Putt-Putt Swing & Miss

As of March 23, DSISD has confirmed that they will not be adding a golf team to the school’s athletic program. This is due to the fact that few students were interested, as well as the lack of support from the community. 

The school’s athletic board has deemed the mini-golf team unnecessary due to the fact that it has been able to strive on its own for the past couple of years. They also have to take into consideration the district budget for school-funded athletics. 

“The mini-golf team has been self-sufficient for years now,”  the head of the district’s athletic board, Chad Bolton said, “and with the new schools being built, we need to distribute our funds with caution.”

The school’s mini-golf team, however, is not entirely upset by this verdict, because it has the opportunity to take more electives rather than an athletic block, and allows them to have more flexibility in their schedules. Many of the team members enjoy being able to take their sport away from school and leave all their worries on the field.

“I like being able to take other classes and not have to stay after school,” said mini-golf team captain Makenna Connor, “especially getting to go home after school and before games is something I really enjoy; taking a break and then getting ready for mini-golf helps me separate my school and my athletics, not to mention all the extra stuff I would have at school.” 

While the team is self-sufficient and less time-consuming than an activity such as a club team, getting it funded by the school would allow more students to join who wouldn’t have been able to because of cost. It would also give the team more publicity and encourage more people to join. Many students had no idea that there was a mini-golf team.

“Obviously we love our flexible schedule and our little community, but in order for this team to keep it up, we need more participants,” Mini-Golf coach Maria Wesley said, “we have more seniors leaving than incoming freshman each year so we need something to happen, especially if we want to have a JV team for beginners.”

The mini-golf team will not be a part of the athletic schedule this year, but the team does need more members and supporters to continue in future years. If you are interested in an athletic program with a flexible schedule, consider joining the school’s mini-golf club team. Even if you aren’t interested, be sure to spread the word and support them at their tournaments. 

By Mallory Neff, staff writer

Featured photo by Angela Tennison

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