Breaking News: Rare Albino Squirrel Sighting

 Freshman Hailey Harris reports that she saw a white squirrel in the school’s courtyard. While she initially reported seeing an ‘albino’ squirrel, further investigation suggests that this was a simple fox squirrel with rare coloring. 

Harris said “the squirrel I saw looked full-grown, and when it ran past me, through the trees above me, all I saw was a white animal hopping. Its fur was so bright and sleek, so I thought I should try and see what it was.”

When she found it, she had realized what it was and reported it to one of her friends, who works in the student media department at the school. Next time you walk through the courtyard, keep your eye out for the school’s ‘albino’ squirrel, who has since been named April Fools. But you can call her April for short.

By Mallory Neff, staff writer

Featured photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

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