All in One- 2021: Every Sports Event Will be Held at Home At Once

With the loss of so many games, meets, and competitions to COVID-19, the school is looking for a way to make up the missed opportunities to current students, and are launching the first-ever “All in One: 2021” sports event, which aims to host every single sport in one day, not only to make up lost events but to limit the travel of the countless sports teams at DSHS. 

“This is a massive undertaking DSHS is doing,” Athleica Sporten, Head Sports Administrator said, “but we owe it to the kids. We’ve talked with coaches about what is needed for this day, and we think the modifications coming to DSHS will do the trick.”

By modifications, Sporten means that every sport without the current ability to be held on campus will receive that ability. Golf for example is having a makeshift, 18-hole course put in around the school, with some crazy holes. Hole 9 goes through the PAC while Hole 18 ends on the top of the new J-Wing. 

“I know that they’re importing a massive, blow-up pool for swim team, and I can’t say I’ve ever swum in a pool like that competitively, but maybe we’ll finally be recognized for swim team’s accomplishments,” varsity swimmer Freelyn Style, junior, said. 

For many sports, they hope that this event will bring in enough money to get new uniforms and more, and maybe get a couple of new fans.

“I can’t believe it’s going to happen,” sophomore JV wrestler Brady Dempsey said, “After they just canceled everything last year, and lots of sports languished if they didn’t make a bunch of money, they’re actually hosting all of this at once!”

Starting at 12 a.m. on April 1, and lasting until midnight, all the sports will be competing. Varsity football has a game to kick off the event, followed by both girls and boys soccer in Tiger Stadium. Track and field will be happening all day, with both boys and girls lacrosse happening in the middle of the track.

“We’ve been practicing track with lacrosse in the middle and it’s kind of wild,” varsity runner Heedle Sprient, senior, said. “I never thought I would be jumping hurdles while dodging lacrosse balls, but I’m glad I get to run.”

For cross country, the team will have to avoid more than just lacrosse balls, running through and around the school for their races. Dodging golfs balls, getting splashed by swim, leaping over basketballs, are all things that may be in the race for runners. 

“It feels less like a cross country race and more like an obstacle course, but we’re fast enough that I doubt it will be an issue,” varsity runner Di’stance Trailen said. 

The gyms will also be packed all day, with intermixed volleyball and basketball games in all gyms for both girls and boys. One major modification is that the gym roof will open, to allow maximum airflow to mitigate COVID-19 exposure. 

“With the gyms being filled all day, they’re making a whole makeshift gym in the band lot for wrestling,” Dempsey said. “I really appreciate them not forgetting us this time, and letting us compete.”

The newer sports complexes are what really allow this massive sports event to happen. With longer games like softball and baseball, their exclusive arenas allow them to take up the full 24 hours allotted for the event.

“I am a little worried that the games won’t go fast enough when it comes to softball and baseball,” head softball coach Dot Batterne said, “but we have plans to spill into the field behind the AG barn if needed or take up the parking lot. If that happens I predict a lot of broken windshields.”

Similarly, tennis and powerlifting will have the least amount of changes, with several tennis courts already built and two weight rooms for powerlifting. The field house parking lot has been reserved for makeshift tennis courts and the sidewalks by Tiger Stadium have makeshift powerlifting sets. 

“It’s going to be kind of crazy, but I think for the first time the school is caring about smaller sports, and caring about everyone equally,” Style said. “I’m excited to show everyone just how good we are and that we care about making up these events.”

By Cady Russell, Sports Editor and Online Editor-in-Chief

Featured photo by Jessica Stamp

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