Sweeping the Season: Track Seniors Prepare for Year, Looking to Make the Best of Every Moment

Track season is underway, from practices, to conditioning, to meets, but getting to have a season has become something treasured. For two seniors, it’s even more important.

“So normally it usually starts off with a home meet and then Tiger Relays and then that’s when we usually venture out like going either Round Rock, in the New Braunfels, but the biggest part of it is usually the San Angelo meet, which is during spring break we go up to San Angelo, Texas and we stay in a hotel,” senior Brian Hauser said, “but with COVID like it’s not happening so that kind of stinks. And then you have districts, area, and then state so it’s definitely a long process but I don’t mind every time.”

Like everything, track season this year is different, even more so after losing most of last year due to the pandemic.

“It’s been hard for track since it was canceled,” senior Audrey Williamson said. “Our junior year track season was canceled so recruiting has been really difficult because junior year is whenever you have your star season, most of the time. So, not really anyone’s had any new time since then.”

Track is a sport that you either love or hate. To run at the level these seniors do takes a lot of work, and conditioning.

“You know, I really truly think that without a good mindset, you’re gonna hate the sport,” Hauser said. “I wake up on Wednesdays, which is the 400 workout, and I’m just like I really don’t want to do this but as soon as you’re done with the workout, you’re like wow, I feel so much better and your entire day just gets twice as better. So it’s really just that mental block, that is the difficult part about it. Conditioning is still hard physically, but if you convince your mind that it’s not going to be hard it isn’t going to be as long as you push forth and, you know, prevail.”

For many people, track is a sport that just doesn’t seem like there is a lot to enjoy, but Hauser loves it.

“My reasoning behind that is that it’s fun,” Hauser said, “You know, the practice’s suck but just competing, you know, with all those nerves running through you and just really finishing empty is just such a fun thing to do. I don’t know what it is, we’re crazy but it’s fine.”

Getting into track can also be daunting, but for both Hauser and Williamson, they learned to love it. Williamson and her sister both picked up track after their parents put them in a summer league when they were younger.

“I don’t know one day I just kind of decided to join it,” Hauser said. “And, you know, it really was interesting in the beginning because I was like, you know, it’s not just running in a circle, there’s a lot of technique and everything but as soon as I came to like understand the method behind the madness I loved it.”

But despite the conditioning, the work, the practices, Hauser hopes for a good season.

“For everything that we couldn’t do last year, to be able to do this year,” Hauser said. “You know, not only set PR’s and everything but really finish our season strong as a team and individuals, and hopefully make it back to state like we did two years ago.

Williamson, just wants to be on the track again, running with her teammates and getting those memories she cherishes. 

“I’m looking forward to just racing again,” Williamson said, “running with my teammates and just seeing where the season will take it and all the memories and friendships and bonds that are going to come from that, because last year we didn’t have that because of COVID, so I’m just trying to make up for that this year.”

By Cady Russell, Sports Editor and Online Editor-in-Chief

Featured photo by Thomas Acker

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