More Than Running: Maddie Livingston Spotlight

Senior runner Maddie Livingston takes her spikes to the track one more time before bringing her talents to Texas A&M. After finishing 14th at state in the fall with cross country, she looks to further dominate in the mile and 2 mile on the track.

“I love how an action so simple can be so captivating,” Livingston said. “Competing is one of my favorite things, but this sport is so much more than the time or place at the finish line.”

Livingston has shown exceptional talent during her four-year running career at DSHS. She appeared in the 2019 Austin Statesman article, “Faces Off the Field,” when she was a junior. In 2020, she was highlighted in the, “Best of preps: American-Statesman’s 2020 All-Central Texas cross-country team” article as a senior. 

I started running in my elementary school’s after-school running club and once a week track practice with a club coach,” Livingston said. “It was not much, but from a young age, running was natural and comforting.” 

The young runner began her running career steadily, slowly increasing her intensity and building endurance. Livingston and her teammates train six days a week, including a couple of high-intensity workouts on the track, mileage runs for maintenance, two lifts plus core and band work, a long run over the weekend, and lots of rolling and stretching.

“Our training is demanding, but I would not trade it for anything,” Livingston said. “The team relies on each other to push forward, and I think that is what makes us such a family.”

Coach Tuzzi is the head coach of the track and cross-country team, along with assistant coaches Coach Acker and Coach Morris. The staff is dedicated and passionate about the sport. The team and coaches work together to build an unbreakable family atmosphere. 

“Besides the countless life lessons and skills I have developed during my years in this sport, running has introduced me to lifelong friends that have stuck with me through it all,” Livingston said.

The team as a whole has accomplished a lot, with Livingston leading them through. The girls’ team placed fourth in the state, with a team score of 103; Livingston placed top 20 with a time of 18:20.32. The team also made high marks at the Region IV, 5A championships held in Corpus Christi in early November, with Livingston placing third. 

“Running for Dripping Springs has no doubt been the best part of high school, so I cannot wait to see what my next four (or so) years running for A&M will hold,” Livingston said.

Texas A&M is ranked third in the NCAA Division 1 Women’s Track and Field National Rating Index, placing it among the top division 1 schools in the nation. 

“The finish line represents the people you spend countless miles with, the adversary you’ve overcome, and the goal you are one step closer to achieving,” Livingston said.

By Tia Davison, Entertainment Editor

Featured photo by Savannah Karas

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