely kill her career.” It’s unclear whether Ariana will be facing jail time or not, as our only confirmation of this story is from multiple sources that state that they’re close with the family. We will update more as this story develops.

By Abby Tredway, staff writer

Featured photo by Sam Hojati on Unsplash

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