After Perfecting Every Other Music Genre, Taylor Swift Creates Her Own

Using a unique mixture of soft heavy metal, pungent disco tech, frisky jazz, industrial gospel, and gentle dubstep, Swift creates her genre, “woahlore.”

     The singer-songwriter has been in the music industry for 14 years, and she has an estimated net worth of  $365 Million. Swift has won 32 separate awards making her one of the most awarded AMA female artists.

     “When I first heard the news, I fainted and was placed in ICU due to the seven-day coma I fell into,”  intense superfan Cimothee Thalamet said.

     The artist has dabbled in many different genres such as country, country pop, country rock, contemporary country, bluegrass, pop, folk, folk-pop, electropop, synth-pop, pop-rock, dream pop, dance-pop, soft rock, alternative rock, pop-punk, R&B, indie pop, and Indie Folk. Nevertheless, she still yearns for more. 

     “Tylor was becoming bored with these genre barriers, so that is when the idea of woahlore came to us after a night of drinking lavender oat milk lattes,” Taylors producer Forrest Gump said. 

    Swift has nine studio albums, one re-recorded album, three live albums, and 12 extended plays. There are 42 country songs, 53 pop songs, eight rock songs, and four r&b songs within those releases.  The new genre’s debut will be in the form of seven studio albums, each including one 17 minute song.

     “Taylor is so flawless, but I was getting bored with the lack of new music recently so that these new releases will tie me over for the next few days,” Thalamet said. “I have heard rumors that if you listen to woahlore with AirPods, is it supposed to open your third eye.”

     Fans on every form of social media are going ballistic after Swift revealed her release plans by posting a neon green square on her Instagram.

     “Taylor and I did not leave the studio for eight days straight, no sleeping, no eating, no crying. However, all those hours that I didn’t think I would make it through were worth it,” Gump said. “This new creation will change music forever; I look forward to seeing what other musicians do with woahlore.”

By Tia Davison, Entertainment Editor

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