Public School is Not a Waste of Time

To many teenagers, going to school is a waste of time. Why should students have to wake up at the crack of dawn to sit down for 8 hours 5 days a week? 

But students do learn many life skills at school. Some include sleeping (children need their beauty sleep to thrive in adulthood), texting (children should learn how to communicate properly), sitting (good posture is a looked up upon in society), and walking through the maze of hallways (gotta learn those directions!).

Many classes are offered to students. Just many are not appreciated. Lunch is a favorite, enjoyed by many. Students do learn how to have fun in their core classes though. Skillfully, students have learned how to pass notes around the entire class if grounded from Snapchat, sharpening their sneakiness. 

Students do become more creative in their new form of condensed language. Language such as, “Sup, bro?,” “dope,” or “that’s fire” can be heard through the hallways. Students practice the art of self defense in the hallways. It can get quite rowdy, students push and shove (sometimes scratch) their ways through the hallways to make the bell.

Students can learn how to count time, for each tick of the clock marks when they can finally go home and move from a medium-sized screen to a bigger screen only to get distracted by a tiny screen. 

By Brooklyn Hagblom, staff writer

Featured photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

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